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Here is the always insightful Lena Stevens from The Power Path.com with her channelled theme for July 2017:
“The reason I chose this theme above several other appropriate ones is to have a mantra or a reminder of how to use the energy available this month so that it does not use you. If you don’t take action, action is likely to take you.
“If you don’t just do what you have been dreaming, discussing, talking about, thinking about, procrastinating, theorizing, considering or just simply being afraid to act upon, spirit may just throw some action your way to rattle your cage, break apart your stagnation, and get the show on the road.
“Would it not be better for you to be in charge of this energy? And to focus it the way you want?
“We have some great fuel this month to finally break the stalemates that may have been plaguing our movement forward.
“The challenge will be the emotional confusion that could still be there and that is most likely related to our past imprinting.
“The truth is that we may not get much if any intellectual clarity on this emotional confusion.
“Emotional clarity is what we will be basing our actions on and emotional clarity is something that comes with connecting how you feel with what you need to do about it. The key word here is how you feel not how others feel.
“There are two main energies we will be working with this month. The energy of taking action, ‘just do it’, and the energy of emotional clarity and striving for feeling ‘right’ and good in your environment, in your relationships, with your work, your community and yourself.  The two must learn to work together.
“This is truly a month where we can make some headway in healing the age-old relationship issues between the masculine action and willful direction, and the feminine intuitive clarity, creativity and receptivity.
“Think of the sun as a big energy, an ally of the masculine that empowers and energizes us and gives us the ability to grow and move forward.
“And think of the earth, our great mother, with an emphasis on her element of water this month as supporting our emotional bodies, clearing and healing the past, resetting our container of family, community and home, and bringing more nurturing into our lives.
“Both have equal importance this month but the masculine action piece is the one to focus on so you don’t get taken out by uninvited action coming your way.
“I also considered the theme of balance for the month as we are learning to build more balance into our relationships with the masculine, the feminine, time, doing vs being, etc.
“Navigating this month well will require a certain amount of discipline around your time, focus, receptivity, choice and trust.
“There is also a big theme of home, family and tribe, and what that actually means for each one of us. There is an opportunity to clear old emotional wounds and baggage relating to home, nurturing and support.
“This will be emphasized in relationships and will most likely surface in the dynamic between the masculine and feminine.
“Beware of the tendency to blame or to go into Martyrdom. Just taking action towards what you want will be best, rather than the endless processing and wallowing and going around and around about who is right and who is wrong. Don’t get stuck there.
“This is a proactive month. Even the receptive emotional parts are active.
“If you experience yourself as having no time, it is because you have not taken action in creating the space for more time. It is a discipline to carve out time for something you want.
“And it is a discipline to keep out what wants to erode at your time, be it lethargy, guilt, inertia or something you said ‘yes’ to that you should have said ‘no’ to.  Creating time is an action so ‘just do it’!
“Many of us have the moving center as our healer, designed to bring balance. And yet, so few of us actually use the moving center as much as we should. We have become more sedentary over the centuries and just do not use the moving center as we did.
“This is the month to get off our behinds and reboot our relationship with our action. Enough sitting around, thinking and talking about what we want to do. It is time to ‘Just Do It‘!
How the month shows up:
“You can get a lot of things done this month from trying something new, going on a road trip, cleaning out your garage, signing up for a class of something you always wanted to study, starting a new relationship, ending one, remodeling your environment, to finally dealing with your health or an issue that you have been procrastinating.
“It is a month to be energized by the opportunities and to act on your life without overthinking or over rationalizing the ‘why’ or ‘how’ of your actions.
“You don’t need to know everything for it to actually work. This is a lesson that maybe we will finally learn as we are called to take responsibility for how we show up in an active way.
We will all be feeling this energy in our solar plexus and it is important that it has an outlet. Without an active outlet, it will fester into anxiety, irritation, defensive behavior, stomach aches and digestive problems.
“If you are not sure what to ‘do’, just move your body in some way to get the energy going. Take a walk, run, dance, do yoga or an exercise class, change your scenery by going on an excursion, or anything that is active and includes movement.
“Then check in with yourself around how you feel emotionally about various things in your life. Make a choice, any choice and go for it.
“If you don’t use this energy, it will use you. So if you find yourself feeling either stuck or victimized by things that are happening to you, do a reset with intention and take some action by engaging the moving center.
“This is also a great month to set up some good practices that include your moving center such as a daily exercise routine, a dance class or other discipline. It will help you keep the energy moving.
“Relationships may be stressed this month as they are subject to the fallout from old emotional wounds and present emotional needs that surface from the intelligence of the heart.
“It is time to speak the truth about what you want and need and what you are ‘just doing’ to get it.
“It won’t always be aligned with what others feel they need or want and there may be some adjustments needed in relationships especially ones that have fallen into solid patterns over the years.
“Stay out of blame and feeling victimized and move towards active solutions and resets instead. You may need to include forgiveness on the menu as well.
“The opportunity this month for relationships is to actively carve out time for them as well as to reset them on a new track that includes space for everyone to speak their emotional truth and permission to take action towards a more authentic expression of needs and desires.
“Grab a buddy and go dancing. Grab a buddy and go on a hike. Grab a buddy and go on a road trip. Grab a buddy and clean out your garage together.
“This month may be challenging physically. Whenever you have a strong force of action, the body is affected and this month you may experience stomach aches and digestive issues as the third chakra is activated by the moving centered energy that needs somewhere to go.
“On the positive side, it is a great month to actually use this energy to activate your own moving center and work with your body in ways that can help you to revitalize your health.
“The main idea is to move. Anything you can do to move your body will be helpful this month and will work the energy so that it does not have to work you.
“Pay attention this month to the possibilities of accidents as well as large forces of energy coming into your life that you may have to deal with. If this happens you can treat it either as an opportunity for empowerment and change or you can feel debilitated, fearful and victimized.
“Anxiety and irritability is a sign that you are not moving the energy. If you feel this in your body, just move and it will help. Sometimes just making a physical change with intention is enough.
“Bottom line, use this month to strengthen your relationship with your body and establish better habits of exercise for your moving center…”
“A great month to jump start projects as well as to make changes where you need to. Be careful not to fall into Martyrdom if things don’t go your way and you experience some energy coming into your business structure that could be seen as negative.
“For example, if you have a long-time employee who decides to quit suddenly in order to follow their own dreams, take this as a gift to shift and change the pattern of your business with the intention for something new to come in.
Remember that crisis breeds opportunity and if you always see it that way, you can use the energy of the crisis to work your opportunity.
“This attitude requires paying attention, being present and not running from challenge. Courage is a good thing to harness this month to help you push into the next level.
“You may feel like you are jumping off into the unknown but remember that if the opportunity has presented itself, it is for you to take.
“If you have clutter or old energy hanging around in your environment this is the time to clear it up. Just do it!
“If it does not fit or feel right or if you have not had a use for it in many years, out it goes. Anything you have procrastinated dealing with in your environment should be dealt with this month.
“You will feel energized and empowered by your actions and it will help to clear the space for something more appropriate to come in.
“It is also important to honor the emotional aspect of nature and the greater environment and to use it as an ally to support your emotional intelligence.
“If the weather is intense with wind, rain, storms, hail, intense heat or dryness from the sun, remember that you can use these elementals as allies to help you in your being proactive with what you want. Nature is emotional and can help you with the emotional clarity and truth essential to navigating this month.”
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