“There is just the right moment for everything. If you find obstruction on your path, back off just a minute. Take time to allow for an integration of this new information. Your being wants to create perfection, but perfection cannot be forced. If things are not working out well, take a break, especially a mental break. Let go of how you were looking at the situation. Allow the superconscious to do its tempering work of synthesis.”
“It will re-inspire you to right and harmonious action. Imagine there is a smooth flowing river of life with a strong current just for carrying you effortlessly forward. Step into it in your mind’s eye. Feel the gentle push and let your body float on it. Just a moment’s visualization can put you on the right course. It gives your higher being time to see what’s really needed. It may only be an adjustment of thought, a slight change in plans, but the increment of difference may be all that is needed to make everything happen easily.”
~Carol Bridges