Here is the energetic theme for August 2015 channeled by the insightful  Lena Stevens from The Power 
“This month is about getting grounded, organized and practical. It is about choosing wisely how and when to gather support and where and into what to put your energy.
“We slide into August from a bit of leftover chaos and perhaps too many things on our plate.
“Some of you may be feeling stuck, spaced out, irritated or anxious. You may also be feeling a kind of inertia that comes from not knowing where to begin.
“When we are in this state it is even difficult to acknowledge how much we have grown and changed over the last several months. It is much easier to moan, complain, blame others and feel sorry for ourselves around what has not manifested and how hard life seems to be at the moment.
“What will set the patterns of the month up in a positive way is to begin with truly honoring the full moon influence (July 31 4:42 AM MDT) and to be disciplined about embracing the opportunity to reset your intentions at a higher frequency.
“Forget the past, erase July and step into something new. It is a new month and the fewer old patterns you drag into it, the better.
“This is the month when the influence of the king enters the field and helps to organize the chaotic creativity of the artisan role.
“You have a chance to anchor and ground your dreams, ideas and creativity in a more practical way so that they may begin to support you and this new container that you are building for yourself.
“We chose the theme of CONSOLIDATION because consolidating the scatter, chaos, new ideas and the ‘too many things on your plate’ is the key to setting you up for a supportive and balanced life.
“Suppose you had just been to a major event, a banquet with many tables of different kinds of food and drink and where you were also introduced to over 100 new people, all different and interesting in their own way. At the end of this event you feel exhausted and overwhelmed, and only a few of those that you met and interacted with stand out in your memory.
“There is no way you are going to develop a relationship with all 100, so you will choose the few that you felt a connection to and reach out to them. As for the tables of food, at the end of the banquet it is always important to consolidate what is left on the different plates and platters, and to decide what to keep and what not to keep.
“This month is very much like the aftermath of a large event that has left you feeling slightly overwhelmed. So there is a need to consolidate what is scattered as well as to choose where to put your energy based on your priorities.
“It is time to discover this new container that you have been ‘growing into’ and to make it work for you in a balanced and powerful way.
“When creativity is high and there is a desire to take advantage of everything that comes your way, it is easy to lose sight of your priorities. All of a sudden you feel like your time and energy is spent in ways that are not necessarily supporting you the best.
“Days can go by and you just don’t know where the time went and you feel exhausted but can’t seem to get rest because of feeling strangely overwhelmed.
“How do you reset your priorities? Think about what feels good to you, what makes you happy and about what you truly want to do in the bigger picture of your life.
“And then take a look at what is on your plate right now. What are the things that support who you are and what you want to do? What are the things that are an interesting distraction but are not going to lead you there in the long run?
“What on your plate is related to something old that you should be complete with? And what on your plate is an energy leak that is simply feeding the same old pattern? And what is on your plate that is a true responsibility that you have been procrastinating?
Define what your priorities are with regards to personal health and well-being, spiritual life and personal growth, relationships, business and projects, life task work, creative expression, and managing your personal environment.
“Then take that list of priorities and prioritize what is most important to you at this present time in your life. Begin to eliminate what you really don’t need.
“The challenge will be the attachment that the ego or false personality has to old stories, nostalgic events, judgments, being right, unrealized old dreams and unrealistic expectations. You may need to give something up in order to gain what will truly support you.
“If you are confused about your priorities always go back to what ‘feels right’ instead of what you ‘think’ they should be. Allow what is important to you to show up and pay attention to how it begins to prioritize itself. Always ask yourself before you commit to something, ‘Is this going to nourish me in some way? Or is this a waste of time?’
CONSOLIDATION requires getting rid of excess. Some of this excess is not anything definable but rather energetic information both useful and non-useful that has been collected and stored in the energy system waiting for integration. Too much psychic information can feel like a burden; overwhelming, unfocused and irritating.
“PRIORITIES need a clear space to settle into. So clear some space, consolidate your energetic resources and allow what’s important to prioritize itself in your life…”
“It’s a great month to get rid of excess. Excess worry, thoughts, perceived responsibilities that are not really yours, regrets, expectations and anything that keeps you from being very present. Consolidating yourself means practicing presence.
“You obviously cannot do anything about the past or the future in any practical way, so stop worrying about it, and take action in the present. Practicing being present is probably the best use of your time and energy this month and it will go a long way to eliminate the feeling of burden, non-specific anxiety and worry.
The present is the place of power. When we say someone has great presence it is because they are showing up fully consolidated with all of their energy available in the present moment.
“They are not thinking about the past or worried about the future. This is not to say you cannot make plans or have your to do list, but once those plans are made and the to do list is written, stop micro-managing it.
“There is nothing better to consolidate your energy than spending time in a practice without the distractions of others and of your patterned routines.
“Make sure to take some time on a regular basis to meditate or do some visualization to support eliminating excess and consolidating your energy.
“An interesting time for relationships as the desire to expand your community and connect with others is strong but at the same time there is also a need to eliminate relationship patterns that are not healthy.
“Observe where you have relationship energy leaks and where you tend to give your power away. Consolidation around relationships may require some boundary setting or maybe even eliminating excess behaviors that keep you diminished.
“It is easy to be in a rut especially in relationships that you have had for a long time. Be aware of patterns that are so routine that you don’t ever question them. Pay attention to how you feel and be more present so you can make other choices as needed. You may find that some relationships should take priority over others. If they are important, take time for them.
“For new relationships and the expansion of your community connections, set intentions that the ‘right’ people and new agreements will come into your life with synchronicity and magic.
“Begin with your physical environment, the food in your refrigerator and the organization of your personal things. What do you have duplicates of? Give one away. What is scattered that should all be in one place?
“Reconnect with what you have by revisiting spaces you have neglected. See what’s there. Is it useful? If not, pass it along. Get rid of excess. Consolidate and make space…”
“A great month for working with the physical body and gaining mastery over chronic conditions, illnesses, excess weight and other issues that may have plagued you for years. In consolidating your energy and getting rid of excess and having the space to allow your priorities to fall into place, the body can definitely prosper this month.
“Of course it will require discipline but if you don’t have distractions pulling you this way and that, you will find support and ease in a new healthy routine. The body should always be a priority and if it has not been your priority, this is the month to move it to the top of the list.
“Exercise is very important as a way to continue to move things along. It is also a good month to set an intention to bring in the right health practitioner, medical support if you need it and any other expertise that will help you to move your physical health into a much better place.
“Health challenges may include trouble with joints, muscles, teeth and skin. Remember that if you have issues, it is the body telling you that something needs attention.
“A good month for businesses to look at excess spending, excess practices, relationships and partnerships that are no longer viable, and outdated motivations for doing things.
“It is a great month to restructure a business as a result of consolidation and looking at priorities. The key is to do this from a place of inspiration and motivation to move into a higher vibration instead of acting from martyrdom or negativity.
“Projects also need priorities and the best thing you can do is to create space by eliminating excess. It is a time of refinement and using some discrimination around what the truth is. There may be some hard decisions to be made about what and who stays and what and who needs to go to create more stability and health around a certain project, business or partnership.
“It is also a good month to consolidate your resources. And resources are not only the money you have in the bank. Resources include your talents, your body, your energy, your relationships, your allies, your practices, your natural environment, that which makes you smile and gives you joy, and all your containers of support including your home and your work.”
© Copyright 2015 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved