Here is the always wise and insightful LENA STEVENS from The Power with her channelled guidance for February 2017:
“This is the month of accepting change, allowing change, promoting change, choosing change and being the change.
“Change brings out the need for security. It also brings out the obstacle of Stubbornness as a reaction.
“Change removes the usual points of reference. Change is scary. Change harbors the unknown.
“Change is exciting, unpredictable and dynamic. Change is chaotic, and can include destruction and confusion. Change is inevitable and a crucial part of evolution.
“A caterpillar may be more comfortable staying in the comfort of its warm little cocoon safe and asleep but the butterfly it is to become ruthlessly destroys its form in order to emerge with a new freedom.
“The discomfort we all feel is akin to the caterpillar who can sense that there is no going back. The only way is through to the other side.
“So take heart everyone. This is where we are right now. Kicking and screaming and resisting the agent of change that is showing up. Did we think it could be any different?
“We have arrived at the place where the ruthless taskmaster of change does not really care about our personal comfort. Change is happening whether you like it or not.
“So the challenge and the lesson is how you will get with the program and embrace it instead of resisting it.
“In whatever way it shows up, there is always a way to be proactive with change, to embrace and support and move it along. That is what taking responsibility for your own leadership is all about.
“In addition, we have early eclipses this year, two this month that will definitely be markers for change. So it is time to look at your life as a canvas that needs a bit of an upgrade.
“You have been looking at the same landscape for many years, perhaps for as long as you have been alive. What if it was time to change it up, to create a new landscape that will become a new point of reference for you.
“Think of change as an opportunity for an upgrade, for a reset, for shifting something that has been stagnant or stuck in your life.
“In order for change to occur, things need to become destabilized to some degree to make room for something new to emerge that will be different. This of course causes some degree of chaos and confusion and things are not always that clear.
“Be willing to be uncomfortable for a time while change has its way with you. The clarity usually comes afterwards so be patient and stay out of fear as much as you can.
“The thing about Change is that it requires making room for something new. For change to be successful you cannot stubbornly be holding on to your old stuff, old ways and old habits.
“Something as to go to make room for the change to occur. Change is movement and energy likes to move.
“So even if the change is not what you fantasized, it still brings movement to otherwise stagnant situations. Where are you stagnant? What can you eliminate? How can you make room?
“…There is change that happens to you such as the choice of another that creates the change for you. This is the most difficult but may come with a necessary lesson about taking responsibility for it, embracing it and making it your own choice too.
“This is especially true in relationships or work situations where they come to an abrupt end and not by your choice. Step back, embrace it, choose it and see it as a path to your own freedom.
“Then there are the changes you choose and make for yourself that will affect other people. This is also difficult especially for those of you that are prone to guilt and don’t wish to hurt or to disappoint.
“You are the ones that have to learn to be a little ruthless and recognize that you may be setting some of those caterpillars that are too attached to their familiar landscape and cocoon free to become the butterflies they need to be.
“This is a difficult time to stay out of judgment, but intense judgment and negative reaction becomes an energy leak very fast if it continues beyond the spark to action that it was intended to be.
“Stubbornness is another negative reaction to change that becomes a challenge in these times. Stubbornness always blocks flow and the potential for graceful change.
“But since change is happening anyway, Stubbornness only brings about more drama and suffering in the end.
“So watch the Stubbornness and be receptive and embracing of change instead.
“Remember that change always brings about the potential for an upgrade, a reset, an expansion and an experience of something new, different and wonderful.
How the month shows up:
“This is the month to examine in a very ruthless way what needs to change in your life. Maybe your attitudes. Maybe your belief systems.  Maybe your tendency to live ‘small’.
“Maybe some bad habits. Maybe a relationship or two. Maybe your self-image.
“Maybe your health or practices or disciplines. Maybe your work or your home or your dreams or intentions.
“You may go through times of fear. ‘Will I survive this?’ you may ask as you are suddenly at the effect of a sudden change that has been imposed upon you.
“Of course you will. Have you not learned anything about flexibility and persistence?
“The best way to show your cooperation in the larger scheme of things is to spend some time clearing and eliminating the clutter in your life.
“It’s the clutter that will surely take you down. This will be difficult but a necessary bid for power for those of you with a need for security.
“And this is not only physical clutter. It is also the clutter of your mind and how it holds on to all the possibilities, the worries, the obsessions, the control, the rationalizations and the expectations.
