On the Solstice we remember our humanity.
We remember that no matter where we live on this planet, not matter our culture, our nationality, our race, our gender, our beliefs, we are still one planetary family, one humanity.
Beyond all the things that separate us, there is so much more that unites us.
Our future is dependent upon us waking up to this truth that lives inside each of our hearts.
It’s a Remembrance.
A remembrance stirred from deep within us that reminds us that were are all indigenous to this Earth.
We are all born on this Earth, we all belong here, although many of us feel like we don’t. Although many of us cannot bear to exist in this way that harms other life, that disrespects and disempowers.
But we belong, and we were born into this time to open our hearts to what is and to be witness to what is, so we can alchemize our Remembrance and use our voice and our hands and our hearts to move the world forward, and co-create a better world for our children and the generations to come.
We are at a pivotal point in our own personal evolution and as a people, as a humanity, as a consciousness. There is another way. This we know and for this we continue to do the work.
This is not easy but we can lean into and rest in our Remembrance, and know that our power lies not in knowing all the answers but in deeper listening.
With love, with respect, with solidarity in what unites us ∞