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Here is the energetic theme for February 2015 channeled by the always illuminating  Lena Stevens from The Power
“This month supports us to look closely at what needs improvement in our lives and take some action in that direction.
“Since Mercury is still retrograde for the first part of the month we have plenty of opportunity to pause, rethink and regroup.
“This month is about taking many baby steps and adjusting their direction as you go. Expect change as what needs improvement becomes obvious.
“The theme of IMPROVEMENT will shine light on what needs it. What is not up to the quality you wish to have in your life will become obvious (sometimes painfully) and the way to use the month is to be proactive without going into impatience or martyrdom (both obstacles of the year).
“The mode of perseverance (the mode of the year) comes in handy to support any commitment you make to yourself for an improvement in some area of your life….”
“IMPROVEMENT often requires trying something new or doing something in a different way….Improvement usually always requires letting go of something that is not working. It is a good month for continuing to clean and clear.
“Use Mercury retrograde to focus on the details and to be precise in your actions. It is an opportunity to improve your communication and to upgrade anything that is on the verge of not serving you.
“One of the main areas of IMPROVEMENT is communication with self. Take this opportunity to observe the mixed messages you give yourself about what you really want, what you are willing to do, and how you are willing to show up.
“This is a good month to study your fear patterns and change your beliefs. Most of us communicate way more judgment than unconditional love and acceptance to ourselves. You have the chance to change that this month and to improve the messages you give yourself so they align better with the life you wish to create….”
“Chaos can be a challenge this month if you get overwhelmed with all that could use some improvement. Narrow your focus to working creatively with one thing at a time. Prioritize and remember that many baby steps will lead to the top of the mountain with less effort and angst than if you try and get there in one leap.
“Again watch for Impatience, as it will only lead to Martyrdom. Those of you who have Impatience as your primary obstacle will need to pay attention and work your patience and acceptance.
“This is a good month to work on and improve your relationship with Time, right timing and having enough time. The issue of time is a big one in western culture and breeds Impatience. The belief that ‘time is money’ has been taken to the extreme and caused the natural rhythms of health in the body, mind and spirit to break down.
“Severe impatience always ends up in Martyrdom and if the system breaks down due to Impatience, then you are even less efficient and get less done and may feel victimized and go into blame.
“Many of us have been slaves to time and do not feel in control of our time. This is a great month to change that and to take responsibility for improving your relationship with time.
Adopt the mantras, ‘there is always enough time for everything’ and ‘everything happens in the right time.’
“…The other area of great improvement possible this month is to improve your outlook on life. There is a huge potential to turn all kinds of negative and limited thinking around to more trust and optimism that everything will turn out all right.”
“…This is an incredible time for personal growth as it supports the improvement in so many areas. You have the opportunity to improve your communication, your skills, your environment, your patience, your belief system, your attitude, your health, your discipline, your relationships, your appearance, as well as various things in your physical environment.
“Don’t go overboard and get overwhelmed with all the possibilities or you will become impatient and create chaos. Work on one thing at a time and prioritize your list. Instead of looking at what is not being done, acknowledge where you are making improvements and be grateful for even the littlest ones. Remember the baby steps.
“Relationships can always use improvement especially in the area of communication and judgment. Your relationship with yourself is at the top of the list.
“Observe how you judge yourself and others for what is NOT happening. It is a simple thing to improve a relationship by being more neutral and accepting and acknowledging what you have instead of what you don’t have. This is also an opportunity to improve how you communicate what you feel, your fears, hopes, dreams etc. and to tell the truth.
“The biggest improvement possible is to really SEE and acknowledge what you are relating to whether it is another person, yourself, or your environment.
“Most of us suffer from the brand of Impatience that puts us way ahead of where we are in the present. Practice really seeing what is around you and acknowledging your relationships by saying HELLO.
“This month you have the opportunity to mend the communication patterns in your own environment by acknowledging that everything is connected. Make a practice of simply being aware of the greater grid and intelligence of the universe that encompasses us all.
“It is easy to go into blame and feel victimized by local events, weather patterns, or environmental practices out of your control, however there is always something you can do.
“The improvement here is to take responsibility for your own environment as well as to become aware that you are part of the whole. So as you clean up your own yard, you are also, with that practice and intention, cleaning up the greater environment.
“Our limiting beliefs have us acting out in life as if we were separate. If you begin to act as if every action you take affects the whole then you will feel more empowered about making a difference as well as more careful about your actions and their consequences.
“Tremendous improvement is possible in this area. Personally you can improve your communication, your stamina, your energy, your well-being and your appearance. You will be drawn to opportunities to improve the way you feel.
“The theme this month will also support breakthroughs in physical conditions and illnesses. Anything can be turned around as long as you truly believe that it can be. What is required however is to make sure to improve whatever has caused the imbalance or illness in the first place.
“If you are overweight due to an emotional issue, then that needs to be addressed. If it is a hormonal issue, then see to improving your hormonal balance. It is a good month to commit to getting to the root of what is underneath the situation you wish to improve.
“Some will be simple such as beginning to exercise more, and some will be more complex and require a bit of committed exploration. The main thing is your intention to improve and your trust that the right information and help will be there. Practice patience and stay out of Martyrdom.
“There is always room for improvement in any business or partnership. In fact many business structures become stale as they settle into a routine year after year.
“If you are in a situation that is feeling a bit robotic, it may be time to stir the pot and really look to SEE what can be improved. It could be the environment, it could be communication, it could be products, it could be quality, it could be budgets, it could be attitude, or any other aspect of a business or partnership.
“Perhaps you are not dreaming big enough. Or perhaps there is not enough acknowledgment or gratitude for tasks well done.
“In terms of projects, it is a good month to see how you can upgrade or improve them from their original plan. Not everything can be improved upon.
“And if there is something that NEEDS improvement, it may be giving you signs already. Sometimes you will need to dismantle or eliminate what is already in the process of decline and start over in order to end up where you really want to go….”
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