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Here is the energetic theme for April 2017 channelled by the always insightful and illuminating Lena Stevens from The Power Path.com:
“It is a month of higher highs and lower lows.
“You can expect intense emotional mood swings, lots of weeping, incredible chaos that you think you can’t handle, and then amazing synchronicity where everything falls into place.
“There will be bursts of energy as well as unexpected times of deep fatigue where you can’t get out of bed. You may on one day experience overwhelming inspiration, incredible clarity, courage and determination; and on another, debilitating despair, deep confusion, and paralyzing fear.
Everything is intensified this month. Nothing escapes.
“If you are grieving it will be at a level you have never experienced. If you are ecstatic, it will be almost more than you can handle.
“The higher emotional center is paired with the instinctive center this month in an interesting relationship whose purpose is to stretch you like a rubber band, expanding your container to eventually be more, do more, receive more, understand more and experience more.
“The ultimate goal is to break through the membrane of our limited beliefs about how this universe works and what we are actually capable of creating.
“So that is the reference point we need to hold out there as a carrot for ourselves when things get tough this month.
“April is full of growing pains. We are in the process of replacing the fabric and patterns of how we operate in this physical universe with a new matrix and energetic circuitry much like replacing a light fixture that was only able to handle 100 watts to one that can handle 1000.
“And then replacing the bulb from 100 watts to 1000 watts. Imagine the intensity of light from that sudden change!
“The adjustment to a higher intensity is difficult. The body is resistant and our comfort level suffers.
“It is easy to get trapped in the negative expressions of this intensity and we want to warn you all about going there.
“The discipline this month will be to focus on how to use and channel this increase in intensity to feed the positive, the creative and the inspired intentions in your life rather than anything negative.
“This month could be life changing for some of you. When you have this level of intensity you can actually make permanent radical changes in your life.
“This is challenging since most of us are creatures of habit and we would rather live with lower intensity suffering than with the unknown territory and promise of a more intense experience of joy, love and success.
“After all, the skeptical mind tells us that what we don’t know could be dangerous to our well-being!
“This is a great month to take risks and put yourself out there, reaching for a bigger dream, a better life, a more meaningful relationship, increased wealth, health and vitality, and a more fulfilling sense of worth, work and essence.
“This will take discipline and trust. Reaching for and experiencing the highs and the higher centers will always swing the other way at some point giving you the point of reference of the other end of the spectrum.
“The task will be to stay neutral, out of judgment and proceed to do what is necessary to continue clearing the lower frequency energies (physical, emotional and mental) out of your life…”
“If you find yourself crashing to the bottom, it means that there is something you are still carrying around that has to go. Often this is triggered by an experience of a higher center, of inspired possibilities, new ideas and creativity.
“As you reach for this brighter light, what is in the way of getting there will surface with an invitation to take a look, make a choice and take an action to free yourself and move on.
“The most important thing this month is not to allow intensity to feed any martyrdom, disappointment, resentment, anger or judgment either of self or others. If you have to go there, take 30 seconds. OK, maybe 5 minutes, and then let it go.
“There will definitely be times this month where you will be tempted to wallow in misery. The intensity of the times will only take this indulgence to a place where you won’t be able to function to get yourself out of it.
“You will also need to watch cynicism. Cynicism when used wisely can bring humor into difficult situations but when allowed to negatively take over, it can nail you to the cross of your own false personality.
“The instinctive center has a strong purpose that needs to be understood. It is there to keep us alive and functioning by informing our reactions based on all the information it holds about what it takes for us to survive. It is designed to keep us alive but in this process, it also keeps us limited.
“New information downloaded from the higher centers and from our own intense experiences needs to be processed by the instinctive center in order to change how our lives are being created on a daily basis.
“After a period of expansion and growth, there needs to be a down time for the instinctive center to assimilate and integrate new information.
“This can happen at night while you sleep but may also need other times of deep rest and going into the void.
“There is a lot of instability this month and we may see many who are already on the edge literally losing their sense of reality and needing help and support to get back into balance.
“If you even think you are one of these, get some help before it gets there so you have a good container to support you.
“And if you yourself are fine but are witness to this imbalance in others, make sure not to take the unstable behaviors and reactions of others personally.
“It is an exciting time, a difficult time, an unstable time and we are in the birth canal pushing to be reborn into a new landscape where we can be more.
“Keep pushing and don’t lose sight of the door on the other side of the temple of 10 thousand demons!
How the month shows up:
“It is a perfect month for making big and permanent changes.
“What you surrendered or surrendered to last month is still in the process of being integrated but make sure you are not trying to ‘get back to normal or to the way it was’.
“The idea is to welcome change and have things be new and different. It is important to spend some time focusing on bigger dreams and channeling some of the intensity this month into those bigger dreams.
“What do you want? Be clear and courageous about asking for it.
“Pay attention this month to your personal needs. If you need to be alone, be alone. If you need to rest, rest. If you need some self-care, indulge yourself.
“It is a challenging month but with great rewards possible. Think of your own rebirth. What kind of environment would you like to be reborn into?
