Here is the energetic theme for March 2015 channeled by the always illuminating  Lena Stevens from The Power


“Power is a HUGE topic with many layers to be explored, redefined, understood and embraced. We have worked with the theme of power before, however this is a new time with new influences so some of the lessons will be different…”
“We all have our belief structure around what we think we have the power to do or not to do.
“This month is a real opportunity to move beyond the limitations of the ‘box’ of your own havingness around personal power and around what is actually possible for you to dream and manifest.
“One of the catch phrases of the month is ‘power it up!
“Think of yourself as a piece of equipment that has been left on idle or without fuel for a time. We all have intentions and dreams that are ‘waiting for right timing’.
“This is the right timing for some of those ‘what if’s’ to get some ignition and power up with the right combination of fuel. The fuel in this case is the power from energy sources that can be tapped and received.
“Energy sources include taking back your power from places in your psyche that are still attached to judgment, blame, shame, disappointment, worry, regret, old emotional trauma, wounds and karmic events, and any sense of failure around past or present experiences. Martyrdom especially is a huge culprit in keeping you limited.
“Witness in yourself how the false personality creates an illusion of power by seducing you into believing that blame, worry, judgment and disappointment puts you into some position of power and control.
Watch out for the seduction of the false personality this month and make a special bid for power that puts you more in touch with the power of your own inner authenticity and right to live a life connected to spirit.
“Energy sources also include power that comes from the elements, your allies, your essence and spirit itself. Make a daily practice of asking those larger sources of power for support and trust that the power that you need is always available for moving your dreams into an expanded sense of what is possible.
“It is an illusion that others have more power than you do. It is also an illusion that true power can be taken away from you. If you can lose it, it is not true power.
“This month you can examine your relationship with power and determine what is power in your life and what is not. This does not mean you cannot have and enjoy what you have been able to manifest as long as you do not give it too much power…”
“The opportunity this month is for finding and anchoring a new sense of responsibility for the power that you do have and for breaking through the barriers of your own limiting beliefs about what you have the power to manifest. Stretch yourself outside your own box and set an intention to expand your personal power into new realms of experience.
“The challenge this month is in resisting the seduction of the false personality in all its attempts to undermine your authentic bids for power and to thwart your evolution into your true inner power.
“There is great healing and transformation in taking your power back from old emotional wounds and outdated limiting beliefs. The opportunity for personal growth in this area is phenomenal this month.
“As you navigate the certain intensity of the month due to the astrology and other events, just remember that when something feels like a challenge it is always an opportunity for growth, expansion and change. You can turn any challenging experience into a bid for power.
“Once you bid for growth and expansion, pay attention to the details of the discipline required to keep you from the negative behaviors of giving your power away to the false personality.
“Do a practice every day where you build your inner stamina by increasing your power base though the support of your allies and those larger sources of power.
“This is also an excellent month to ‘power up’ something in your life that has been on idle. It could be a project, relationship, plan for better health, or other personal goal you never thought you had the power to achieve.
“This month you get to clearly see where you give your power away in relationships. You also get to witness where you seek power from the outside in relationships instead of finding that power within yourself. No one can do it for you and no one has the power to make your life better or bring you more love except you.
“This is also a time when major choices or decisions in relationship for separation, completion, commitment and beginning will be greatly empowered by the harnessing the power connected to the ‘ignition’ or the ‘powering up’ energy of the month.
Beware of blame, judgment, disappointment and attachment to expectations, as they will only get in the way of empowering your relationships in a positive way…”
“You have an opportunity to invigorate the physical body with more power and energy than you have felt in a long time. There are many breakthroughs and experiences possible around the power of healing and the power of choice to ‘be well’.
“This requires taking your power back from illness patterns and any limiting beliefs you have about poor health and not having the power for it to be any different.
“Power is often related to the solar plexus or third chakra area. Some of you may experience issues around digestion, metabolism and physical restlessness and anxiety.
“As you ‘power up’ your intentions and begin to take action, you may also experience sensations of energy moving through different parts of your body especially in the joints. It is a good month to get some bodywork.
“This is a great month for powering up a project that has been on hold for a while. All those ideas and dreams that have been sitting on a shelf waiting for right timing can get dusted off and put on the active list. Any project that is already active can move into a higher gear.
“There are many lessons possible this month around allowing something to be empowered instead of pushing for or chasing after power. Once you set a clear intention, allow all the power and support available to simply be received by the container of the project. Trust in right timing.
“There are also many lessons possible around understanding the true nature of power. Some may be learned the hard way such as through the loss of some external attachment that has been falsely identified as power.
“In terms of business agreements and partnerships, this is a good month to be available for your personal agreements to manifest themselves for new projects and endeavors. You will determine very quickly which ones will support the integrity of true power…”
“If you have bitten off more than you can chew and if you were not ready for your bid for power, it will be obvious. Do not judge yourself, just make an adjustment and take a baby step instead of a huge leap.
Practice gratitude for all of your opportunities and when you feel overwhelmed go back to handling the details in front of you, one at a time.”
© Copyright 2014 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved
Blessings for a powerful month!