“How many of us have crystals in our possession? We all have crystals laying around. It is time for us to take them and embed our prayers into them. Our prayers of love and hope for the planet, our prayers of healing. It is time to embed our love and devotion for Earth and the Human Race into the crystals.
“It is time to put the crystals back into the Earth, specifically the wild waters. Water is the fastest conductor of energy. Nothing moves energy more quickly. Crystals are natural computers. They contain invaluable amounts of energy, prayers, and wisdom gathered throughout lifetimes.
“When you give your crystal prayers to wild water, not only does this bless and clean the water, something magical happens. Evaporation takes place. Your prayers are set into the water and move into the atmosphere, into the sky, and into every ounce of air. Your prayers are sent to the clouds. Your blessings will fall from the sky onto every plant and animal, and the cycle will happen again and again.
“This is so important. Gather your crystals, set your intentions, and put them back into the water. Mother Earth is crying for help and we are the ones to help her. From the time of Atlantis, quartz crystals were worn to connect with the heartbeat of the Earth.
“I ask you to get a quartz crystal, wear it around your neck, give them to your friends and children. We are those we have been waiting for, we must pray together and remember our true selves. You are unstoppable. The highest energy will always win. Soon we will all realize we are not alone in the Universe.
“A world wide disclosure is going to happen very very soon. I pray that when this happens, it will unify us as One tribe. Something brilliant is happening now and we must join hands and hearts. If someone is speaking in negativity, change the channel… ┬áPay attention. We must remember the bigger picture.”
~Kiesha Crowther, Little Grandmother, February 2011