“When I look at the inspired, devoted, and brilliant people that work in so many ways to repair and nourish the world, in families, communities, and sustainable enterprises everywhere on Earth, I see the imaginal cells of our own transformation.
“That’s us, people like me and people like you, people whose stories I’ve shared… and people appreciating them, people creating new ways, seeing new possibilities…
“In this world of turmoil and conflict, violence and retribution, I believe there are millions of people taking responsibility not just for change, but also for transformation, for creating the miracle of the butterfly.
“We may be in the minority, but we are everywhere and we are connecting with one another in Senegal, in Ethiopia, Ecuador and Afghanistan; in France, Sweden, Japan, and Germany; and Iowa, Michigan, New York, and California – even in Hollywood; in spectacular careers and in the workday world that keeps it all going.
“We are the ‘hidden mainstream.’ We are the genetic directors of this living system. If we continue to connect with each other, we can create out of this gluttonous caterpillar the miracle of the butterfly.
“I challenge you to use your money, every dollar, every penny, every purchase, every stock and every bond, to voice this transformation.
“I challenge you to use the money that flows through your life – and it does flow through all of our lives – to express the truth and context of sufficiency.
“I challenge you to move the resources that flow through your life toward your highest commitments and ideals, those things you stand for.
“I challenge you to hold money as a common trust that we’re all responsible for using in ways that nurture and empower us, and all life, our planet, and all future generations.
“I challenge you to imbue your money with soul – your soul – and let it stand for who you are, your love, your heart, your word, and your humanity.”
~Lynne Twist from The Soul of Money: Transforming Your Relationship with Money and Life