“If you are being an example to other human beings, it is necessary to show them that being human is not to be judged as having weaknesses. Allowing the tears to flow is the first step in transformation. Making mistakes is the way skills are honed to precision.
“You have mastered perseverance, you have mastered innovation, you have mastered taking action; now it is time you make the commitment to taking action; now it is time you make the commitment to allow yourself to become a female, feeling, human being. That vulnerability is strength, not a weakness.
“Buried deep inside you is the truth you have feared. You felt that if you slowed down and took a retreat when you needed it, the truth would be able to catch up with you. That truth is that you are human…”
“You have developed your stamina, your excellence, your ability to comfort others, but you are frightened to death of being comforted yourself. When you can allow yourself to show vulnerability by trusting another, you will have finally learned to trust yourself.
“When you push yourself beyond your endurance, running form the truth of your humanness, the signal you send to the world is not the one you think you are sending…A balance must be found.”
~Jami Sams from The Thirteen Original Clan Mothers