“Once you experience the feelings that surface when you realize that an aspect of your life is ending, you can find a certain perfection to your life right now and see it as a clay of creation. What possibilities lie in that ball of clay?
“…On the brink of initiation, you’ll be aware that what you’re experiencing is not simply death or an ending. You’ll see that it’s a process of creation in which you are a full participant.
“Yes, the universe has its own ideas about what comes next, but you are a co-creator of your new life and your new identity.
“…When a monk enters a monastery, his head is shaved, his street clothes are exchanged for a simple robe, and he receives a new name. Stripped of his identity, the initiate is free to discover who he is becoming.
“As part of your own initiations, you, too, will have to let go of the outer garments of who you were. This doesn’t mean that you should go and shave your head, but simply that you drop the facade and relax a bit of the finely crafted face that you put on in the morning.
“Then, and only then, can you discover who else is behind the eyes that look back at you from the mirror.”


~Alberto Villoldo, Ph. D from Illumination: The Shaman’s Way of Healing