The realization of all this newness is unfolding…
The paths that lie before us are ones where no one has treaded before…
where there is fresh snow and open horizons.
do not be afraid,
do not hesitate.
time to look for the eagle and read the signs of the wind…
time to have courage and look to the earth for connection and prayer,  guidance and protection.
In the cold winter months, we go within to kindle the inner light,
to stoke the flame and try to see visions in the darkness…
keep hope alive, keep that flame lit,
keep your eyes on the flame to find vision.
Within those moments of aloneness be kind,
seek those quiet spaces like a lone wolf seeking to howl at the moon
to uncover what lies beneath the conscious world.
but know you will soon have to resurface…
to convene,
because as the hopi elders said “the time of the lone wolf is over”
find your community know your garden find your people
and create the life you dream of.
elevating our consciousness through new ways of being in the universe,
we will affect the laws of vibration and elevate ourselves.
we must all each take up our own selves,
shed the old imprints, skins,
and step into this fresh snow that lies before us.
go on, each at a time. at your own pace,
let’s do this;)
peace and love on the journey