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Here is the always wonderful LENA STEVENS from The Power sharing her channelled guidance and energetic theme for SEPTEMBER 2018:
“We are busy pulling out the last pieces of old wounds and patterns, the last threads that are keeping things put together in an old and outdated way.
“We are leaving the old comfort level of known territory and moving into the unknown. We know this is what we need to do despite the discomfort it is causing to the mind and physical body.
“This final dissolving is leaving us fragmented and somewhat ungrounded, perhaps anxious and fearful, and certainly a bit chaotic in our thoughts and focus. We may even feel like there is something wrong with us that we are not functioning like we are used to.
“Welcome to September! The good news is that there is tremendous support for restructuring and recalibrating your life in all areas. The bad news is that you will go through growing pains to get there.
“It will take courage, be uncomfortable to your identity, and you will have doubts along the way.
“There is however an underlying excitement, inspiration and enthusiasm that this is the right path and there is some comfort in knowing that there really is no option at this point but to move forward.
“The other word we could use is ‘remodeling’. Remodeling takes place when you wish to improve something. The process creates upheaval and chaos until it is complete.
“During the remodeling, you need to be flexible and resourceful to survive. And when it is complete, you have a new form, structure and space.
“One of the themes continues to be the letting go and clearing out and cutting loose of what no longer serves. As you clear away the old and make conscious proactive choices towards change, restructuring and recalibrating is inevitable. What might that look like?
“There are many things in life that could use a change. Think about all the structures that you use every day.
“The most important one being your body as the main vehicle that supports your life.
“There is also your career, work, service; your family and main partnership; your home, location, community; the various extensions of yourself such as your vehicles, tools and accessories; and then lastly your schedule and organization of how you use your energy on a daily basis. These are all the physical structures that give your life the foundation to operate.
“Then there are the emotional structures of self-esteem and experiences of love, support, betrayal, rejection, confidence, competence, etc. These often inform the physical structures and can either support or sabotage your conscious intentions.
“And let’s not forget about the mental psychological structures that are your belief systems that inform everything.
“We are complex beings and when you take apart a complex structure with the intention of eliminating the outdated pieces and inserting new information, restructuring and recalibrating the changes may require some adjustment and a lot of patience.
“There are ways you can support the process by being willing to let go, change things up and trust your own evolution. A proactive participation is always recommended.
“Evaluate all the structures that have formed your foundation and restructure what is needed.
“Start with your daily schedule. What works, what does not, how can you do it differently. Be creative and try something new. If it does not work, do it a different way. This will set the tone for looking at all the other structures in your life.
“The body is challenged this month as it tries to assimilate all the changes in vibration and frequency hitting our planet at this time.
“Our bones hold the oldest patterns and releasing them requires a willingness to be uncomfortable physically. It is however a fantastic time to restructure and recalibrate the foundation of your physical health and vitality.
“It will take some discipline and a great deal of compassion and patience and you can begin by looking at how you support your physical body and what you can do to increase that support. (take advantage of our 50% off special this month on the Power Path to Health and Vitality very helpful online course)
“Recalibration has a lot to do with balance. As you release old patterns of mental and emotional structures, the energetic fields need to be recalibrated to rebalance your assemblage point.
“Sometimes a shock to the system is created, such as a fall, an accident, or other ‘susto’ in order to initiate this release and recalibration.
“It is important not to get into martyrdom if this does happen to you as it is all part of the program. You may also have periods of dizziness and feeling imbalanced. 
“Instead of asking why is this happening to you, ask instead how you can use it to grow change and improve. Be Proactive!


How the month shows up:
“A challenging but productive month for personal growth. Best way to use this month is to stay out of judgment and take all experiences as ones that are leading you forward.
“It is a good month for taking a risk on a choice you have been contemplating, whether it is a move or a radical change in career direction, or saying yes to a relationship, or saying no to something you have felt endlessly obligated to put up with.
“It is also a good time to embark on a new schedule, a new direction, a new project and a new commitment for self-care. These choices and intentions when committed to 100% will lead to the restructuring and recalibration necessary to implement them.
“The opportunity here is the possibility of true, deep healing, letting go and permanent change. Old patterns tend to recreate the same old experiences over and over again.
“As you eliminate an old pattern, be willing to experience something completely different and embrace this new experience fully when it happens. (we work with patterns in this month’s support audio)


“Your relationships need to be supportive this month. If they are not, cut them loose. Some of the important ones will benefit from a restructuring and recalibration process.
“It is easy for relationships to fall into a rut where they feel stale and full of unproductive patterns. Pay attention and evaluate relationship dynamics with neutrality instead of blame so you can then create some intentions and make a plan for resetting them in a new way to serve you better.
“This may require some hard truth telling and discussion but will be well worthwhile.
“This includes your relationship with yourself and what you let yourself get away with that does not serve you.
“It is always good to do something out of the ordinary with relationships you are wanting to set on a different path. Get away and spend time out of your known environment. Take a vacation or set up a staff retreat for some quality time.
“It is important to include good communication especially when there is so much change. If you are taking this month’s focus to heart and implementing a restructure that involves others, keep them well informed and include them in the process. That way everyone benefits.


“This is a hard month on the body.  The challenges started with the eclipse energy of the last month and will continue until the body is able to assimilate and recalibrate to the new vibration and frequencies being generated by the sun and activated by the earth.
“It is important to stay out of martyrdom around physical issues and instead look at all challenges as a means towards personal growth with the intention to end up better than you were.
“This is a month where you will need lots of support and it does not serve you to be secretive or isolated around your personal process or physical challenges. Ask for support when you need it and call in additional help from others including your allies. (a great help is our online course on working with allies and elementals)
“The belief systems that you have in place around what is possible for healing, well-being and vital health are the structures that are most challenged and subject to restructuring and recalibration.
“Any physical challenge you may experience can be interpreted as a sign that something needs to change.
“We often say that the physical body is the last to know and can lag behind what has already changed on the energetic, emotional and mental levels. So be patient with it and give it lots of love, compassion and nurturing.


“Look at what needs to be done differently and don’t be afraid to take a risk. Include others in your plans especially if they are involved in the project.
“Look carefully at the different roles people have played in your life and what you or they may have taken for granted. It may be time to change some of it up and restructure roles, goals, intentions and job descriptions. You may find that you may need to create new positions in some areas and eliminate old ones.
“In terms of projects, the best advice is to allow the project to fit you rather than you trying to fit yourself into a project. 
“As you restructure and recalibrate yourself, what you do with your life needs to be able to fit you rather than the other way around. This will make for interesting decisions and choices as we witness many choosing to do something different based on eliminating what no longer serves.
“Any business needs to be flexible, resourceful and allow for change.


“The greater planetary weather environment continues to focus on the earth and earth movement. We will continue to get solar flares and unusual phenomena as everything recalibrates.
“It is important not to be in resistance but rather to look at every situation as a support for further change and evolution. As always be flexible and have a back-up plan when you can especially when traveling and counting on the weather.
“Your personal environment may also be subject to restructuring and recalibration. This should be a proactive exercise in continuing to clear, release and change things around with the intention of improving what you live with on a daily basis.
“Pay close attention to the energetic and emotional environment you surround yourself with. New sensitivities may encourage you to make a radical change in order to eliminate clutter you have been putting up with.”
© Copyright 2018 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved


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