Julia Margaret Cameron-via-MYSTICMAMMA


“There is a kindness that dwells deep down in things; it presides everywhere, often in the places we least expect. The world can be harsh and negative, but if we remain generous and patient, kindness inevitably reveals itself.
“Something deep in the human soul seems to depend on the presence of kindness; something instictive in us expects it, and once we sense it we are able to trust and open ourselves…
“The word kindness has a gentle sound that seems to echo compassionate goodness. When someone is kind to you, you feel understood and seen. There is no judgement or harsh perception directed towards you.
“Kindness has gracious eyes; it is not small-minded or competitive; it wants nothing back from itself. Kindness strikes a resonance with the depths of your own heart; it also suggests that your vulnerability, though somehow exposed, is not taken advantage of; rather, it has become an occasion for dignity and empathy…
“Despite all the darkness, human hope is based on the instinct that at the deepest level of reality some intimate kindness holds sway. This is the heart of blessing. To believe in blessing is to believe that our being here, our very presence in the world, is itself the first gift, the primal blessing.”
~John O’ Donohue from To Bless the Space Between Us