Here is the energetic theme for January 2014 channelled by the always insightful Lena Stevens from The Power Path:
“The theme for January is GET READY, GET SET…………
“This month starts out with a rare New Moon on January 1, the first of two new moons this month. January 2014 is a month of getting all your ducks in a row in preparation for the times to come…
“There is great satisfaction in clearing, cleaning, setting new intentions and getting things back on track.
“The visual is that of a track star at the start line getting ready for the race. The athlete is mentally prepared, physically prepared and hopefully emotionally prepared as well. They are as ready as they can be after training and preparing for months…And now they are just waiting for the gun to go off giving them a signal to go and give it their full throttle.
“The waiting and anticipation at the start when you are totally ready can be challenge. It is a pregnant moment that is waiting for action. This is what we may experience this month and patience will be required in those pregnant moments when everything seems set up and ready to go and still there is a delay or a hesitation before the energy is released.
“The tension created by the hesitation can cause irritation and impatience and even doubt as you may question the validity or the rightness of what you are doing or intending to do.
Be patient and keep clearing and organizing the mundane aspects of your life. This is a month where focusing on your foundation is essential. Look at what you may be procrastinating and get caught up.
“The inspiration of what could be is pulling our focus forward, but the tasks that have been piling up are holding us back. Do not resist, just get organized and get to work. It is a great month for ‘to do lists’ that can be rewritten daily as tasks are crossed off.”
“…The opportunity this month is to get things done and to become more organized than you have ever been. There is also a great opportunity to finally eliminate old projects, clutter and energy that have weighed you down.
“You have a chance to establish a new set of priorities and rules and intentions for yourself as well as to create some new healthy habits that should include raising the quality of your life.
“Your daily question to yourself should be, ‘Am I ready for anything?’ Your daily mantra, ‘I am ready for anything!’
“The challenge this month is in not allowing impatience, despair, judgment, irritation, grumpiness and overwhelm get to you. If you feel overwhelmed, take baby steps.
“If you feel despairing, focus on prayer, beauty and gratitude. If you feel irritated and impatient, remind yourself to be patient and to trust the timing of the universe, as it is usually perfect. Be accepting rather than judgmental, and focus on the mundane tasks. Eliminate energy leaks and choose to be around a higher frequency of energy and inspiration.
“How the month shows up:
“This month you may face the challenge of personal disappointments, or you may be inspired by your accomplishments and how much you manage to get done. Disappointment comes when there is attachment to how and when things manifest. Take some time at the beginning of the month to reevaluate your priorities and to eliminate anything that does not help you be as prepared for anything as you could be.
“The question is, ‘What are you preparing for?’ This is an unknown as to how the future will manifest, but the preparation is always for something new and better to come into our lives, a new paradigm, a new perception, a new frequency.
“We do not yet know how it will manifest, but if we are encumbered by all of our excess baggage (physical, emotional and psychological) we will certainly not be able to take advantage of it.
“The main thing this month is not to get discouraged by the enormity and the complexity of what no longer serves us. Just begin to focus on eliminating slowly and getting ready in baby steps, putting one foot in front of the other and never losing sight of your goals.
“This is a great month to gather your support, your true support. If a relationship does not support you in some way, you may need to reevaluate it. There is also an opportunity to work on allowing yourself to receive more support through relationships than you have ever allowed yourself to do in the past.
“… certain aspects of relationships will be important: loyalty, teamwork, cooperation, and satisfaction in accomplishing tasks and completing projects collectively.
“This month also requires you taking some personal time, giving you the freedom to focus on your tasks in your own time. It is important also to feel that you have the freedom to make your own choices about what works for you and what does not.
“This could affect some of your relationships especially partnerships where goals may be slightly different. Be flexible and accepting and give others the freedom to express what they need to without taking anything personally.
“You can get your own environment ready for anything by upgrading where you can and making the necessary changes. Some upgrades may be small and insignificant and some may be large and based on big decisions. Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can do today and eliminate clutter as much as possible.
“In terms of the greater environment and what is not in your immediate control, be ready and prepared for anything to occur. This has been a theme for some time now. Being flexible and unattached to plans and goals, as affected by the environment, is critical to being ready for anything….”
“This is not just physical preparation but mental, emotional and psychological as well. Examine your belief systems and your comfort level around change.
“Contemplate what you take for granted and ponder how it may be if it were radically different. Even just imagining a very different experience can prepare you somewhat should there ever be a dramatic change affecting your whole life.
“For most of us, this is definitely an area that can use some better preparation, focus and discipline. You have a great opportunity for shifting your beliefs and anchoring some new intentions about how you want to feel in terms of your physical well-being.
“The intention has to come first…followed by your goals and disciplined resolutions. Your well-being is as much about your attitude around what is possible as it is about your actions.
“Take advantage of the New Year with its new energy and be inspired about changing how you perceive what is possible. Do not listen to the little voice that says you can’t.
“Allow the voice that says, ‘Yes, you can’ to be heard above all others.
“Physical challenges this month could be around stiff joints, digestion and energy levels. Some days you may be rearing to go and other days you may feel like staying in bed. With less energy, go slower; with more, take on a bigger task.
“Be patient, be disciplined, and be focused. Don’t set goals you cannot achieve. Be grateful for what you do have and for how your body supports you.
“This is a month to refine and rework current projects and to shuffle or restructure partnerships and other aspects of your business. This is not necessarily the greatest month for any expansion or the launching of a large new project.
“However this is a perfect time for anything that needs completion or clean up. Tie up any loose ends whether around communication, finances, or decisions that have to be made.
“This is a good time for any business to set goals for the next year. Last years accomplishments should be honored and any new goals should consider what should not be carried over that no longer serves. The question should be asked, “Is this business ready for anything? Are we flexible? What are we attached to? What are our greater intentions and goals?”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved
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Here’s to a wonderful month!




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