“The wisdom of timing attunes to the larger matrix. The more in touch you are with the strands of cause and condition, the more you can choose actions (or nonactions) commensurate with the best interests of the whole.
“Attuning to this larger context requires a far-reaching perspective. This capacity grows with experience, if you have patience and discernment.
“Good timing can sometimes be instinctual, as with the leaping predator, but even successful instinct requires honing of other qualities…”
“The I Ching centers on right timing. This is a t’ai chi perspective, a dance of force and receptivity, a finding of balance in motion. ‘Perseverance furthers.’ it will say. Or it might indicate the equivalent of ‘Chill out, don’t push…'”
“The beauty of right timing can be appreciated when seeing the butterfly emerge just as its food source becomes available, or when hearing the youth’s bat and ball intersect with a satisfying ‘whack!’ or when the letter from a friend arrives on the day you are feeling so blue.
“There is so much good timing in the world. It is part of our natural communalness, and as you become more in touch with that web, you own timing will come into synch.”
~Loren Cruden from Compass of the Heart