*Venus* begins her retrograde cycle and, as the ancients used to say, begins her descent into the underworld as she disappears from our night skies only to reemerge on September 6th, 2015.
Symbolically and astrologically, this phase mirrors for us a turning within to reassess what we truly love and value, as we dissolve outmoded echoes and framework of the past.
As Venus moves toward the Sun to be completely enveloped by its Light, so will our shadows become magnified as we move toward the love of our Eternal Self. When this cycle is complete she will re-emerge as our brightest Star and so will we, illuminated with more clarity and soul purpose.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers.
First from astrologer ANDREW SMITH from Cosmic Intelligence Agency:
“You cannot have but noticed that brilliant bright blue/ white light reigning high in our evening skies…That has been Venus. Also known as the Queen of Heaven and Earth…
“As she disappears from sight, she accelerates towards our local star, the Sun on the 15th August, when she will be infused with his stellar consciousness, will be cleansed and revitalized, will be reborn and will start her life cycle all over again!
“This is a process that takes place every 18-20 months. Her reversal prior to her meeting with the Sun is called Venus Retrograde…”
“Just as the skies above reflect the earth below, the rekindling of Venus with the Sun’s Light, also known as the Solar Feminine, on the 15th August marks the midpoint of this inner journey during which you are prompted to travel alone within your Dark so that you can face yourself …”
“As Venus initially descends into the beams of the Sun, disappearing from our evening skies, as she seeks to obliterate her sense of self and merge with something much vaster than herself…
“Engulfed by the Sun’s rays she will no longer reflect her own light as she is suffused with the Light of Spirit…”
“…With Venus stationing in Virgo, you are being called upon to taking time to listen to both your body and heart’s needs and to what your gut is saying to you
“You are being asked to consider whether you are serving your own better interests or whether you are enslaved by that Dark Voice; you are being called to actively cultivate the skill of reflection, listening and discernment.
“But it is easy to get distracted. It is easy to ignore those intense emotions or to get caught up in reaction.
“However, those feelings have been invoked for a reason, and you have been called to meet those raw emotions over the forth coming 44 days reflection and in the weeks leading up to the past time that Venus aligns with Jupiter and squares Saturn.
“You have plenty of time to hold a space around core issues concerning your self-worth, self-esteem, self-love, your aging process, your relationships (lived and unlived), your financial life and your ‘heart-health’.
“…Over the coming weeks a key will be presented to you that will enable you to unlock your true heart’s intentions…”
“So hold a space for what values need to be shed and what needs to be reborn as Venus’s descends into the beams of the Sun this coming August…”
“All aspects of your soul that keep you separate from joy and light are released and as love connects with Source, your Light flourishes.”
Copyright 2015 ~ANDREW SMITH All Rights Reserved
From astrologer LEAH WHITEHORSE from her Lua Astrology:
“When Venus moves into retrograde motion, we enter a period where we question our tastes, our likes and dislikes. We start asking questions – do I really like this? Is it worth it?
“Going deeper, Venus represents our core values, those guiding principles that we live by that define what we feel is right and wrong for us.
“Working well, Venus knows what is true for her and bases her decisions guided by this internal compass. In touch with the body (Taurus), we can feel when something attracts or repulses us.
“When our Venus is out of balance, we tend to project (Libra) onto others – blaming others or circumstances for our unhappiness.
“Our compass becomes skewed as we focus on outside factors to make us happy. We love them but not ourselves and somehow expect the other person to love us enough for both of us…”
“Low levels of self-esteem and lack of self-love create an inner vacuum that can never be filled…”
“In the retrograde chart, Venus is square to Saturn so this re-iterates exploring self-worth.
“It’s about defining what and who you love and why and addressing where lack of self love are devaluing your life experience. You may ask – what is this costing me; emotionally, financially? Again, is it worth it?
“Venus conjunct Jupiter square Saturn is like, I have all this, but do I really want it? Or maybe you are feeling denied something you are within sniffing distance of.”
“…Venus will fall back into Leo on the 31st July…Venus in Leo not only has a great capacity to receive love, she also has a great capacity to give love. Think of how a child shows love and affection without shame or restraint – can you do the same?
