“Our path, our sense of spirituality, demands great earnestness, dedication, sincerity, and continuity, but it is not intended to be a strained, hectic, or tortured pursuit. Above all, it is meant to be our own.
“It is a practice based in feeling at home in our own process, in ourselves, and in our unique situations, so that while we practice with effort and earnestness, we also practice with gratitude and ease. We can be natural even as we are wholehearted in applying the practice.
“We can put forth our complete effort while also being at peace. This ease comes from being uncontrived in our efforts and using every moment we can to see more clearly. Like Kamala mindfully washing dishes or walking down the hallway, our dedication to awakening can be expressed throughout the moments of our daily lives.”
~Sharon Salzberg from A Heart As Wide As The World