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*NEW MOON* SuperMoon in Cancer on the heels of the Solstice, brings us an opportunity to begin again. She brings acknowledgement of our feelings and helps us uncover a deep seated remembrance that renews our connection with Source.  Her gentle Life Wisdom returns us back home to our hearts.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from CATHY PAGANO from her Wisdom of Astrology:
“This Cancer New Moon is very juicy. The Great Mother is cooking up a sweet and spicy stew for us. Its taste is fiery, bold, rich and sweet – a truly subtle blend of spices…”
“Mercury slipped into Cancer just after the Solstice, so the Mind takes on a watery depth, dispersing through the stew to pick up intuitive clues about our emotional state.
“Since Mars is also in Cancer, just beginning to connect with Jupiter before hitting Pluto’s power and then Uranus’ awakening, expect some hot and spicy exchanges, especially with family and friends – probably about politics. Try to listen, because the other person probably won’t…”
“Venus is in her own sign of Taurus, bringing music and laughter, art and dance, love and sensuality to the mix. This goddess holds ancient wisdom and we need to embrace what she brings to our lives.
“It is our creativity, our enjoyment of life, our love and self-worth that make life rich and fulfilling – just like the Mother’s stew…”
“All in all, the Mother is offering us deeply satisfying nourishment at this Cancer New Moon. She can help us re-birth ourselves through a deeper, fuller connection to our soul’s desires.
“Help to strengthen our emotional body for the work ahead – it’s time to bring your new form into the world, a form that is juicy with life and light and love.
“Because these Cancer planets are re-activating the deep energies of revolutionary awakening, remember that these emotional energies can scare you as well as enliven you.
“Try not to retreat behind Cancer’s hard shell when you fall into fear. Just let it flow out of you and acknowledge the experience.
“Don’t hold onto the emotions; rather, ride the waves.
“Fear and guilt are society’s control mechanisms. Let them wash through you and free your heart. It is magnificent!
“Let it do its work of nurturing the seed of light within you.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CATHY PAGANO  All Rights Reserved
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her Lua Astrology:
“Emotions tend to be nearer the surface during the Cancerian period. Bygone days float through our memory, stirring deep feelings.
“There’s an instinctive need to feel safe and like we belong.
The New Moon in Cancer on June 24 (GMT) captures the mood of the people – the need to talk now is strong as the Moon is conjunct Mercury but it’s still difficult to discuss what hurts as the New Moon is square to Chiron…”
“The best we can do is to recognize where we may be trying to do too much too soon to fill a gap. Maybe we just need to sit with the hunger for a while to understand what we’re really craving before stuffing ourselves with something that isn’t going to nourish us.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
 From PAT LILES from the Power
“Blessings on the Great Mother in all her manifestations.  The powerful time of Solstice brings us into the sign of Cancer. 
“Under the influence of this water sign, our emotional, feeling bodies are opened up, we nourish ourselves at the deepest root levels, and we connect in new powerful ways to our ancestral roots and to our clans, tribes, and families. 
“We revitalize and renew ourselves as we touch the extremes of the Earth’s relationship to the life-giving Sun whether in the Northern or Southern Hemisphere.
“Cancer, the sign of The Mother, holds those deep reservoirs of memory that link us to the past, our origins. 
“Cancer is where we create our families and where our families create us…”
“We honor the archetypal mother for our very existence.  Cancer rules the most intimate and personal aspects of our lives.
“Watch where you feel most at home now and where you notice feeling insecure and emotionally vulnerable. 
“If feelings of abandonment arise, areas where you did not receive the nourishment you longed for, you can be present for the child in you and use your Cancerian gifts to protect and support that needy part. 
“All the better to remember your true essence and why you came here before your family programming began to shape you.
“Is your home a nurturing place for you?  Is there some way to feather your nest and make it more reflective of who you are and a place of retreat and renewal? 
“The Moon, now in her own sign, is here to assist you.  Use water and water ritual to connect you to the fluid, imaginal realms. 
“Wash yourself clear from all that has gone before and reset your intentions. 
“Breathe your intentions for the future into a glass of water and set it into the Sun to fill with light and energy, and then drink it, sprinkle it or spray it on your self and your home.
“Mercury is in Cancer 5º and riding with the Sun and Moon, so our thinking minds and information highway are tuned to the emotional realms.
“Cancer has strong empathic and psychic abilities.  Wherever you have watery Cancer in your chart is where you feel and ‘know’ what others are feeling around you, where you are an emotional sponge…”
“Mars is exactly opposite Juno, the asteroid of partnership.  Here’s a chance to listen to your inner voices that continue to program your disempowerment and kick them to the curb taking back your power. 
“Mars is your ally here. You may experience some clearing of the airwaves or more likely some emotional clearing going on in your partnerships or within your self
“But when that path is clear of held emotion, some passionate expression right from the heart may be in store for you. Emotion like water must be free to move and flow.  
“Jupiter in Libra is closely squaring both Mars and Juno forming a T-square.  Jupiter is either inflaming the issues or truly seeking to find a balance so all needs can be met and all positions can be heard and received in true Libra fashion.
“And with Venus in Taurus exactly trining Pluto in Capricorn some very practical inroads can be made in the power dynamics in relationships of all kinds – personal or professional. 
“Venus also rules our financial, economic state, so it’s a great time to make some practical financial moves and also to understand the psychological underpinnings influencing the current state of your abundance…”
“We are being supported by Saturn – tested and coached to find those frequencies that inspire our creativity, eliminate self criticism, and uproot our old beliefs, while Uranus demands from us radically shifting our perspectives, rebellion against the status quo, learning to live on the shaky ground of change, and calling in our freedom to radiate our brilliance. 
“Aligned with the North Node in Leo, we learn to tame our egos and desire for control and the great cosmic finger points to access to our true path of growth at this time…”
“Abundant opportunity fills this New Moon chart.  When planets are in affinity to each other, energy tends to align and things work out…”
“Some BIG movement can take place here.  Remember the Sun is a big energy working with the Moon providing the vitality and power to move us along especially when the emotional way has been cleared and we can operate on all cylinders.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ PAT LILES All Rights Reserved


And ELLIAS LONSDALE poetic interpretation of 3 degrees Cancer…
“CANCER 3: A set of surgical instruments.
“A self-schooling in using the mind appropriately.
“You are learning how to dump overboard all preconceptions, all belief systems, every opinion based on previous experience.
“You are discovering how to think and act from a disinterested, steady, and cool vantage point.
“And you are one-pointedly intent upon grasping the central message that what you weigh down by negative bias, by apprehension, and by dark conviction comes back to haunt you a thousandfold; while what you set free, by precise and accurate read-outs and follow through, becomes such a blessing that you swim in it forever.
“By witnessing exhaustively just how negative intent and affirmative intent work, intelligence is refined to the utmost, and the approach taken is optimized quintessentially and exquisitely.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ELLIAS LONSDALE All Rights Reserved


 *NEW MOON* Blessings!
 N E W   M O O N

June 23th  7:31 pm PDT

June 24th 2:31 am GMT

June 24th  1:31 pm AEDT

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