Taraneh Azar via MYSTICMAMMA.com


“The transformation process is not an all-at once thing that blows you out of the water. There are many small shifts, and each one takes some getting used to; you’re basically un-learning a long-standing habit and relearning a new one.
“…Most of us are used to living with suppressed fear, in denial, as a sort of make-do comfort level. We use strong fixed beliefs, opinions, and habits, as cover-ups so we never have to feel our core rage, panic, and pain; we just live in our head on autopilot.
“But this is not possible anymore. The transformation process evolves your consciousness from fear to love.
“That means you have to dissolve the fears and heal the emotional wounds that are in the way-by understanding them. And that means you have to face them, feel them, and decode them, which most of us dread.
“Each time an intensified wave of acceleration rolls through you, it dislodges low-frequency consciousness-and-energy or suppressed fear from your subconscious mind
“Needless to say, you may experience varying forms of discomfort!…You may try and push it all back down in the substrata with various flight or flight behaviors…”
“The effort of avoiding and resuppressing subconscious blocks eventually wears you out, and the exhaustion can make you feel disillusioned, unmotivated and hopeless…You are at the turning point. The last gasp of the negative path to transformation is when you’re finally so tired of resisting and controlling, and so overwhelmed by complexity, that you stop; there is nothing more you can do…”
“You’re forced by the process to simply be with what’s happening- to be with yourself and with the fears and the pain. You must experience the state you are directly in without voting on it or having to act.
“By simply ‘being with’ Life and ‘letting things be’ as they are, you return to an experience of your own ‘being’ -your soul- which was always present under the distractions.
“This is when you engage with silence and enter the nonphysical reality. And this is when your intuition opens.
“Now your soul can shine through shedding light on everything. Revelations emerge.
“Understanding and compassion dissolve the fears. There is release, relief and a return to joy. You feel so much better!
“This is the turning point in the transformation process-when the fixed mind surrenders and precipitates a huge expansion in the consciousness of the heart, body, unified filed, and the wise evolutionary Flow.”


 ~Penney Peirce from Leap of Perception: The Transforming Power of Your Attention