Here is the energetic theme for the month of May 2013 from Lena Stevens and The Power
“This is a very powerful month and you would be wise to use it well. The theme of manifesting brings up many areas to work on. There is plenty of material around this theme for growth, change, elimination, study, breakthrough, expansion, balance and alignment. It continues to be a creative time with lots of opportunities for beginnings and endings but the main focus that will give you the most for your efforts is the study and understanding of what MANIFESTING is all about.”
“So treat this month as a daily workshop on manifesting and set an intention that you will end this month with a greater understanding and ability to manifest. Insert the intention for magic and miracles whenever possible as this is a good month for both magic and miracles.”
“This will require exploring your current beliefs about how everything in your life becomes manifest and understanding it in such a way that you become empowered with the ability to be more conscious about how you manifest your life. This understanding is crucial at this time as we are in the window of eclipses (there are two this month and there was one in April) providing us with great power and opportunity and offering us a portal for changing what we believe about our ability to have what we want.”
“…The opportunity this month is to truly shift your understanding and experience of manifesting in a very positive way.”
“The challenge will be dealing with all the doubt, negative thoughts and whatever else comes up around this issue of what and how you manifest. Remember that when stuff comes up and you are facing some of your ‘not-so-fun’ manifestations, that you have the power to change, transform, eliminate and shift. Remember magic and miracles.”
“…This is a great opportunity to work through any and all issues around manifesting. You will need discipline to examine neutrally where you are currently in your life, what old patterns run you, where they came from, how you identify with or against them and to shift your beliefs about your own value and what you can have.”
“Because of the personal nature of the work, it will be important that you honor your boundaries and stay away from the entanglements of brought on by what other people think you should be or do. Remember that manifesting should not ‘need’ anything from the outside except the appropriate support. So this is the month where you can also examine your support and be more discerning about where it comes from.”
“Evaluate what you are currently manifesting in all areas; financial, relationship, community, environment, physical support, health, energy, enthusiasm, right work, enough play and rest, inspiration etc. What needs work? Where are you lacking the right kind of support? What are your expectations? Are they appropriate? You may not get all the answers in a neat little package but if you set the intention to do the work, it will start things moving in the right direction.”
“What are you manifesting? Is it good? If not, examine your relationship with yourself. What are you manifesting there? Criticism? Judgment? Poor health? Lack? Irritation? Lethargy? Do you feel connected to your essence? Do you expect someone else to fix it?”
“Start there and then move on to your relationships with others. What are you magnetizing? If you feel a lack of understanding and support, you are probably experiencing the same thing in your relationship with self. Do you take care of yourself? When was the last time you thanked yourself and your body for being there for you? For some of you, this month will be all about rebooting your relationship with self. If you focus there, manifesting better relationships with others will automatically follow.”
“What kind of environment have you manifested for yourself to live in, to work in, to play in, and to rest in? Is it satisfactory? What do you think you deserve and what do you believe you have to put up with as a compromise to some situation or to “pay your dues”? What have you manifested in this life in terms of your environment? Is it cluttered or full of low frequency stuff? We are focusing on your personal environment as the place to start. Once you get an understanding of manifesting what you want in your personal environment you can move to the greater environment and participate in manifesting a better community and global environment.”
“Begin to look around and to see the whole environment as a manifestation of a collective set of patterns and beliefs. If you can shift the way you experience the environment as a co-creator and not a victim of it, you will gain a greater understanding in how you can participate in manifesting what we all desire.”
“What you manifest is what you experience. The body will definitely speak to you this month and you will get to see exactly what you have manifested for yourself. The good news is that you can change it. Remember magic and miracles. Your body is perhaps the best barometer for where you are in any process, as the body will get your attention the fastest and the most powerfully. How can you support your body this month? How can you be more responsible? You have to really own your 100% responsibility for your body before you can manifest exactly what you want in relation to your body.”
“As you work with this concept of responsibility, your body may go through lots of mood swings as the challenges of doubt and deserveability come up for examination. Remember that you are the architect of your life and whatever has manifest is entirely of your own creation.”
“This is perhaps the best area this month to make progress you can track. Because of icons, old patterns, conflicting belief systems and lack of personal value and deserveability, the area of manifesting success in work and finances is a favorite study for most of us. Pick something this month and work on it. Do you believe in the scarcity complex? Do you routinely manifest a lack of support? Do you believe in your talents and skills or do you wait for someone to take pity on you? You can do a lot of work in this area this month”
“Follow the threads of your beliefs to the roots and make changes. Practice setting your intentions in a clear and committed way and then release them without worry. Practice magnetizing the right people for partnerships, and allow the right timing to dictate your actions.
The opportunities for manifesting are truly amazing this month.”
“…The best medicine is to be in delight about the beautiful things you are manifesting in your life and to be in humor about the not so welcome things you still seem to be attracting. Remember it is all a process and some of what you put into motion this month may take several more to manifest.”

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