Here is the latest “5D Report” from Lauren C. Gorgo about the collective energies right now:
“So we are officially deep in the eclipse sandwich.
“Since the full moon, I have been diligently feeling my way around in here, trying to grasp what this journey might mean for me individually, and for the awakened ones, collectively.  I haven’t gotten very far into the future on my own, and that’s probably a good thing…but the unseens have a lot to share with regard to what the potential of this sacred passage holds for many of us.”
“Mostly, I have been hearing a lot about the activation of the adam kadmon body and how this specifically relates to our ability to manifest as new humans.”
“A word about manifestation: wonky.  We are in a really strange, fluctuating space of energy and it has been challenging, for me at least, to clearly determine what it is I want, let alone how to put that in motion, or if I even care to.  Between the March equinox and the lunar eclipse, I have been witnessing in myself what kinda feels like an identity crisis…meandering between what was, what is and what can be…questioning everything I felt I was becoming, wondering if any of it is real or possible, if I have been making it all up (key words here) and most importantly wondering how to gracefully move thru this funk of un-desire.”
“When nothing in-spires us, there is nothing to motivate us, and when nothing motivates us there is nothing to do…but BE.”
“And so here we BE.”
“It’s a cold hard fact that the only thing that can move us now is divine LOVE, and because this level of LOVE can only be attained from within, there is nothing “out there” that can guide us or bring us that level of uncompromised joy.  Joy (oneness) comes from our inner-being, happiness (polarity) comes from the outer-world and because we are so deeply in the oneness now our only option is to channel the true Source of our pleasure.”
“We can bring our joy to the world, but the world cannot bring us joy….the proverbial “in but not OF this world” is felt so acutely now.  We are beginning to float above our lives in a way that is disconcerting, but also really freeing and peaceful…if we trust the process and let ourselves defy gravity.”
“This eclipse sandwich is shifting some major gears, but more importantly according to the Pleiadian High Council, is that we are shifting templates. Because we are still inching into our new template of divinity, divine LOVE is not yet our daily reality…but then again, neither is the 3D world we used to live in.  Those countless hours of “in between”…where we are bridging worlds and still required to hold onto faith (that whatever is coming is for the better) and hope (that all our action and non-action predicated on so much uncertainty is going to reward us in droves)…are getting more and more excruciating.”
“We are so close to the gold (elixir of creation)…universal LOVE, Source vitality, abundance as our birthright, sacred relationships, soul connections with our families of like resonance, etc. that being away from those energies for even a day is so suffocating…it’s literally asphyxiating when we are unable to breathe the particles of LOVE that are so vital to the new-human form. Our physical bodies are absolutely a-c-h-i-n-g for their true Source of nutrients (LOVE) and we are at the tipping point where nothing else can fulfill or satiate its needs.”
“The 3D pleasures of past just can’t sustain us any pales in comparison to what our flesh truly desires (adamantine essence) , exercise for the sake of exercise, sex for the sake of sex, traveling for the sake of traveling, work for the sake of work, socializing for the sake of socializing…all banal at best. Without the sparkling radiance of our christed-self bleeding thru to our 3D world, life is becoming a perpetual state of winter doldrums. (Contrarily, when we are connected to the core of being, enlovened with the energy of home, even the most banal 3D experiences are magic!)”
“And YET… here we all are in this tremendous (eclipse) portal of potential that the PHC have named “creation made manifest”, but seemingly without the desire/will to be, do, or have anything.”
“Well, I learned the hard way (read: post melt-down) that this is all perfectly orchestrated…that before we cocreate the new world with our new magic, we first need to bring forth (manifest) the highest version of ourselves as conscious cocreators of the divine.  That this is an accelerated, but partly passive journey of opening, of receiving, of unfolding, of allowing, of witnessing the birth of our brilliance, of our core authentic self….which is at the root of our magic.”
“Admittedly, this tripped me up a little because (in my mind) I was all gung-ho, ready to start many new projects…both in my home and purpose…when I realized that sadly, there hasn’t been enuf energy to support those things…at least not yet. (Tho I do feel that shifting as we get closer to the solar eclipse.) I was told that the greatest manifestation that we will witness thru this portal, is…drum-roll please…US! That we need to first be present to the process of our emergence and witness the manifestations that accompany this transition.  And  apparently, there are/will be many.”
“In addition to the emergence of our divinity, I have the understanding that many manifestations of our past and present desires are going to pop thru veil during this time, things that we have been working toward, waiting for, since the beginning of the journey…known and unknown….where, in some cases, the absence of these “things” became or created the journey.  Even some things that seem impossible (like hopefully the end of the !@#% ascension journey) will suddenly become possible now and all we need to do is get out of our own way and let our magic make miracles.”
“It’s being shown to me that all these immense energies for physical manifestation are coming together like a perfect storm, bringing many exacting elements into play at once. If we’re present to the process, we can already see these energies swirling around us, moving things into place, even tho we are sitting still…albeit on the edge of our seats wondering HOW these things will be brought to fruition. “
“As always, the how is none of our business. Even if we are teetering on the edge…and most of us are…we just need to make be-lie-ve for a moment longer that our dreams are real and allow these tremendously creative forces to guide us into (inspired) action while remembering that endings and beginnings are always simultaneous happenings.  The pressure is always greatest right before the breakthru and I don’t think any of us can deny that the pressure is unmerciful. This is make-or-break time, and every single one of us is experiencing at least one area of our lives that simply cannot continue to exist as-is.”
“That said, and tho I know I am preaching to the choir when I say this, but there is no use trying to DO anything that isn’t ready to be done, we can’t make anything happen here…we can only will (read: allow) our desires into being. We move when moved…period.  We know by now that all effort is ignorance and that if we move ourselves into (forced) action instead of allowing ourselves to be moved into (inspired) action, we risk the consequence of another round of karmic (mis)creation.  uh-uh.  No can do.” ©Expect Miracles, Inc. 2012 All rights reserved.