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Here is the energetic theme for January 2016 channeled by the wonderful Lena Stevens from The Power 
“We have been through a time of transition, change, scatter, chaos, and unexpected challenges as well as powerful opportunities for creativity, improvement and personal growth.
“The general influences of this year will continue to support our evolution enabling us to shift our experience of life to a different energetic platform, one of a higher vibration and expression of essence.
“The TRANSITION of December has already put choices, decisions and changes into motion. Now comes the RESET. In order for us to have the right setup for this to occur, we must allow a RESET on all levels.
“This month is a balanced combination of going within to sort what’s true for you and to reset your relationship with how you manifest that truth, and activating a plan of action that pushes you to step up to a higher level of functioning based on that truth.
“The days of being unconscious with your thoughts, feelings and behaviors are over. It is time to focus on eliminating destructive patterns that will stand in the way of your spiritual evolution and to allow what is down the road to unfold in your life without needing to control or second-guess every step.
There is a lot of unknown that needs to be accepted and embraced with a trusting heart. This may be difficult for those that have a need for control, or who struggle with the negative aspects of the goal of Dominance, the goal for the year.
“Practicing patience and surrendering to the prevailing rhythm and flow will not only help keep you balanced and present, but will facilitate in the RESET process…”
“RESET is not necessarily an active process although we do recommend that you focus proactively on what you are intending to RESET. Some RESET is triggered from the outside and some from the inside.
“The RESET that comes from the outside is a situation that creates an opportunity to change your relationship to something or someone. It creates something different than what you had before.
“A RESET trigger from the outside can often cause disappointment especially if there was any attachment involved. Sometimes an event from the outside that causes a disturbance can occur in a country, community, home, business or family.
“This may trigger a RESET that may take a bit of time to integrate as everyone comes online with it in his or her own timing. In order for something to be RESET, the current structure or relationship to it needs to be broken, dissolved or taken offline.
“Think of what happens at night when you sleep. You take yourself offline and let go of how you consciously held and experienced your physical reality for the day. It gives you a chance to RESET.
“There is a saying, ‘sleep on it’, that refers to a solution that may come from the RESET that happens while you sleep. This month it would be a good idea to work with your sleep cycles especially if you are in the process of resetting something big in your life.
“This month’s influences with retrograde planets and instinctive triggers will also support periods of going within to do some deep resetting of old patterns, unconscious behaviors, belief systems and relationships to your power, creativity and personal truths…”
“A RESET from the inside stems from a conscious decision to change something that is no longer a viable expression in your life. A RESET from the inside is an intention to get back into balance what feels out of balance.
“On a small scale, this is often experienced during a daily meditation practice, an intention before you go to sleep, or daily spiritual discipline. On a larger scale it could be a complete reset of your values, belief system, personal truth and self- awareness.
“Larger scale inner RESETS are often accompanied by intense experiences of some kind that threaten the ego and false personality and may even cause one to feel like you are going a little crazy or completely falling apart.
“Since completing a RESET requires a letting go as completely as possible of a container, pattern or attachment, it can be uncomfortable and can also bring up quite a bit of instinctive fear.
“It is crucial that you do not allow the fear to get in the way of the amazing opportunity for the RESET to take you towards a higher functioning life.
“When going through an inner RESET it is always important to express it in your physical environment. It will be a good month to make changes in what you have or how you do things to represent the inner RESETS that are in process.
“The influences for 2016 hold tremendous opportunities for reaching much higher levels of experience, intuition, essence connection, creativity and personal expression.
“January is a month to sort out what will not support you in your RESET self and to consciously bring in what will. The higher centered influence of the year is already at work and if you will allow it, it will bring you many gifts…”
How the month shows up
“There is a phrase, ‘get over yourself’. This refers to the ego attachment to an identity that drives negative or unconscious egoic behavior.
“It is often fueled by fear and completely disconnects one from essence and spirit. You have a choice to make this month about your relationship to yourself. Will you feed the ego or your essence?
“The ego is limited. Essence is not. The only way to navigate a successful RESET that will serve you best is to choose essence over ego.
