*NEW MOON* in Virgo augurs a time of deep self-healing. VIRGO is the archetype of the healer, the medicine woman, the one who is dedicated to serving her people. And yet there always comes a time when even she must retreat and give some of that healing to herself. Her connection to Source is strengthened when she goes within.
And so she allows things to fall where they may, and like leaves falling, she see the patterns and knows what she must keep and what she must shift.
And in the shifting tides, she allows herself the time she needs to heal. She makes a healing salve out of all her worries and abides marveling the perfection within the imperfection.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured luminaries. First from LEAH WHITEHORSE and her LUA Astrology:
“With five bodies now in Virgo, there is an extra strong emphasis on the qualities of this sign.
“Virgo is a mutable, Earth sign meaning that it is flexible and practical in its approach – attributes that we would do well to emulate around this lunation…”
“Mercury, ruler of this lunation is still in a conjunction to Mars… There’s plenty to shout about it seems but there’s misunderstandings afoot as Mercury has also just perfected an opposition to slippery Neptune.
“It could be difficult to trust the information coming through right now which could also make us uncertain over what action to take.
“We’re imaging, idealising, wishing and ready to implement new measures – but when it comes down to it, the Mars opposition to Neptune could dissipate energy and motivation. Efforts are scattered and it all feels too messy for precise Virgo.
“A New Moon quincunx to Uranus also adds a wired, anxious element. People’s nerves are on edge. We want change and something different but part of us is feeling helpless given Mercury’s opposition to saviour Neptune.
“It could feel like someone just took a jigsaw puzzle and threw all the pieces up in the air. Virgo’s task is to create order from chaos (opposite sign Pisces).
“The trick is that we can only work with what we know to be true and let go of the rest. Chiron may tell us that there’s pieces missing.
“Neptune then chimes in with ‘Well, if there’s pieces missing then there’s just no point doing this puzzle at all’.
“Saturn says, ‘Tough! Sit down, sort out all the edge pieces and start from there’.
“The point is that we can’t see the big picture at the moment and that’s ok. Find the edges, then continue with the blue sky. Clear your mind. Life isn’t always perfect.
“It’s okay not to know what to do. It’s not okay to give up. If you’re really stuck, clean the house, make a list, lend a hand to a friend…”
“The one release point from this challenged lunation is the sextile between the Moon and Sun with Ceres in Cancer.
Tune in to your inner Mother and connect with that healing, nurturing energy.
“Whether it is sickness of the body or sickness of the heart, some gentle love and reassurance can go a long way towards making things better. Messy doesn’t mean broken.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved


From the insightful DIVINE HARMONY:
“This New Moon is a time to focus on and commit to greater healing, wholeness, being of service and showing up to do our inner and outer work.
“Virgo is a sign of integrity and discernment…yes virgo can be perfectionist, critical and judgmental- but healthy Virgo is about discerning and clear in our vision and perception of ourselves, others and the world around us.
“This New Moon is a call to up level our game of healing, wholeness, integration and integrity!
“The most significant aspect this lunation makes is an opposition to Wounded Healer Chiron and karmic Task Master Saturn- triggering the Saturn/Chiron square. The Saturn/Chiron square is a transit I have been calling ‘the core wound territory transit’ as it has been bringing us face to face with our biggest wounds and pain.
“Those Unconscious conditioning and patterns we keep defaulting to and finding ourselves stuck in the same karmic situations over and over again? Saturn/Chiron is putting a spotlight on them.
Saturn reveals where we are hard on ourselves and the inner critical voice we internalized from childhood OR he reveals where we are avoiding accountability and playing rebellious child to the inner critical parent.
Chiron on the other hand reveals where our biggest wounds and pain are: where we don’t feel loved, accepted, seen, understood. Chiron is where we run from our pain and trying to spiritually bypass and avoid it OR where we fuse with our pain and become victims to our own life circumstances…”
“Virgo help us see the pieces so we can see the whole. Virgo helps us compartmentalize so we can deal with things in pieces, one at a time. Virgo help us commit to seeing all of ourselves…”
© Copyright 2017 ~DIVINE HARMONY All Rights Reserved


From ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“…we are in a VERY energetic period due to the recent Total Eclipse! Some are being given a mantle of power, while others are finding their lower ego inadequate to prop up their illusions.
“While many things continue to be taken away, this is providing us space in our lives to adjust for better physical, emotional, and mental health.
“With so many planets in Virgo, there is a lot of work to be done. We had a lot unveiled during Mercury retrograde, and had to find new ways to look at things and different ways to do whatever needs to be done.
“Many things have radically changed the past several weeks, and we now can move forward, knowing that even as one hand takes something from us, the other hand gives us exactly what we need.
“As you know, ever since the Solar Eclipse in Pisces ‘the race has begun,’ and there’s no time for hesitancy or unnecessary considerations. Do what needs to be done quickly and efficiently, and let the ghosts of the past flow down the time stream.
Forgive much, let go of much, give away all you no longer need, and await the revelation to come…”
“Be the Light of your most powerful Self, demonstrating the power of your personality as you move through apparent ‘crises,’ and say goodbye to the past that’s already gone.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved


And with all the critical energy that can be flying about, may we remember to be gentle with ourselves and with others who are also undergoing their own personal struggles. We must switch the focus in our minds from condemnation to blessing. And by blessing meaning praying for the person/outcome/situation to be released and resolved in the most healing outcome for all. So let’s focus on the healing~~~
*NEW MOON* Blessings to all!

  N E W  M O O N  ⚬

September 19th  10:29 pm PDT

September 2oth 5:29 am GMT

September 2oth   4:29 pm AEDT


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