IMAGE: Brandi Strickland
Amazing insight on the energies of March and what we can expect from the wonderful Lena Stevens:
“The main theme for March is Opportunity.
Whew, we have managed to get through January and February with a few instinctive and emotional scrapes and bruises and have landed into the more grounded, certain and stable influence of March. We are in a period now of practical transformation where how we approach what we know we will have to do, will determine how it all comes out. The practical side is important as well as addressing your physical environment and the theme of bringing the body along.
The reason the theme is Opportunity is because the more you see everything as opportunity the better off you will be managing what it is you have to do. And everything is an Opportunity. This forward focus will also keep you from mulling over the past and questioning whether the decisions and choices you made and are making are right. Even if you are sitting in disappointment or loss or the challenge of a major change, look at the opportunity this presents and be inspired.
It is back to action, taking the “keep it moving” theme of February and seeing where things have landed after a huge letting go. The shifts of the last few weeks have left an opening to experience everything from a different perspective, even a different parallel in some cases. If you don’t recognize your surroundings or if everything looks different to you, that is a good sign and one that indicates you have shifted your assemblage point and your experience into a new parallel. If you know you put something (like your keys) in its’ place, and the next day it disappears, this also is a sign of a change in parallel. Allow it to be and welcome the opportunity this presents. With a shift in parallel comes a shift in old patterns. Observe the difference in your reactions and your attachments. What you thought you could never give up a few weeks ago may be effortless now.
The action of this month and of the moving centered year demands you have a plan. Wishing and intending is not enough. You have to do something for what you want. The universe will respond to action this month and you can be incredibly productive and prosperous if you just get off the couch. So if you want to get better at something or learn a new skill or manifest a new relationship, you have to take action. This is a dynamic month of connectivity, exchange and movement and there is opportunity around every corner. Say yes to what you may not have considered in the past, take a practical risk, and go for transformation whenever possible. Whatever you think you cannot do, give yourself the opportunity to do it.
Because there is more stability this month, the physical universe has the opportunity to organize itself in a new way. In the wake of things coming apart in the last couple of months, there is a new order emerging that you may not recognize yet, but it feels right. Go with your intuition. Your commitments and action will find solid ground this month and you will be rewarded for the steps you take beyond your imagined limitations. Opportunity means a second, third and fourth chance to reconfigure, rework, rekindle and reconnect. Do not waste the month. Take action and do something.
What if what you try is not the right thing? So what? The universe has received the message that you are willing to try so it will support you to try again and again until what you have is different. The main thing is not to sit around and wait for something to fall into your lap. Be proactive with your evolution and growth. If your life if not what you want it to be, change it. Once you decide to break loose of something that does not work, you will be amazed at the opportunities that show up. This is a new paradigm. It says believe and take action and then you will see the results, rather than see it first and then take action and then believe the results.
This is also the month we can consider a time of birth due to the spring equinox. It is a powerful equinox this year and truly supports practical transformation on all levels. Consider that this can be the birth of something new: a lifting of limiting beliefs and an expanded awareness of what is possible. You have seen in the past how fickle your reactions are. What has seemed impossible or not doable becomes possible if only you wait until the intensity of the impossibility subsides. It is so with everything. Any strong reaction is charged with the fear of loss, the fear of failure, or the fear of death. And any strong reaction is connected to attachment of some kind. If you give it time, and wait long enough, the intensity dissolves and you are back at neutral and able to move the situation forward onto a new platform. This is a very good practice and will help to diminish the effects of impatience and martyrdom. Try it.
The body is a gift and a curse this month. It becomes clear that the body has to come along on this path of practical transformation or you won’t get very far. Your physical body is the most practical and solid tool in your toolbox for this lifetime and it will dictate what it wants and it will show you exactly where your work with it is. This month you will either take the relationship with your body to a new more inspired level or the body will take you down. It is important to give the body every opportunity to transcend the collective agreement about what it is capable of and to support it to reach another level of functioning. Listen to your body and don’t believe everything others tell you. This is your opportunity to reset your relationship with your body in a way that works better for both of you. The opportunity is huge for healing, power, strength and manifesting. You should be inspired and committed to support the body in a new and more disciplined way.
The challenges this month:
You could find yourself feeling deflated and overwhelmed and running old tapes of “It’s too much, I can’t do it”.
You could fall into judgment and a lot of negative thinking.
Your mind could sabotage feelings of well being by inserting the need to control.
You could succumb to crisis and see it as bigger than life with no way out.
You could be quick to anger, resentment and martyrdom with impatience just on the other side.
You could just give up, not in a good way where you give it over to spirit but in a way that is victimized and blaming.
