Solar Eclipse and NEW MOON in Virgo opening up a portal with potentiality for great healing. This is a time of seeing clearly, of trusting, of connecting deeply with Source and stepping forth gracefully on ground that previously might have tripped us up. Time to activate our knowing and trust it will guide us through…
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the wonderful KELLEY ROSANO:
“The Virgo New Moon on September 13 is a partial Solar Eclipse. Eclipses are the most powerful transits that you can experience.
“They herald major beginnings and completions. There is a cosmic download of new information into your DNA.
“You are being re-calibrated. Reset and readjusted to a higher vibration. Take it easy. You may feel eclipsed…”
“Chiron the wounded healer is opposing the New Moon. He acts like a planet in your astrology. Chiron is an asteroid. He is a bridge between Saturn (the past) and Uranus (the future).
“Your healing is important. Your wealth is in your health. The stronger you are the more you can accomplish. The better you will feel. The wealthier you are.
“You are to move from criticism to compassion for yourself and others. This empowers you to heal yourself. Be a healing influence on others…
“When you are needless, you are free. When you meet your own needs, you are free to self-actualize. You can reach your fullest potential/power. You can meet your own needs. You can to be needless. This creates wholeness in you. Do what supports your balance. Do what makes you strong.
“There is an awkward aspect between Uranus and the New Moon. Asking you to make adjustments in your thinking. Do not limit yourself. The past does not equal the future…”
Do what heals you. Do what empowers you. Let go of what is not serving you…”
© Copyright 2015 ~KELLEY ROSANO All Rights Reserved
From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“The Partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Virgo is exact on Saturday September 12th, 2015 at 11:41pm PDT (the midpoint of the actual eclipse itself is 11:55pm)- initiating us into the Eclipse portal of profound change, transformation, endings and new beginnings…”
“This solar eclipse is about healing karmic patterns that have been with us for lifetimes and which have become crutches and roadblocks to our Soul’s evolution and growth. Each of us is up against our biggest stuff right now- I am hearing this from all around (myself included).
“When we come up against our biggest stuff- the stuff that brings you to your knees- the desire is to check out, deny, ignore and/or over focus on living in our Light so we don’t have to see and address our darkest shadows.
“This is the ego’s reaction to being shown the Truth about the self- which can be quite a shocking experience (particularly if we have invested a lot of our time and energy in NOT seeing the Truth about ourselves).
“Yet the opportunity for profound healing and MAJOR SHIFTS in our evolution are absolutely profound when we choose to face the self in such a way…”
“The Universe has conspired to bring us a pure Eclipse energy that is focused precisely like a surgeon’s blade. The capacity to use this blade wisely to cut out the carcinogenic karmic patterns that have been suffocating our Soul’s growth like a tumor overtaking the health and balance of the body is possible right now.
“Yet it takes courage, humility, compassion for self and other and deep commitment to go all the way and see this through to the end.”
“…opportunities for sudden and complete revelation of our deepest wounds and pain with the capacity to move through them fully, see them for what they are, heal them and move further down the path of our evolutionary journey.
“The potential of this Eclipse is to catalyze our healing and awakening in super galactic ways. It is no coincidence that Saturn is in the last degree of Scorpio- dredging up the last bit of shadow and facing us with our absolute deepest fears and karmic bonds…”
“It’s also not happenstance that the evolutionary North Node is on the super galactic center- beaming us with high frequency energy to help us initiate the radical changes, evolutions and shifts our Souls truly seek (and that our egos are running away from).
“We are in a confluence of energies right now that any single one of them would be huge- but what we have is all of them happening AT THE SAME TIME.
“Many people have been speaking to this feeling like life is full on right now and that shit is getting real. That is putting it mildly- and it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to harness this energy and make it work for you in your life.
“The potential for karmic completion on a massive level and moving into a new frequency and dimension of evolution in your life is there and yet it is like a seed you have to choose to plant and water with intention and conscious action to make this portal of time work for you.
“…This time right now is so huge and we all have this opportunity to make major evolutionary shifts that will catapult us to a whole new level.
“The image that came with this download was of the video game ‘Mario Brothers’…if you ever played this game you probably at some point found out about warp zones where you could accidentally find a portal that would take you out of the level you were in and allow you to skip levels and move far ahead…”
“Well this time right now with this Eclipse portal, Saturn at 29 Scorpio and the North Node on the SGC (super galactic center) is such a warp zone. We all have the potential to find the portal that can take us rapidly from one level of experience to another.
“For each of us this may play out differently- although I will tell you the means to finding it is the same for everyone: INNER WORK.
“This is the Solar Eclipse in Virgo in action: commitment to one’s inner work, staying humble, showing up, facing shadow, healing splits and making the necessary self-adjustments so that our Higher Self and lower self are more energetically resonant.
“We cannot pass through this portal if we cling to the old karmic patterns…We have to raise our frequency to enter the portal- and the portal is only open for so long. This was the biggest part of the download I got…”
“Yes we will all eventually get there- and yes we will all ultimately wake up. But the opportunity to find your own personal warp zone and skip levels (because of your commitment to inner work- not because you are cheating) is a rare one that is here right now and won’t be here for long. You can choose to commit to your path and find this portal and walk through it…”
“As you can see this is a potent Eclipse portal and perhaps an intense one as well. The alchemical fires of transformation are hot and not for the faint of heart.
“If you want to become a diamond you must withstand much pressure. If you want to turn base metal (ego) into gold (Higher Self) you must submit to the fire.
“The seed potential of this Eclipse is massive- and yet it is up to each of us to choose our destiny and the journey we will each individually navigate to get there.
“There’s a fork in the road that is a-coming. and one path will take you on the fast track to evolution. Enter at your own risk- and also at your own immense benefit!”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved
And from DIPALI DESAI from her Celestial Space Astrology:
“Solar Eclipses tend to be turbo-charged and supportive for new beginnings and or major transitions in life…”
“There is not one thing to fear with eclipses unless you are giving your power away to superstition or fear of what’s to happen. Stay empowered and trust each will be guided through this process.
“The New Moon in Virgo makes a ‘opposition’ to transiting Chiron in Pisces suggesting the importance of healing an emotional wound, wholeness or perception which promote the conflict of inferiority or superiority. Being in balance or middle point, at the Soul level, all is equal.
“There may also be some insight and understanding about where hyper-criticism has taken a hold creating self-sabotage or instills self-doubt. Someone or something in the outer physical world will be the trigger for the opportunity to heal.
“At first it may feel uncomfortable or perhaps sensitive. Through an interaction, a deeper realization appears of where we may need to address the issue(s).
“By surrendering the illusion of separation or abandonment by the Divine, one returns to the state of grace and effortlessly feels the innate wholeness as a Soul expressing through the physical form…”
“With Jupiter/Neptune transit, through real life interactions with others and situations, each gets to apply greater compassion, forgiveness and acceptance of the bigger picture that is unfolding…”
“There may be wonderful synchronicity in expansion of healing and reaching out into the community to be of service. Maintain integrity and high standards of excellence in whatever you provide…”
“The best way to work with the New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Virgo is to be precise in your intention with a efficient plan of action. The key now is to be very grounded and organized.
“The energy has the potential to be revitalizing and helping each person to get into the groove of a new daily schedule and rhythm. Being loving and attentive to the details is a practical service to the Divine.”
© Copyright 2015 ~DIPALI DESAI All Rights Reserved


*NEW MOON*  ECLIPSE Blessings to all!



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