“Venus retrograde in Leo draws out your inner child who longs to love and be loved. Can you express sheer joy? Maybe it’s about doing something creative just for you, without worrying about any audience or expectations of performance.”
Copyright 2015 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
From the wonderful ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“Most of the Venus retrograde will be in Leo conjunct Mercury, the Sun, and Mars. That offers us a tremendous focus of our Leo energies, and as these trine Uranus, it’s very favorable for innovation, renovation, original thinking and creative expression.
“This can help us update our likes and dislikes to current values and conditions freed from old subconscious tapes that are not useful in our present day to day relationships to people and things.
“It may bring memories of old hurts and misunderstandings, but in re-experiencing old wounds we are given opportunities to free ourselves of subconscious patterns that seduce us into suffering.
“We can break free of the old patterns by superimposing our mature self’s values and short circuiting the echoes of memories of perceptions based in prior ignorance or victimization.
“That some people hurt others is a reality in this impermanent world. Still, we do not have to suffer needlessly based in old emotional habits that do not serve our need for love, wisdom, veneration, compassion, and self-respect.
“I have found that even when these are absent, and hurtfulness is all around, by maintaining these higher values within me, I can transcend the outer conditions, and no longer struggle with those who want to suffer, or dish it out to others.
“A very wise man once said words to the effect that life is painful, but we do not have to suffer.
“It does take courage, strength, and good will to transcend the tendency to suffer, but in releasing the habit of suffering, we take control of our magnificent eternal consciousness and are able to find a tremendous compassion and power.
“Using these, we are able to enter into the pain and suffering wherever we find it, and break the link between the two.
“So as you move through these times, whether they are cheerful or painful for you and those you are with, try to remember that regardless of what’s going on around you, we have the choice to BE however we need to be in that moment to bring forth the highest self we are able.
“It is that which is beyond the fluctuations of personality, and the means by which we can be the light in the darkness of this impermanent existence…”
“This one helps us understand some details of past hurts and misunderstandings within a larger context, and will lead us to the liberation of our heart, our creativity, our natural self-expression, and our love!”
Copyright 2015 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved
“Whilst Venus spends the vast majority of this retrograde period in Leo, she actually shifts direction in Virgo. In this detail lies hidden the key to her entire retrograde journey: it’s all about the nuances, not the bigger picture…
“She uncovers the subtle dynamics which shape our interactions with each other whilst reminding us the most important relationship is with the self.
“…The challenge of this Venus retrograde is to bridge the gap between isolated self-reliance and nourishing interdependence. We do this by embracing those Virgoan nuances.
“Venus cannot live only within and remain happy, healthy and whole. She needs connection, comfort, affection and attachment to thrive…”
“If we find ourselves isolated during this retrograde passage, disconnected from those with whom we seek intimacy, Venus encourages us to consider where we may have become so self-sufficient we believe we need nothing and no one. Such a belief is born not of a sovereign self but a besieged one, shielded by defensive walls built to avoid the vulnerability of need, dependency and desire.
“Venus invites us to wonder how we secured our isolation and how we could possibly need no one in a world of seven billion interdependent people.
“She asks us to reflect upon issues of dependency: the labour of strangers which ensures water from our kitchen tap; the endeavors of our ancestors whose legacy we live today; the toil of those who produce the food we need to survive.
“No person is an island, she reminds us. In an interconnected world dependence is not a failing but a fact, not a weakness but a fundamental truth, the realization of which may just save us all…”
“Venus reminds us that self-reliance is only a strength when it enables giving and receiving in equal measure.
“We will need it in the coming months to ride the ups and downs of change and stand firm in the face of challenge which threatens to steer us off course.
“But we equally need others to ride alongside us, cheering each other on when the going gets tough, sharing supplies for the journey and each other’s dreams.
“We are not islands in a sea of self-protection but instead one life, living through each of us to nourish and nurture itself.
“As Venus journeys back through Leo she invites us to know ourselves as each other, to celebrate dependence and to honor the truth that we each hold the life of another in our hearts and in our hands.”
Copyright 2015 ~SARAH VARCAS All Rights Reserved


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