Here are the astral insights for this NEW MOON/SOLAR ECLIPSE in >>>SCORPIO<<< We are being called to rise like the phoenix, out of the fires of transformation, and take flight.
We have been diving in the depths, with our eagle-vision seeing the scope, and now like the snake, we shed our former skins…
Time to trust our inner knowing. Time to feel our inner Presence. Time to spread our wings angels~~~
First from the wonderful Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology:
“Overview: ‘Revealing how you feel is not a weakness, but rather, an incredible strength and gift you offer to self and others.’  There is a layer of brightness and brilliance added to the New Moon in Scorpio as we have a Solar Eclipse happening as well. Solar Eclipses happen only during a New Moon phase. Think of this New Moon as super-energized and helpful to propel you into a new way of emotional expression.”
 “In India, we celebrate the ‘Diwali’ or the Festival of Lights. Diwali represents ‘rows of lighted lamps’ but also it represents a time of  lighting up millions of lights or lamps (individual awareness) to dispel the darkness and ignorance, and expand the radiance (Consciousness) of wisdom and love as Soul or Atma.”

“This is one of the many ‘Festival of Lights’ celebrated around the world. You can sense how powerful this New Moon/Solar Eclipse will be this year 2012. This is a good time to help dispel ignorance and become more conscious.”
“The Sun and Moon unite in the sign of Scorpio. The astrological sign of Scorpio is a water element (feelings) and is a fixed mode of energy (driven and concentrated). This symbolizes a strength in conscious expression of how deeply we feel and to trust in the higher Divine order of life.”
“Some people feel expressing feelings or emotions is a sign of weakness. When done with a sense of empowerment, it is strength being expressed. As human beings, one of the greatest gifts given is the gift of feeling.”
“Feel it, don’t analyze it. This is a strong theme during the New Moon in Scorpio. So often, the urge is to analyze, compartmentalize and intellectualize. But not during this new moon phase. Feel the urge, the desire and powerful feelings. Feel the urge to deeply connect and to relinquish control. It can be blissful when you are feeling real trust and intimacy from the heart. Here you are empowered.”
The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio heralds a time of new beginnings and incredibly powerful opportunities available to all for a fresh start in life. One that includes trust and empowerment and conscious alignment with Soul.
“…It is possible to experience greater willingness and desire to breakthrough old patterns and fears. This can feel so good inside and it is the start of  or deepening ‘trust’ within you.”
“The New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Scorpio is a time of powerful renewal, shedding away and metamorphosis. A greater truth will be uncovered and the strength to accept what is revealed is possible. It may be easier than you think to shed patterns or habits now.”
“With the fixed mode of energy inherent in Scorpio we are likely to want to ‘follow-through’ and use the otherwise stubbornness be put to good use. There may be a strong emotional desire to experience new things, engage in healthier patterns as well as be able to trust self even more than before.”
“There may be a deep urge to open up to your partner and expose a new part of yourself to increase intimacy on other levels beyond physical sex. The ‘all or nothing’ energy is used constructively here to help you accomplish something that empowers you more.”
© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
From the always insightful astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“Scorpio requires us to go deep within self, and take full responsibility for our own healing. We want to forgive ourselves and practice self-acceptance to be liberated.  We have to make a commitment to our heath, well-being and vitality. This will empower us to be strong, present and move forward.”
“…We cannot move forward into a positive and fruitful life from a fearful place. For instance, harboring negativity, pessimistic thoughts, and/or behavior sabotages our happiness and success. How we think and feel creates our reality.  We can create our reality unconsciously (fear based). Or, we can choose to be “conscious creators.”
“We need to bring light (conscious awareness) to the dark (unconscious motivations).  Scorpio is one of the most powerful signs in the zodiac. Scorpios analytical mind, strong intuition, reasoning powers, perception, long-range planning ability, magnetism and energy are ingredients for our success.”  
“…The New Moon Eclipse is also a SuperMoon– when the Moon is at perigee (closest to the Earth) and syzygy (in line with the Sun and Earth), intensifying gravitational pull on the oceans, the ground we walk on, our bodies, heart and mind.”
“We are receiving the new codes being downloaded from Prime Creator for the creation of the new heart-centered human being.  We are required to release the past that no longer serves us….”
“Through the end of the year, we want to practice Extreme Self Care: exercise daily, eat healthy, drink clean water, sleep tons, play, dream, create and laugh a lot!  We need to sleep as much as possible during our cycle of transformation. We process the most karmic residue, readjust and realign into higher vibration when we are sleeping.”
“Sleep repairs, rejuvenates and restores our body, mind and spirit. For instance, this is why we can wake up tired after sleeping eight hours.  We were working all night on other dimensions, levels of being.  Such as healing our past and creating our playful future.”
“Scorpio New Moon Mantras:
Let’s get to the bottom of things.
 I Am the Phoenix rising from the ashes of the past.
I Am the innocent child born again.”
© Copyright 2012 Kelly Rosano. All Rights Reserved
From Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
“Next Tuesday’s Scorpio New Moon is a solar eclipse, marking an ending and a new beginning for us all.  As you may have noticed, cosmic law dictates that we renew ourselves at different times, for change is the only constant in our marvelous Universe.”  
“We renew ourselves each month at the new Moon…This is the time to let go of those things, projects, hopes and even people that no longer serve our life’s purpose.  We have to learn to die, to clear a space within us, so new life can come to us again next Spring…”
“There is still the wonderful water trine (a blessing) between Neptune and Chiron in Pisces, Saturn in Scorpio and Ceres in Cancer.  Both Neptune (Nov. 10) and Chiron (Nov. 14) are ending their 5-month retrograde period, intensifying our desire to heal our collective wounds and dream a new dream for humanity.  They are aided in this by Saturn’s determination to dig into our psyches and face what’s there.”
 “The Great Mother Ceres holds us in her arms and whispers her love for us, for we are the children of Mother Earth. When we know we are loved, we accept who we are.  Love yourselves as you release your old emotional wounds.”
“Mercury is retrograde and will move back into Scorpio hours after this eclipse. Mercury will take Sagittarius’ light and shine it into the dark places we need to heal. Scorpio’s ruler, Mars, is moving over the Galactic Center in Sagittarius, blessing us with the desire to transform these feelings and fly free.”
“…Are you ready to face yourself? The Sun and Moon in Scorpio say you are.”
“So open the door and embrace your humanity.  Let yourself feel all those feelings you’ve been afraid to acknowledge. Use Mercury retrograde to name the feelings.  Use Jupiter and Venus to accept and love them. Use Neptune and Chiron’s healing energies to open you to the Collective Unconscious and show you Spirit’s gracious love which forgives you.”
“Let the Mother Goddess Ceres hold you secure in her embrace.   From this cosmic standpoint, listen to those feelings and understand what they say about you.  Give them meaning.  And when you are done acknowledging them, LET THEM GO!  Pull the plug and drain out that dark pool.   And let new feelings flow through you.  Don’t try to understand them yet.  Just be refreshed by them.” 
© Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano. All Rights Reserved
From intuitive Irma Kaye Sawyer: 
“Beloveds, it is noteworthy to point out that the powerful energies of November will serve as a “bridge” to continue to anchor in the higher, loving vibrations that are being anchored on your planet in preparation for the greater fullness and expansion that is to occur in the month of December.”
“This moment in your world is a great window into change and an opportunity to further drop illusions and systems of control on an inward level.”
Since the inner strongly reflects in the outer world, this is also a powerful way to impact the group vision and collective consciousness, and to infuse it with an energetic of Truth and Freedom.”
 “It is important to note that you cannot ‘miss the boat’ with these energies as they as already here for you to connect with in a steady stream, and they do not have an expiration date. You do this through thought, feeling and focused intention. – The Akashic Wisdom Keepers, 11.9.12”
“…This is definitely a ‘Reality Selection’ moment, and to embrace the wisdom teachings and higher facets of truth that we hold dear to our hearts.
“All New Moons are an opportunity to begin again and to start a new cycle, and this one is no exception. For this one we also have the Solar Eclipse shining both light and shadow energies that may need to be “eclipsed” out of our lives to make room for the new.”
“Do keep in mind that since we have a double dose of Scorpio energies in the 8th house… power and depth of insight are the name of the game. It is a very good time to meditate, do movement work or yoga, or enjoy some tantric practice with your partner.”
“It is also a good time to avoid control trips and power struggles of all kinds. These energies will be impacting people in different ways….It is important to remember that there IS a divine consciousness at work here, and in moments where we are feeling lost or confused, it’s best to just let it take the wheel.”
“…Love one another, and help others rise to the higher levels simply by pouring out love. Love is infectious and is the greatest healing energy. – The Keepers, 11.9.12”
© Irma Kaye Sawyer 2011-2012
Update >>> Lastly some Diwali love from Elaine Kalantarian and her Blue Moon Astrology:
“For those of us east of the International Dateline, the eclipse coincides with the Hindu festival Diwali. Translated as ‘rows of lighted lamps,’ the five-day festival celebrates the end of the business year and honors Lakshimi, the goddess of wealth. Small earthenware oil lamps are lit to help the goddess find her way to homes and places of business for blessings of abundance.”  

“Lovely, mandala-like Rangoli designs, like the one shown here, are also drawn to welcome Lakshimi.Six-petaled lotuses, pointed stars, sun wheels, and hexagons are some of the traditional designs. Diwali is a “festival of lights,” celebrating the forces of good over evil, light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance, very much in keeping with Scorpio’s transmutative process of shining light into darkness — the Phoenix rising from the ashes.” 
© 2012 Elaine Kalantarian, All Rights Reserved
Peace and many Blessings~~~~


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