Here is a little channelling that I came across that’s s a good reminder for us all…
From Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young:
“Dear Ones, as you proceed on your path you will find that you just can’t make everyone happy. In fact, you can’t make anyone happy because happiness must come from within and is always a personal choice. This can be difficult to accept as so many of you were raised and conditioned to put your focus on pleasing others and because of this, have a great fear of negative judgment. Do your best, stay focused on your own unique path and understand that judgment from others comes through the filter of what would be best for them, and not at all from knowledge of what would be best for you. Ironically, by the time a person would have the vantage point to truly understand your unique path, they would have long evolved beyond the energies of judgment. So, stay true to your path, give yourself permission to be the expert on you, and stand firm in what you know is your truth.”
~Archangel Gabriel via Shelley Young,