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Here is the wise and insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power with her channelled guidance and energetic theme for MAY 2018:
“This month provides many opportunities for you to re-align your values and re-evaluate your priorities.
“You may be triggered and shaken up along the way…use this as an opportunity to reshape the way you live your life instead of feeling victimized or despairing about the situation.
“This month will come with ups and downs, unexpected events and lots of opportunity for self-reflection, clarity and insights about your values and priorities leading to spontaneous decisions and choices in your life you never would have expected of yourself.
“Instability of any kind is fertile ground for shifting the order of priorities within yourself as well as re-creating and re-configuring your dreams, intentions, relationships and boundaries.
“The month may feel more unstable than it really is. Just remember that it is all driving us to where we need to be.
“So, take it all in stride and do not resist the energy of change whether it is your inspired idea or someone else initiating a change that affects you.
“The biggest area of value reflection is related to things of the earth plane and the physical possessions you have collected over this lifetime.
“How do you value them? Do you put too much value on something that is not truly important?
“Do you not value something in your life enough? What have you created in your life that you really would rather not have at this time?
“Are you cluttered and burdened by too many ‘things’ in your life that you now need to take care of and keep track of?
“The realization of this burden may throw you into a tailspin of irritation but sometimes that is necessary in order to gain some truth into where your choices need to be.
“If you find yourself irritated at the amount of energy you are putting out for the wrong reasons, know that you can make another choice and do things differently.
“You will need to look at your attachments, your imprinted motivation as opposed to your true motivation and your fears related to your own security and comfort level during this process.
“The areas of reflection include your possessions, your home, your relationships, your projects, your money, your physical health, your tangible investments and anything physical that you own and use to live your physical life.
“There will definitely be some confusion and resistance and this not an easy month by any means, but it could be one of amazing growth, huge positive change, and the letting go of many unnecessary burdens.
“The good news is all the help that you will come across along the way. The support is out there if you ask.
“Just know that when you make a choice and take a risk that is true to your heart, spirit will reward you with clear signs and plenty of help along the way.  
“Help may not necessarily come from where you expect, more often it will come from unexpected sources as long as you ask for it clearly and are open and willing to receive it.
“It is also a very good month to strengthen your relationship with your allies and to work with them and specifically ask them for help when the going gets tough.
“What we want to end up with this month is a new sense of alignment that has to do with what we value and where we will be putting our energy.
“In order for this alignment to take place, inevitably something in your life will need to be released. For some of you it may be a relationship you thought you needed to feed but realize it no longer has value for you. 
“For some of you it may be a job that you have placed on a high priority list but that is truly keeping you from experiencing other more valued aspects of your life such as family or personal health.
“For some it may be a project that you keep procrastinating on due to time, resources or motivation. It’s a great time to tell the truth about these and other energy leaks in your life and to try and eliminate them as much as you can so you can make way for what you truly value.
“Because values are so personal, there will be those that do not identify with your values the same way that you do.
“This is where personal truth and boundaries will come in handy. Without rejecting another’s sense of value, you will need to be clear and confident in your own so you can take a stand and follow through on your own realigning of values.
How the month shows up:
T”his is a big month for everyone personally as many of the issues we have on the physical plane we carry individually in our bodies and process through the experiences that we have in everyday life.
“Our physical reactions and the ways that we are triggered have much to do with our imprinting and about the priorities of the values we have been imprinted with.
“This is a month of questioning whether those values are congruent with who we are or not. The questioning can bring up doubt and confusion but eventually lead to clarity and freedom.
“You will definitely need support this month if only to keep the energy moving in the right direction.
What do you value more? Your job security or your physical and mental health?
“The acceptance of others or your personal freedom?  An identity related to what others see as successful or the true path of your heart?  A relationship others believe you should be in or one that you truly choose for yourself?
“These may seem like no-brainers as you read them however we all have our blind spots and our false motivations for holding on to what we know is not valuable in a deep authentic way.
We may be difficult to live with as we process some of this out and come up with a better alignment for ourselves…
(Additional support is also available through our monthly audio that helps to clear energy that may be in the way of you seeing ‘value’ clearly.)
“Relationships are a tricky area this month as they are so subjective in where they fit in your alignment of values.
“Value in a relationship does not always show up as ‘feel good’. Sometime a valuable relationship is one that teaches you what you need or gives you what you need.