“You may ask, ‘How do I do that?’ It starts with an intention to do so, including a spiritual practice or discipline, and then telling the truth to yourself when you fall off the wagon. It also requires trust, letting go of the need to control, and using your allies for support.
“You have the opportunity for great change in your personal self -awareness this month. It will become very clear when ego is at work because it will not feel good.
“The truth telling and soul searching may be uncomfortable at times but if you persevere you will be rewarded. The higher centers always support essence expression, and a sense of expansion, synergy and synchronicity.
“These experiences will be the ‘highs’ of the month, a necessary counterbalance to the ‘lows’ you may dip into during some of your RESETS. Remember to rely heavily on your spiritual practice, your allies and your community.”
Relationships will definitely go through a RESET, some from the outside and some from within. As you find a new truth about who you are and what you want out of life, be prepared for changes in how you relate, express, trust, and manifest.
“Some relationships will survive and even thrive in a new intimacy and some will self-destruct. As long as you are coming from essence and anchored in your own truth, whatever changes and RESETS your relationships go through will be for your highest good.
“This year’s influences are teaching us that we can no longer go about life insulated, isolated and alone. We are being magnetized towards right community and shown the power of co-creating our dreams when egos are set aside.
“We cannot stress enough the importance this month of the necessary RESET of the young soul hierarchical patterns into ones of equality and cooperation. You will feel the pull towards being with members of your ‘tribe’ and ones with a similar philosophy and perception of life.
“Toxic or abusive situations in family or work conditions may become intolerable and you may need to make some hard choices and decisions. Always get support.
“Your vulnerability is your strength and there is no time like the present to go for a RESET. This will be especially true in dysfunctional domestic situations.”
“This is a great month to RESET your beliefs about what is possible regarding your physical, emotional and energetic health.
“It is good to have an intention about how you want to ‘feel’ without needing to know how you are going to get there. What if you were able to improve your health and physical well-being beyond what you can imagine?
“To express and give support to the RESET in this area it is important to do something new, try something new, dance, move your body, change your wardrobe, take up a new sport, change your hair, lose some weight or gain some weight, join a gym, or change your diet.
“Remember to include the community support piece and do some of these things together with friends and family. This year is definitely not about the power of the individual but the power of the collective.
“It is also a great month to take care of any dental work as teeth hold very old patterns. The challenges this month will be around teeth, bones, lungs and digestion. Remember that you cannot digest what is not yours.
Tell the truth to yourself about what you have been carrying in your ‘gut’ that does not belong to you. RESET that pattern.”
“Your personal environment should go through a RESET of some kind just to honor and give expression to any inner work you are doing.
“Be creative, move furniture, get rid of something old, bring in something new, or paint a wall a different color.
“Be present and pay attention to your personal environment so you can become aware of what needs a RESET. When you live with something day after day, you can easily become blind to it and not notice what does not function or serve you.
“When resetting something in your environment, keep it fun and remember to be patient. Stay out of frustration, judgment or blame. Look to the higher centers for inspiration and try something new. Keep your intentions towards the improvement of your environment and get support.
“It is also important to feed the higher centered experience of witnessing and honoring the incredible beauty in our environment.
“Make sure to take time every day to fully appreciate the gifts of the earth and sky. This will expand your awareness and RESET you into a deeper trust of the higher order of life.
“With regards to climate and weather, expect their influence to support whatever process you may be going through. Weather related delays to your plans teach you patience and keep you flexible. The less fixed you are in your expectations, the more conducive to supporting the right RESET.
“This is a great month to RESET any projects, partnerships and business oriented communities. It will require some pruning of what does not support you and what does not support a greater expanded vision of what is possible.
“Notice where attitudes are fear based rather than trusting and adventurous. Decisions should never be made out of fear. Observe where limiting beliefs about what is possible are keeping your container smaller than it should be.
“This is a month where expansion is not only possible but also supported by the influences. You will need to have everyone on the same page…”
“This is an excellent month to RESET intentions, goals, plans, vision, infrastructure and commitment.
“Since this RESET may include both inner and outer triggers, be patient with the chaos, messy reactions and personal doubt that may be part of the process.
“Allow yourself to be guided by essence rather than by ego and watch for the opportunities that present themselves along the way.
© Copyright 2015 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved