This Saturday July 31st is the New Moon in Leo. It is also the beginning of the 5th Day of the 9th wave in the Mayan Calendar. For more info on that read that post here. It is a potent time of creation and expression and the energy in the cosmos is calling us to step into our fullness and express our creative visions.
Below is the breakdown of this Leo energy from some of the best astrologers on the web.
Dipali Desai kicks it off from her blog Celestial Spheres:
“The New Moon is in the vivacious sign of Leo at 7 degrees on July 30th, 2011. Magnetic vibes are dancing about during this vibrant New Moon phase. They have the potential to spark more joy and bursts of creativity.”
“The time of a New Moon in the Lunar phase is that of fresh new awareness and intentions. It feels like fresh dug up soil full of nutrients, perfect for planting new seeds symbolic or literal. Set time aside to set a new intention for the time of the New Moon in Leo.
During this time, the themes and attention are drawn to unconditional love, self-expression, individual style, creativity, joy, heart’s wisdom, romance, hobbies, playfulness, innocence, inner child within or physical children. What stirs your passion for life? What fires you up to take action? What vibes are you sending out and what are you attracting in your life? These are a few questions to ask at this time.”
© Copyright 2011 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
Simone Butler explains it further:
“This notion of a creative wind that sweeps in out of the blue has ancient origins. The Greeks called it a daimon — a capricious spirit which provokes creative acts in human beings. The Romans called it genius— a spiritual possession that lights our inner fire, inspiring great works of art and acts of courage and devotion…”
“The daimon is associated with the sign of Leo. Fiery and willful, the Lion represents the fierce drive to express yourself. It’s the unstoppable urge to procreate, to tear your prey limb from limb, to paint a masterpiece or party till dawn despite exhaustion. Yet when balanced with Aquarius, its altruistic opposite sign, Leo transcends egotism to contribute to the collective good.”
“At the upcoming Leo New Moon (July 30, 11:40 a.m. PDT), the daimon will be out in force. The Sun and Moon are conjunct Venus (beauty and love), trine Uranus (genius) and square Jupiter (exuberance). And, Mercury will oppose imaginative Neptune, lending a magical, otherworldly vibe that reoccurs twice over the next month due to Mercury’s impending retrograde. It’s time to share our talents, express our love and let the daimon guide us to our heart’s desire.”
“Yet the daimon’s dark side may also rear its head in August. Mercury turns retrograde on Tuesday, August 2 (through the 26th) during a long void-of-course-moon that stretches from Monday evening the 1st through Wednesday morning the 3rd. Hold off on starting important projects, making purchases or decisions during this critical window of time, or you’re apt to spend the entire month of August trying to undo what you’ve done.”
“Mercury begins its retrograde in detail-oriented Virgo, helping you craft a creative plan at the July 30 New Moon. Mercury’s imaginative opposition to slippery Neptune, however, can also be confounding. Believe nothing and make no assumptions in early August. And, double-check all facts and details throughout the month.”
“Mercury moves back into Leo on Aug. 8 (where it remains until Sept. 9), amplifying the daimon’s siren call to create and express. Still, be careful not to overdo it, especially from Aug. 8 through 10, when feisty Mars squares Uranus and opposes Pluto, sparking tension or unexpected changes. Uranus and Pluto will be one degree away from their exact square at this time; this call to revolution, which becomes exact next year and continues through 2014, hasn’t been seen since the mid-to-late Sixties, when Uranus and Pluto were conjunct. At that time, people were throwing off shackles left and right: civil rights, women’s lib, back-to-the-land, gay pride. Now we’re gearing up for the next level of liberation— and it all starts within.”
“Let the Leo New Moon and Mercury retrograde period reconnect you with passions and talents that may have been gathering dust. Rather than succumbing to frustration as Mercury travels backward, allow beauty and love to come to you.Welcome the restless, creative force of the daimon. You never know what might want to come through you!”
© 2011 Simone Butler  All rights reserved
Dana Gerhardt expands on this LEO energy coming!
“Leo is star power. That we hunger for this gift explains our fascination with celebrities. Onto their canvas, we paint Leo qualities that are missing from our lives: importance, playfulness, childlike joy. We love to see people richly rewarded just for expressing themselves. They’re living the dream: playing big, being special, and having fun! But Leo is a little grumpy these days. He says our obsession with fame has gone too far. “Why appreciate just a few, when everyone has the special stuff? Doesn’t everyone have my Lion in their charts? Feel the love and roar!”
“One summer, on Leo’s dare I put fuschia and purple streaks in my hair. “A desperate attempt to look young,” quipped my partner. I understand why he’d say this to a woman nearly sixty years old. But the truth is, I liked these colors and didn’t care much what people thought of them. I felt a need.”
“I was surprised by what came next. People got friendlier. Their eyes were a little brighter when they looked at me, their smiles more genuine. Handing me change, the cashier at the health food store enthused “I love your hair!” Outside the movie theater an eight-year-old skated by and shouted “Excellent hair!” Women my age confided “Your hair looks great… wish I could do that.”
“Every day I see people whose choices inspire me too—like the local bank teller who always wears an amazing array of rings, one on every finger, including her thumbs. This little creative detail gives me a boost every time I see her. She also wears a radiant smile and really seems to enjoy her work. That lifts my day too. Then there’s the opposite experience, when the pizza boy glumly drops off the pizza and how that stains the whole meal.”
“When we love ourselves, and love what we’re doing, we make the whole world happier. The entire field is energized by the vitality of many individuals joyously being themselves. Though we’re often warned against thinking too much of ourselves, our hearts get stronger when we do. When we know we’re good at something, when we express our passions and our joys without apology or fear, when we put crazy colored streaks in our hair just because we feel like it, we’re calling Leo into our field.”
© Dana Gerhardt All rights reserved
Last but not least and in depth exploration from the wonderful Robert Wilkinson:
“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Leo indicates revolution is in the air, and things we have seen as “bankrupt” will end in abrupt ways, freeing us from pressures we no longer need to carry. We will have opportunities to value our independence in new ways, and purity of heart will be rewarded…”
“In August, this New Moon in Leo will heavily activate the recent June 2011 Lunar Eclipse, bringing many things to an end. The discoveries we began to glimpse or learn about then helped us begin to liberate ourselves from the past, freeing us from old burdens we no longer need to bear. The next month will finalize those releases forever…”
“Our success will result from our persistence, sticktoitiveness, and willingness not to settle for lesser rewards when greater ones are at stake. Couple these with a need for genuine friendly detachment and a deep sense of spaces we need to hold so that we can attract exactly what we need to further future growth…”
“This is a period for new emergent creative expressions amidst the meltdowns. The pressure is definitely on, due to the aspects at play that I’ll discuss tomorrow. That said, there are some very good clarifications to come, showing us the power of Divine discrimination. Just be very clear about what roles you’re playing and those you’re not, and be inventive in expressing your creative, playful independence…”
“We’ve just been through some major turning points in June and July! The recent Eclipses set the Grand Irrationality into motion as well as an offset Grand Cardinal Cross. These are both in full force and will be for many months to come, so view this larger time frame as one where our choices set destiny in motion, coupled with major fragmentation of old structures forcing all to turn corners, whether they want to or not…”
“So contemplate the wreckage of the past months as necessary to make space for the future growth of the new initiatives and expansions set into motion between March and May 2011. As noted in other articles, at present order, discipline, self-reliance, and a pioneering attitude are the antidotes for any heaviness, resistance, or sense of being bogged down by lesser things even as greater things beckon…”
© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson
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