“A hard task master can end up your greatest ally and someone who shares a hard truth with you may end up giving you the greatest gift.
“When re-evaluating relationships, it is important that you reflect on the ‘value’ of the exchange of energy and whether or not it is balanced.
“If you are giving way more than you are receiving or if you are actually enabling another’s dysfunctional or addictive habits, you may want to examine your motivation for staying in the relationship.
“When evaluating service in a relationship, you need to evaluate the motivation.
“Are you being in service to another out of a sense of duty, ego, or a need for acceptance?
“Or are you in service to another from that neutral place in your heart of knowing that it is the right thing and has high value for you in your life.
“Even karmic relationships need to be examined as they are not always being serviced in a balanced and appropriate way.
“Other than your relationship with yourself, relationships with others always provide the biggest learning curve related to personal growth and this month’s focus on values is no exception.
“Because many of our own patterns that have created our personal value system live in our bones, teeth, joints and cartilage, you can expect to have some issues in these areas.
“With that said it is a good month to get some long delayed dental work done as well as to take up yoga or other disciplines that move and stretch your joints.
“Mid-month we are provided with a huge opportunity to shift how we view time, healing, miracles and what the body is truly capable of.
“Physical health is one of the areas to question your values around. If you do not have your health, what do you have?
“Realigning values will require compromise, and that compromise may be something you give up in order to support your personal heath and well being as a higher priority.
Self-care comes into question. Are you providing it for yourself? Do you need help? What does it look like to put a higher value on your personal health?
“Providing support for your body and mind just once randomly is not enough. If you find something that supports you, work it into your schedule.
Regularity communicates your commitment to that support and the body will respond quickly and favorably.
“Realigning your value regarding your mental health is pretty simple really. Re-assess what causes stress and shift things around if you can to create a better environment for your mental health.
“We sense a great restructuring this month of all things related to tangible projects and anchored in outdated goals, models, and expectations.
“Even the ones that are not outdated will need to be scrutinized if the motivation for them is coming from old patterns. Ask yourself why are you doing what it is that you are doing?
“’It feels right’ or ‘Because I really want to and it will make me happy’, are better answers than ‘It will make me money’ or ‘It will make my partner happy’ or ‘I feel I need to’.
“When starting or joining a new project (and this is a great month to do it) make sure you have a true sense of the value or potential value of it in your life.
“This month there is an opportunity for clarity to make choices that are motivated by a call to life task work instead of spinning your wheels in directions that don’t feel right.
“Re-evaluate whether a project you are currently involved still has the value you once expected it to have. Evaluate why you are involved and if it no longer feels right, terminate your involvement.
“On the other hand, you may have a project or partnership that is extremely valuable to you or potentially extremely valuable, but one that you have not put much energy into.
“You may need to tell the truth about these projects and make a choice to show up with more commitment and energy.
“Often the lack of commitment is due to fear of success or a fear of failure.
“It is a month of risk taking and action so as you realign your values, those projects and partnerships that you decide are really worth putting energy into may need you to step it up.
“This month is all about exploring what true value your possessions have for you. Your possessions make up much of your present and supportive environment.
“It is important to really notice what you have and question whether what you collected years ago to support you still has value or if you are simply holding on to it because you think you should.
“Falling into this category are family heirlooms, equipment left over from past careers, old files, clothing, property, vehicles etc.
What will serve you better now? If it helps you to let go, think about the possession you are letting go of as being the perfect support for someone else.
“Wind is a big factor this month as it helps to move the energy that could become stagnant around your attachments.
“In other aspects of the environment, the earth and everything related to the earth is volatile and subject to sudden change. We could have a major earth event mid-month as the energy potentiates around aspects of the earth and what it represents.
“This could either be literal such as earthquakes, mudslides, rockslides, dust storms etc., or it could be symbolic having to do with what the earth represents in our physical lives such as home, property, possessions, money and the physical body.
“It is important to think positively about what this change or event can mean for us.
“Think about sudden shifts in fortune, health and productivity as being positive beyond what you can imagine even though the localized experience may appear intensely negative at first look.
“We do recommend that you take this month and make some radical changes in your personal environment guided by how you end up realigning what you value.”
Have a great month!
© Copyright 2018 ~LENA STEVENS  All Rights Reserved
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