“Our planet, my beloved, is in crisis; this of course, we all know. We, many of us, think that her crisis is caused by men, or White people, or capitalism, or industrialism, or loss of spiritual vision, or social turmoil, or war, or psychic disease.”
“For the most part, we do not recognize that the reason for her state is that she is entering upon a great initiation—she is becoming someone else…”
“She is giving birth to her new consciousness of herself and her relationship to the other vast intelligences, other holy beings in her universe.”
“Her travail is not easy, and it occasions her intensity, her conflict, her turmoil-the turmoil, conflict, and intensity that human and other creaturely life mirror. And as she moves, growing and learning ever closer to the sacred moment of her realization, her turmoil, intensity, agony, and conflict increase…”
“We are each and all a part of her, an expression of her essential being..We humans and our relatives the other creatures are integral expressions  of her thought and being…As she is so we are.”
“In this time of her emergence as one of the sacred planets in the Grandmother galaxy, we necessarily experience, each of us in our own specific way, our share or form of her experience, her form. As the initiation nears completion we are caught in the throes of her wailings and contractions, her muscular, circulatory, and neurologic destabilization….”
“Her longing for completions is great, as is ours; our longing to remain as we have been, our fear that we will not survive the transition, that we will fail to enter the new age, our terror at ourselves for being transformed, mutated, unrecognizable to ourselves and all we have known correspond to her longing to remain as she has been…”
“What can we do in times such as these?”
“I am speaking to all womankind, of all mankind. And of more. I am speaking of all our relatives…Together you and I and they and she are moving with increasing rapidity and under ever increasing pressure towards transformation…”
“Together we can all rejoice, take up the tasks of attending, take up the joy of giving birth and being born, of transforming in recognition of the awfulness of what is entailed, in recognition of what it is we together can and must do. I have said that this is the time of her initiation, of her new birth. I could also say it is a time of mutation, for transformation means to change form…”
“We can cherish our bodies and honor them…We can cherish our being-our petulances and rages, our anguishes and griefs, our disabilities and strengths, our desires and passions, our pleasures and delights.”
“We can, willingly and recognizing the fullness of her abundance, which includes scarcity and muchness, enter into ourselves to seek and find her, who is our own dear body, our own dear flesh.”
“For the body is not the dwelling place of the spirit, it is spirit. It is not a tomb, it is life itself…”
“Healing the self means honoring and recognizing the body, accepting rather than denying all the turmoil its existence brings, welcoming the woes and anguish flesh is subject to, cherishing its multitudinous forms and seasons, its ability to know and be, to grow and wither, to live and die, to mutate, to change…”
“Healing the self means committing ourselves to a wholehearted willingness to be what and how we are–beings frail and fragile, strong and passionate, neurotic and balanced, diseased and whole, partial and complete, stingy and generous, safe and dangerous, twisted and straight, storm-tossed and quiescent, bound and free.”
~Paula Gunn Allen