“The discipline this month will be not to indulge in the negative. It is always your own judgment that identifies something as negative or positive.
“Try and see all experiences this month as neutrally Intense rather than judging them one way or another. If something does not feel good, don’t stay there. Accept it as a process and then move on.
“Beauty is an important aspect to surviving this month. Beauty is related to the higher emotional center and should be present in your life on a daily basis.
Beauty whether through nature, art, music, love, inspiration or ideas, will always bring you up out of the dumps.
“If it triggers weeping, it is a good clean out. Just make sure you never indulge for more than a few minutes in feeling sorry for yourself for anything.
“Trust that whatever experience you are having is all part of a greater plan.
“If you don’t already have a good daily practice that keeps you connected to spirit, grounded to the earth, protected from energies from the outside, and neutrally balanced, start one asap.
“It could be as simple as honoring earth, sky, the four directions and all of your unseen support. Always be in gratitude and ask for help when you need it.
“This could be either a tough month for relationships or a really positive one depending on the nature of the relationship and where it needs to ultimately end up.
“The higher emotional center often acts as a catalyst to open up essence contact. Sometimes this is wonderful and just what is needed, and sometimes it can be misinterpreted.
“Just because you experience essence contact with someone does not mean they are your long-lost soul mate.
Practice discernment this month with regards to relationships especially new ones that you may be connecting with for the first time. On the other hand, the higher emotional center is extremely helpful in supporting community and bringing people together in a more intimate way.
“Because of the theme of intensity, expect relationship dynamics to be intensified. These could include heated arguments, intense reactions, overwhelming attraction, emotional outbursts, and past wounds and disappointments coming to the surface to get worked out.
Keep it real, keep it grounded, keep it neutral, follow your instincts and intuition, be supportive not enabling, don’t take things personally and focus primarily on your relationship with yourself.
“Do what needs to be done, feel what needs to be felt, let go of what needs to end, and keep pushing through that birth canal.
“You are going to feel things intensely. If you get the flu, it could be a bad one. If you need to change a pattern you could lose a tooth or break a bone.
“If you need to reset your assemblage point, you may create a shock or accident for yourself. It is important not to judge the whole picture by what may be going on for you on any given day.
“You may feel totally well and energetic one day and on another feel like there is something very wrong. The experience of good health is intensified as well as the sense of being off.
“Again, we reiterate the need for neutrality and acceptance of any state as part of a larger picture that we have no choice but to trust.
“How can you support your health and well-being this month?
“Don’t indulge in your additions. Whether it is alcohol, sex, medications, over exercising, obsessive thinking and rationalization, worry, cleaning, internet surfing, or something else, it will only give you temporary relief and never a permanent solution to any situation.
“We all have addictive personality behaviors that surface under stress and times of intensity can definitely produce stress. But is up to you to be disciplined about how you handle it. Don’t fall asleep under your addictions. This will only set you back and you will miss a great opportunity for growth, change and expansion.
“The other way to support yourself this month is to pay attention to what you put in and on your system from the kind of food, air and water, to toxicity from environments and people. This includes what you put on your body as well.
“It is a good month to go through your closet and personal belongings and to purge what feels like an ‘old you’. Your discards will become someone else’s treasure.
“This is a good month to take a risk, expand your dreams and go for it.
“This area is a perfect one in which to channel some intensity in a positive way however be prepared for the consequences of this as it may include upgrading areas you were not prepared to upgrade.
“For example, if you set a great intention for expanding your business and you can really see and feel how that would be, the fall out may include employees quitting, computers crashing and other failures in your container that point to a need for an upgrade in order to better support your new dream.
“If this happens, take it in stride with gratitude and acceptance. After all, you asked for it.
“This also goes for anyone who is striving for a better experience of life and work and suddenly finds themselves laid off a current job.
“The universe is taking direction from your intentions and this month the results may show up with more intensity than you may be prepared for.
“Partnerships are important this month as part of building your container for something new. You can either feel and be intensely supported or feel intensely unsupported and abandoned. This is a matter of perspective only as there is always lots of support available if you are open to it.
“In terms of finances, they could go up or down depending on where you are in your process and what needs to happen for your expansion and move to the next level. Beware of higher emotional impulsive spending and practice being discerning and practical.
“Be prepared. Pay attention to what needs to be purged, reconfigured, cleaned up, moved around and upgraded in your personal environment.
“There is a craving for more space both internally and externally. Honor that craving by getting rid of clutter.
“This month could bring sudden changes to your environment such as a move to a different space either for home or for work.
“We advise very regular energy clearing of any space and environment you work with on a daily basis to keep things neutral.
“Expect intensity in the environment. Rain will turn into a storm, snow into a blizzard, wind into a tornado. Wind is a major element this month and adding wind to any climate event will intensify that event.
“Make friends with wind as an agent of change and use the element of air to focus on your own breath as a way of working with clearing and expansion.”
© Copyright 2017 ~Lena Stevens All Rights Reserved


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