wild horses
There is a great sense of anticipation and electricity in the air….
What we have and will continue to witness is the final efforts of systems trying to hold on to the ways of the past through fear. It’s imperative at this time that we look beyond the fear tactics constantly bombarding us. A great deal of these tactics comes from media outlets, and often seeps into our local communities (friends, family, colleagues) where the fear could seem very convincing to us. The key is to remember that all is unfolding in Divine perfect order. Soon, if it hasn’t already, it will become absolutely clear to the masses that all the current changes are playing their role as precursors to the new emerging heart-centered reality. 
On a personal level, the anticipation we are experiencing right now is showing up in a few different ways. One of these ways may include feeling overwhelmed as a direct result of having so many things to do from little daily tasks to big projects we have chosen to accomplish. It could definitely feel a bit chaotic if we are not centering ourselves. In others, it could also show up as feeling restless to the point we think we’re not doing enough. Whichever we may be feeling, the best thing to do right now is to connect with the energy of ease and grace through our daily walks, meditation, playing, journaling, or anything else that helps to relax our mind, body, and spirit. The current energy of anticipation can make us feel a little ungrounded, so by choosing an activity that connects us with ease and grace we are sure to feel more settled. 
What will continue to assist us in moving through the current and upcoming changes is to operate with compassion. True compassion is all inclusive. When we are able to show true compassion even to the structures, systems, and people that may have appeared to not have humanity’s highest interest at heart, we instantly remove our own personal resistance to allowing the new heart-centered reality to emerge more quickly. 
True compassion instantly moves us out of victim consciousness and into Creator consciousness. Showing true compassion is being able to look past the stories we or others have created. When we are showing others compassion, we are recognizing them for who they really are. We are looking past the illusions and connecting with their Divine Self. 
Revitalizing the Fire Within
Are you someone who may have been feeling exhausted and uninspired for awhile? Well, then you will welcome the fact that the current astrological energies are fully revitalizing the fire within us. How this manifests itself in our lives is through inspiration, drive, and renewed zest for life. In the coming days and weeks, we may notice that we’re receiving downloads of new ideas and insights contributing to the fulfillment of our deepest desires. It could show up in areas of creativity, career, relationships, personal development, or health. A simple process we can do at this time is to journal. Journaling allows us to create a simple outline of our thoughts, so that we can refer to them later on when we are ready to put these ideas into action. 
Inspired Action 
Due to the high amount of electric energy in the air at this time, we may feel an inner pull to take action towards bringing our visions into fruition. Before taking action, it’s important to understand which action to take. 
There are two kinds of action: Inspired action and forced action. Forced action usually has the energy of control attached to it, which stems from a fear we may not be doing enough or lack of trust. So, what ends up happening is we put a great deal of pressure on ourselves to achieve which ends up pushing away the very thing we are trying to attract more of into our lives. Inspired action happens when we are in the flow, and it feels good and effortless. By taking inspired action, we are open and receptive to the opportunities around us affirming to Universe a resounding “Yes! We are willing to do our part in making our greatest life vision a reality.” 
The Gift of Your Presence
Although there may appear to be a great deal of chaos all around the planet on many levels, our Spirit knew it could easily handle and transmute all of it into the highest vibrations of love. We’ve been gifted with an opportunity to be front and center to assist in Mother Earth’s transition into the higher realms. Every act of kindness that we show her and all her children elevates the process more quickly… Till next time, 
Miraculously Yours,