Here is brother Kaypacha  from his New Paradigm Astrology sharing his weekly wisdom and insights.
“Like an old oak tree in the forest, on a very windy day,
My leaves and branches get tossed about, some even falling away,
I stay here centered in my core, while all around me swirls,
Feeling my strength as my roots run deep,
I am at peace with the world.”
He says:
“Pretty windy out there, wouldn’t ya’ say? Many, many things culminating these days after all these past, expansive Sag journeys through many realms!
“Now the test will be to gather and harness all the wisdom gained and see just how true/real it is!
“Time is the test of truth and Saturn, Lord of Time will, (in time) show us just how aligned (or not) we are with ‘The Law.’
“While we each may see a unique aspect of life, like the 10 blind men touching a different part of an elephant, guess what, the elephant is still an elephant!
“Hopefully we can each mature beyond our limited perspectives/beliefs/fears/judgments to objectively and truly see the whole! Injoy the process!”