You could become a couch potato, lethargic and apathetic with a bad attitude.
You can look at your life as limited instead of seeing the opportunity.
The opportunities this month:
You could experience life from a different parallel.
You could feel neutral about situations and events that were previously charged.
You could reach new levels of power, understanding and transformation.
You could manifest great prosperity and luck.
You could get your body in gear and bring it along for this fabulous ride.
You could turn all of your challenges into opportunities.
You could eliminate fear through action and risk.
You could become free.
Helpful practices:
See everything as an opportunity and remind yourself of this every day.
Be patient, listen, and wait for things to shift in their right timing.
Take some action every day that shows you are serious about doing something towards your intentions and goals.
Make a plan and be willing to adjust it frequently to meet the elastic nature of the times.
Talk to your body, pay attention to it, work with it and give it what it needs.
Do something every day that shows the spirit you are serious about your practical transformation and that you are willing to move forward and into opportunity instead of backing away. Take a risk, don’t look back.
How the month shows up:
We already talked about the need to acknowledge opportunity at every turn. This month also provides an incredible portal to practical transformation as well as personal power. Be careful what you ask for and beware of overextending. Watch impatience and keep telling yourself there is plenty of time. When you have the urge to spring ahead but the way is not clear, make a practice of waiting patiently until the way is clear. There is a chance this month to truly learn about effortless action if you manage the impatience and stay clear of the drama it can stir up. It is also important not to compare yourself to others or take too personally what others think. Everyone has their opinions and their beliefs. As you surf the different parallels you may find that the gap begins to widen between your reality and that of others not on the same page.
Healing, mending, forgiving, exploring, accepting, birthing, completing and becoming neutral. This is an exciting and dynamic time for relationships; not just relationships between people but the relationship you have with everything. There is an opportunity to move into uncharted territory as relationships move to a new level of exchange, trust and sharing. Whole new and innovative economies are likely to be birthed due to the exploration of and new understanding of relationship. This is a time when the deepest most painful experiences of separation, betrayal and abandonment have the opportunity to begin their path of deep instinctive and emotional healing which will over time rebuild trust and reweave community in a new way.
You can get with the program by focusing on your own healing, forgiveness, acceptance and becoming neutral. It is easier than you think especially if you are willing to let go of the old “story”.
With regards to climate and weather, we have both wind and water as elements this month. The wind represents movement and the moving center helping us to keep things from getting too stagnant, and water helps to help lubricate the emotional center and support the emotional healing of deep wounds. It promises to be a quieter month for weather intensity although that does not mean there won’t be any. Remember that this is a year of the artisan and of chaos so anything can happen when you least expect it. It would be wise to make friends with the wind and to see the wind as an ally instead of resisting it. When you experience wind, thank it for all that it is clearing and transforming with very little effort. If you get the chance, play with the wind; move into the wind and feel how it buffets you and how it can hold you up and protect you from falling.
In terms of the environment, it will be important for you to take the opportunity of all the change and spend some time reconfiguring your own personal environment. You may have released some old baggage and gotten rid of some things. Perhaps your personal environment needs a bit of a face-lift and some new energy. Be bold and work with it in a new and different way.
We mentioned quite a bit about the physical body and the importance of bringing the body along in this time of practical transformation. Look for sporadic and indefinable symptoms surfacing out of nowhere as the body attempts to shed the old patterns that hold it back. Don’t try and understand how they are related and what they are. You will do yourself a disservice if you attempt to define your symptoms and link them to some kind of condition that you can look up on the Internet. This is where you should not believe everything you are told. Old useless patterns manifest in many ways. The joints and muscles are especially susceptible this month to random aches and pains. You may find yourself with allergies and skin issues. Think of yourself as shedding an old skin like a snake that has grown out of its old one.
Give yourself plenty of rest and listen to the body. Set a strong intention that you will bring it along and it will tell you what it needs in order to keep up. This month you can become incredibly strong and resilient and you may be surprised at what this body of yours is capable of. The adrenals may need support, as this could be a taxing month for them.
A good month for looking at new opportunities and tossing out old judgments about what works and what does not work. There are new business practices being currently explored that will change the way everything is done in the future. Expand your awareness, educate yourself, exchange ideas, and cooperate with others. If you were so inclined it would be a good month to learn a new skill, preferably one you never thought you would be capable of. This is stepping out beyond your comfort level and into a new experience of growth and learning. This is a time to stretch, to take a bit of a risk, and to go for what you want. The sky is the limit as long as you believe it is.
