Here is brother Kaypacha once again sharing his weekly wisdom and insights…
“The more that I’m aware of,
Being One with All That Is,
The less I fear and the less I need,
And the more I am willing to give.”
Kaypacha says:
“A very interesting period where there are no ‘major’ aspects happening until Venus/Neptune and Mars/Uranus on Monday. Aspects serve to connect the different planetary energies and hook everything into the matrix.
“With no major ‘connections’ you may be feeling spaced out or disconnected from your life, relationships, goals, ambitions, desires etc.
“Hence the mantra for this week, as it can be a good time to unplug from the ‘ego world’ and truly feel connected to God/Goddess/Source/Creator/All That Is.
“What I didn’t explain in the report is the Mars/Uranus square happening simultaneously with the Venus square Neptune. Wow! I see that as taking a trip into the far reaches of the universe (Venus/Neptune) and returning with a new vision (Uranus) that you are ready and excited to act on (Mars). A good combination of energy provided you are:
1. Not deluding yourself and chasing rainbows to nowhere…. the downside of Venus/Neptune.
2. Not shocking yourself or others with abrupt, chaotic, disturbing, and abrasive news/plans/actions…….. the downside of Mars/Uranus.”
“So let’s bring in that new paradigm and not get sucked up into the twilight zone, eh? Injoy the flight!”