Here is the 11:11 Stargate report channelled from Irma Kaye Sawyer:
I’d like to take this moment to raise a glass to all of you for your courage, your Spirit and your great love. Keeping the faith has made all of the difference in continuing to create a gentle and receptive landing pad for the lovely and powerful spiritual energies that are continuing to infuse the planet.”
“Beloveds, you are in a powerful time of cleansing, review and releasing. The potential for illusion and projection is great, along with moments of deep truth and clarity. For those that hold the flame of Awareness, hold your love and light high.”
“The 11:11 represents TRANSCENDENCE which brings the potential and ability to rise about troubles, illusions and limitations. If you are experiencing difficulty, please know that likened to all things, it is ephemeral and will not last. This is an essential “mile marker” on the Path to the 12:12 which brings with it the REALIZATION.”
“Bring the Light into any areas of pain or suffering. Bless others as you bless yourselves, for it is in judgement and anger that you are bound, and it is in the blessing that you are set free.”
“Beloveds, it is true that there are some beings that have chosen difficult incarnations or to experience earth changes, and so forth. Yes, it is true that as you consciously go through karmic experiences, you can dedicate the fruits of your labor and the wisdom for all sentient beings to have the benefit of. You also can decide together what kind of experiences you wish to have in your future. Yes, you do have that power. This is a truth that has been in effect and growing in reality over the current year.”
“You do not have to ‘figure it all out’ anymore. In fact, you never really did. In the world of ordinary/egoic mind judgment and comparison are a survival tool. In the domain of the Higher Mind love, acceptance and the Grace of be-ing are the way, the truth and the light. Surrender is an important step on the path of awakening and cannot be overlooked. However, this implies a modicum of resistance that is still there to work with. This is a natural unfolding and progression upon the path of wisdom.”
“Dear ones, make a conscious intention to accept and assimilate the new Light Codes that are making their way unto the Planet into your being. They have been bathing you and Gaia in a steady stream, however there are certain dates or moments in “time” that they are more concentrated. The Stargate of 11:11-13 is one of them. Shanti. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 11.6.12”
“The Sabian Symbol for 11.11.12 is 19 degrees of Scorpio (230): A woman drawing aside two dark curtains that closed the entrance to a sacred pathway. – Elsie Wheeler/Marc Edmund Jones”
“Interpretation: This symbol ties into the Keepers interpretation of these energies very well. I see the two dark curtains to represent the duality of mind, the “this and that” that egoic/ordinary mind just loves to present for us to wrestle with. The “unknown pathway” represents the third thing; a presented alternative, transcendence, the Middle Way. The wheel of Samsara (suffering, birth & death,) has an exit point in the Human Realm. It is in this realm that we can act with self-awareness and intention which positively impacts our karmic signature and possibilities.”
“When you question your mind, you can see that the only thing that keeps you from being love is a stressful thought. – Byron Katie”
“NOTE: We are already in the orb (impact) of the Stargate energies. Keep in mind we will also have a Full Solar Eclipse to follow on 11/13-14. These powerful energies of release and transcendence are already with us (as of 11.6,) and will continue to resonate for days and possibly up to several weeks.”
“Love & Stargate Blessings friends!”
© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2012.