Take care to honor your agreements and to end things in a good way of they are ending. Take care also to wait for right timing and to listen and wait for the path to open up if it feels closed when starting something new. Your relationship to others that you work with and to the product that you develop, sell, teach or manufacture should be the most important aspect. It is your relationship to your work and to your projects that will give them the substance and longevity to survive and be prosperous.
It is a good month for prosperity especially if held in the theme of the opportunity for practical transformation.
It is a quieter more grounded month and we also have Mercury retrograde beginning later this month. Even though political arenas may not be quite as frenetic, there are still plenty of misunderstandings, frustrations, chaos and a bit of confusion. Mercury retrograde slows things down some but the real issue is that many planetary citizens are just simply tired of old school politics and going round and round with the same old patterns. We are still not quite at the point where there is enough momentum to actually turn things around on this planet but we are getting there. What you can do is practice patience and listening and waiting for the right timing to show itself. Then it will be effortless.
And as usual we always recommend looking to your own politics in your personal environment and seeing how you can improve your communication, your dedication to what is right and your life as a global citizen.
March 1-7: A time of sifting through the rubble left by the decisions, choices, change, letting go and release of the past few weeks. All the pieces are in front of you and you get to sift, sort and decide what stays, what goes and what gets remodeled. Don’t get too bogged down in dwelling on the past and refrain from the need to know what went wrong or how it could have been different. Be inspired by the opportunity rather than dwelling on what you have lost or given up on. Practice acceptance and patience and keep a “don’t know mind” as it will take awhile to actually see the new forms taking shape.
Keep the movement going, make sure you exercise the body and don’t allow anything to get too stale or stagnant.
March 8: Full Moon is at 2:41 AM Mountain Standard Time. This full moon is a perfect opportunity to make a plan and dedicate to taking action. What is it that you want right now for yourself? And how are you going to get there? Beware of the tendency to look towards others to do it for you. There is no power in that. This is a time to make your own bid for power. Spirit is certainly listening and if it is done from the heart and not from ego and if you are ready for it, it will happen sooner than you can imagine.
March 9-16: (Daylight Savings time begins on Sunday March 11) This time frame is characterized by possible uncertainty and confusion as you navigate the minefield of what is yours and what is not. When an opportunity shows up, make sure it is your opportunity and not someone else’s. You may also find that people who are not on the same page as you will have trouble understanding what it is that you want. Eliminate the need to have the approval of others. It only confuses things. The best way to navigate these times is to step back, take a deep breath and wait…until clarity comes. And it will.
March 12: Mercury goes retrograde until April 4. This slows things down on the outside, demanding presence and clarity of communication. Your experience is turned to the inner realm where you get a chance to explore what drives you and your intentions from the inside. It could be a time of clearing what you find on the inside especially if it is not yours to begin with such as parental imprinting.
March 17-23: This time frame includes the Equinox and the New Moon. This is a dynamic time marked by many opportunities to end things, to begin things, to heal things, to forgive things, and to begin new and fresh as in birth. The best way to navigate is to stay out of judgment and to see everything as an opportunity and to take advantage of that opportunity. Remember to make a plan and to think about how you are going to bring the body along. Allow for magic to happen and for things to take their course. It is truly an inspiring time if you allow it to be.
March 19: Spring Equinox is at 11:15 PM Mountain Daylight Time. This is a solid and earthy time for grounding your intentions and setting things up for the next few months. Be sure you take some time to honor the equinox and to think about what you want as opposed to what you think you should want or you think others expect you to want. Revisit your life at this point and contemplate what you are just going through the motions with day to day without truly being present or enjoying the experience. You may get some practical clarity that will manifest in positive change.
March 22: New Moon is at 8:38 AM Mountain Daylight Time. Coming on the heels of the Equinox, this New Moon provides an exclamation point to the energies of the change of seasons and especially marks the theme of birth. Honor what is newly birthed and what is being reset into a new pattern. Allow yourself some rest especially if you feel deeply worn out or taxed due to the energy levels of the moving center.
March 24-31: The rhythm of action and the moving center speeds up a bit here but it is also combined with a quirky emotional aspect that can be confusing and throw you off guard. If you have done your work you will know exactly where you stand and what you are about and what your next action step is on your plan. If you have been ambivalent, lethargic, passive and resistant, you may have a harder time finding your way through this time. If you cannot see clearly what you need to do, ask for help. Often the people around you can see things you cannot.
It is possible to become mired in emotional quicksand if you do not make a separation from drama that is not yours. On the other hand this may be exactly the time you need to immerse yourself in some deep emotional healing of a personal experience that pops up out of nowhere for you to reconcile. Be patient, compassionate, forgiving and above all, see it all as an opportunity for growth, inspiration and evolution.”