“The mind is fearful about what is does not know and triggers the instinctive center which causes anxiety so it is important to calm the mind and calm the instinctive center this month.
“To be proactive with the theme of change choose something in your life that needs to change and work on changing it.
“This proactive focus will channel the energy of change in a positive way and represent in the bigger picture all the change that is occurring and necessary in your life and in the world.
“This is a tricky area this month. Along with the potential for major uncomfortable changes in long time and close relationships there is also the potential for expansion, change and reset in a very positive way to some important relationships in your life.
“There is a great opportunity to shift dynamics in relationships that are and have been dysfunctional for some time. It is a good time to get into therapy if that is something you feel you need.
“It is also a good month to really face the truth about what you have been putting up with and to take responsibility for what your part in the dynamic is.
“We are not saying that you have to discard what is not perfect. We are suggesting that you reexamine in a neutral and truthful way how your relationships are serving you and how you are serving your relationships and make adjustments and changes where they are  needed.
“This is an exciting and dynamic time where new relationships can be formed on new platforms of understanding and support. Take a risk in this area if you are willing…..
“This is a great month to take some leadership initiative for your own health and well-being.
“Make room for necessary change. Examine your habits, your diet, your physical activity, your schedule, your lifestyle, and your support in this area. Is it serving you?
“What is it that you truly need right now for your body mind and spirit that you are not doing or allowing yourself to have?
“It may be time for some big changes. Change in the area of what the body does are difficult because the body is a creature of habit.
Changes in the physical require discipline and paying attention. You cannot be asleep and expect the body to just get with the program automatically.
“There will be resistance and a tendency to want to go back into old patterns. It is a good month to reduce and shift addictions and to pay attention to what you put into your system physically and energetically.
‘Toxicity is not only from food, air and water. It can also be from other people, your own negative thoughts and reactions, the news and what you subject yourself to from the greater environment.
“We strongly suggest that you begin to take care of yourself better by aligning with energies that are of a higher vibration. This will help you make changes and set patterns that will be much more supportive to your intention for positive change.
“Health issues this month may include sudden changes in energy levels, accidents, mystery symptoms, problems with the hips and knees (related to stubbornness and ‘digging your heels in’).
“Digestive challenges have been with us for a couple of months now as we are filtering out what is ‘indigestible’ to us which is mostly energetic and related to issues, emotions, and energies that do not belong to us but that we have taken on under the illusion of “service”. It is time to clear it all out.
“Some projects and businesses will go through massive change this month, everything from a major somewhat scary expansion, to downsizing, reorganizing and maybe even folding.
“It is most important to honor the completion of one cycle, even if it is around expansion. The size or configuration of a company or business when it is about to go through any kind of change should do something to acknowledge the completion of the current size and configuration before making the change.
“Otherwise it is easy to recreate the same structures, stress levels, issues and dynamics.
“There is always a reason for change and usually there is something that wants to be eliminated not to be repeated, followed by some new intentions.
“So the message here is to simply become more aware of the architecture of Change in your business, project or partnership, and work with it cleanly so you end something, make room, and then begin something new.
“It is a good month to energize projects especially in the first part of the month. It is also a month where you will need to watch aggressive behavior, anger projections and negative reactions.
“If you are part of a company or business be responsible for yourself. If you are the head or in a leadership role, be compassionate and don’t take things personally but at the same time set some good boundaries around what you are willing to put up with and what needs to change.
“This could be a good month financially for some ad a bit scary for others as some necessary changes may affect financial stability. Especially those of you with a need for security will have to move into a deeper level of trust around being supported by spirit and your allies.”
“The environment continues to support whatever process we are in. The political environment of change will continue to create radical chaos and strong reactions. Your personal environment seeks clearing, expansion and a reset.
“Your relationship environment is ripe for change and refinement. The climatic environment will continue to stimulate flexibility, cooperation and resourcefulness.
“The eclipses play a big part this month and should be honored as markers of change. They serve as good containers for completion, change, renewal and the start of something new. They will also influence weather patterns in unexpected ways. Be prepared for anything.
“Climate ‘Change’ will continue to be a huge topic and this month there very well may be new discoveries in this area.
“We always recommend that you focus on your personal environment each month and use the themes and supportive energies to continue refining and working with your personal environment to make it more supportive and suitable for you to live your life in the best way possible.
“This month it may include big change as in a decision to move or migrate from one of your environments to another more suitable one.”
© Copyright 2016 ~LENA STEVENS All Rights Reserved