The pregnancy period is one of the most potent, growth periods in our evolution. I always describe it as a speedway to enlightenment…and let me just follow that by saying the road is not always easy. Things come up. In order for us to grow and evolve, we have to continue to move through our issues, and when you become pregnant, you are preparing yourself in every way, mind, body and soul, to transition into the next phase of your life.
We have in our collective memory this image of pregnant mammas gliding happy and free. At least that how most of us idealize it to be, and at times in the pregnancy we do experience this state of bliss…but for most of us, specially at the beginning, there is a period of readjustment, of self-tuning, fine-tuning that takes place in order to align our energy with that of our new baby.
The transition from maiden to MOTHER is huge and issues are bound to surface. Welcome them! This is normal, we all experience this. What comes up has to be embraced and dealt with sooner than later. The more you deal, the more you clear, and the easier the birth will be.
Pregnancy, Motherhood is a RITE OF PASSAGE and YOUR BIRTH IS YOUR VISION QUEST. Particularly, if you go the natural way, with a “natural” birth. The experience is major in every way no matter how you do it, but when you have a natural birth you really undergo the “passage.” In mythic context, it is what Joseph Campbell called the “hero’s journey.” This is when you undergo an experience that is so profound it is as if you journey to the center of the earth, the core of reality, where you overcome challenges and fears, and return transformed and redefined by the experience.
Birthing is truly a hero’s journey for every mother and it is a life-defining gift. I cannot put in to words the tremendous gain, the power that was activated in me, through my birth. (when I said my birth, I mean my birthing into my mammahood as well as my birthing a being into this world!)
We cannot shrink away from our destiny. We must plant our feet in the ground, feel our roots extending to the core of the earth, lift our eyes to the blue skies above, feel the sunshine kissing our face and know that we are women, and we have the power to overcome anything, because we are whole. We represent the earth mother, the divine mother, love energy personified.
We, each in our own way, shine forth the qualities of strength, power, resourcefulness, abundance and unconditional love. We are the salt of the earth, the roots and the branches, we are WOMEN, we are MOTHER…realize! Our time has come.