“Take time to savor your connectedness to the eternal. Make a place in the structure of your schedule of ‘obligations’ to experience the sensations that come of having opened the heightened expressions of your own beingness. And give yourself permission to release the need to understand the unfathomable and instead, give yourself the latitude to partake fully in the experience of it.
“The choices you have afforded yourself are limitless on this journey, even in your present form. You can opt for a different direction entirely, any time you choose, simply by choosing that.
“Considerations that would rule out following the direction of your greatest joy are simply choices, justifiable or not.
“When implementing such choices, be aware of the inner directness of the momentum stimulating that choice, and embrace that choice fully. There is no benefit to you to make choices reluctantly, out of altruistic feelings of duty.
“Any choice is capable of immeasurable rewards when initiated with clarity and a sense of willing participation.
“And you may discover, to your delight and surprise, that the selection of an avenue that may have appeared to be a lesser choice is one that delivers a richness in perspective that could not have been attained any other way.”
~Rasha from Oneness