Energetic theme for JUNE 2012 from Lena Stevens and
“The theme for June is CREATIVITY
Sub-theme: Vision
“This month there are two themes that will be working together, Creativity and Vision, Creativity being the more feminine and primary expression of the influences and Vision the more masculine and secondary expression. Both will be active this month and will provide you with opportunities and lessons and a powerful potential for growth and change.”
“The role of the year is Artisan and we get to fully explore the artisan archetype this month. What is artisan energy? How does the artisan navigate though life and how can you tap into your own creativity and source of your vision? The artisan this year primarily teaches us to be more creative in our perception, to develop our intuitive side, and to become comfortable with the destructive element needed to initiate and complete the paradigm shift.”
“This is not so much about creating anything on the physical but more about learning to be more creative in your attitude, approach to life, perception of reality and intention. It is said that 90 percent of artisan creativity is what happens on the astral plane (dream state) and by the time this creativity gets to the physical plane it has only 10 percent of the artisans energy behind it.”
“Artisans are not usually attached to the end result of their creativity as much as they are attached to the creative process. It is everyone else around them that is usually way more attached to what that artisan has created.”
“A good deal of the month will be about letting go of your attachments to how things should be done and your perception of the process needed to create certain things in life. It is about releasing your judgments and becoming neutral in order to hold duality and polarization in a new light. …”
“It is also imperative for you to become more and more flexible as a necessary ingredient to maximizing your ability to be as creative as you need to be in this time of great change.”
“You will notice that wherever you are attached to a certain way things should be done or a certain habitual practice or set of rules, your creativity in this area is limited. The more rigid you are, the less creative….”
“Observe where you have become habitual perhaps producing the same thing over and over again. Contemplate expanding the possibilities of how that process could change.”
“There are two elements this month that you should try and include in your environment and your experience whenever possible. Beauty is extremely important as an agent of inspiration. Beauty is different for everyone but you all know when you are around it. It could come through sound, vision, physical sensation or smell. Beauty makes higher centered experiences possible and inspires creativity.”
“Another important element is Sensuality in terms of awakening and expanding your Senses, becoming more Sensitive to your environment and more present with how you react to and absorb stimuli from nature, other people, temperature, air, sun etc. The more you develop your sensitivity, the more heightened your experience of Beauty will be, which inspires your creativity…”
“In exploring creativity you have to be comfortable with an experiment gone bad as long as you acknowledge that it did not work and move on to something else. Some of the worst dressed people are artisans and the hideous fashion statements we see are all due to artisan creativity and experimentation. However some of the best corporate managers are also artisans as they can think outside the box to problem solve and lead their team into new innovations through their creative vision…”
“Vision is related to intention but it is what comes before intention. It is a grasp of the direction your creativity wishes to take you. If the creative source is the feminine, Vision is the approach of the masculine offering to take creativity into form. The whole process this month is about reversing our imprint of how things actually work.”
“Many of us have been taught that you have to have the vision first and then you set your intention and then you infuse that intention with creativity to make it happen. That puts the masculine first and the feminine second. And therein lies the disconnect.”
Pure unorganized creativity, the void, chaos, inspiration and beauty have to come first. We must become comfortable with this space of holding all possibilities without form. Then the vision and intention and organization will follow naturally and without any effort. Chaos never remains unorganized for long. “
“This is one of the principles of the universe and we must let go of our need to always control the chaos we perceive around us. The need to control chaos is rooted in the fear of the feminine and thus breeds a fear of creativity, destruction and change…”
“This month will be either very challenging or extremely inspiring. Those of you that are comfortable with chaos and destruction and the artisan energy should be fine as long as you stay disciplined about your boundaries. Know the difference between your own chaos and that of others’ that may bleed over into your space. This month you have the opportunity to really change how you perceive and how you create.”
“Follow the rule of allowing things to be just as they are and make sure you are not reacting and getting stuck in a resistant place. Keep the attitude that what you perceive is not necessarily how it is, and if you can stay flexible and in the actual experience of being a creative energy source, you will make room for a new vision for your life to emerge.”
“This month provides an extraordinary opportunity for personal growth and change especially in your experience of your own intuition, ability to manifest miracles and to truly feel like you are the one in charge of your life….”
“…This is all part of the process or supporting the healing and rebalancing of the masculine and feminine principles as the masculine is related to the sky realm and the feminine to the earth. And to state it in shamanic simplicity, Creativity is of the earth and Vision is of the sky.”
“In your personal environment, focus on beauty and inspiration. If your environment does not reflect that, clean it up, get rid of clutter and unsightly things, purge the old and make sure you have flowers on your table.”
© Copyright 2012 Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved