“You are intrinsically worthy. Become aware of anything that suggests you are not worthy to receive all that you desire. Self judgment can seriously hamper your evolution. Love yourself.
“Remember: beliefs that are ready to be transformed show you the way through their shadows.
“Be willing to follow your process into seeming darkness and discomfort, to find the gifts being offered there, apparent enclosures and limitations are only disguised opportunities to expand.
“In the natural process of unfoldment, there are no victims and no blame. Whatever position you take in this natural evolutionary playing field is neither right nor wrong; rather, all that happens is for your awareness and growth. From this position of nonjudgment, you can move through lessons more quickly.
“If you don’t pick up the meaning of particular lesson, you may feel stuck with it until you discover the gift or teaching it holds. Often what is being passed by this ‘stuckness’ is a shift in attitude or belief structure. This may be as simple as changing your position, trying on the other side of the polarity of the situation.
“If you feel stuck in situations that seem to keep repeating themselves, this is a sign of a core issue. Core issues themselves hold deep truths and life lessons. Give yourself allowance and understanding of your human process.
“As a core issue cycles, it offers a signpost to guide you to a more profound learning and appreciation of the gift of that particular issue. Freeing these depths releases karmic patterns into the authentic expression of your being.
“…what appears to be contraction into self will eventually bring you full circle, like the yin-yang symbol, into a more fluid and expanded state. Going deep within darkness holds the greatest potential for light.”
~Ariel Spilsbury & Michael Bryner from The Mayan Oracle: A Galactic Language of Light