“We live in stressful times and are bombarded daily with bad news. In contrast, how little we hear of the trend of tremendous good that is being done, the trend of compassionate, generous humanitarian action that is occurring on the planet.
“Here’s some good news: we have the power to unlock ourselves in this very instant, to drop the cell phone, the earplugs, the ear receiver, and just for a while, sit still and simply be. Not be someone, but just rest in our pure being….”
“Right now on the ground where you now stand, dare to unhook form all the complaining, excuses, projections onto others, blaming—all the rackets that we run in order to cope with life.  
“It is absolutely within our ability to rejuvenate, regenerate, and resurrect ourselves. When we see or hear about others who have transcended their individual challenges, we can be confident that they have first transcended they tyranny of trends by beholding a deeper dimension of their innermost core.”
~Michael Bernard Beckwith from Spiritual Liberation: Fulfilling Your Soul’s Potential