Yay! New Moon is here again bringing us a new cycle in dreamy, mystical Pisces! Here is some gathered insight from some of the best readers of the stars so we can be tuned  in to the new energy coming our way…
First from the insightful Divine Harmony and her DivineHarmony.org Astrology Blog:
“The new moon that is occurring on tuesday the 21st at 2:35pm PST is really powerful and really positive!  i am actually quite excited about it :)  we have a new moon in the last sign of the zodiac- the sign of the mystic and the Unconscious.  the astrological new year kicks off with the aries new moon- which will be next month.  so this month we have the closing of the astrological year- replete with insights about the past and releasing of what no longer serves us.”
“What makes this new moon so powerful though is it’s conjunction to neptune (pisces’ ruling planet), chiron (the wounded healer), asteroid goddess pallas athena (goddess of wisdom) and the royal fixed star fomalhaut (the start of alchemy associated with healing, mysticiam and archangel gabriel).  the new beginnings supported with this new moon are wonderful for spirituality, healing, awareness, consciousness and wisdom.  where this new moon falls in your natal chart shows where the Universe is supporting you to start a new chapter, perhaps even a new volume, in your life.”

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From Teri Parsley Starnes and her Stardance Astrology :
“ Pisces is the urge to merge, the need to melt away differentiation, the impulse to lose oneself in the mystical stew of being…Possibilities abound as we enter the liminal time of Pisces. In astrology’s system, the year begins at the Vernal Equinox. Astrology’s year ends in Pisces with everyone swimming, merging, and losing the hard edges acquired over the previous year of life. We melt down, losing form, before we begin a new year of growth and manifestation…”

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A really great round-up from astrologer Molly Hall:
“It’s a special time for letting go, not passively, but with full awake engagement. In the days before, enter a dialogue with the soul, and signal that you’re making clearing the space in every way. You might be compelled to clear the clutter, or wrap up loose ends.”
“It’s possible to sense the presence of soul, and honor its messages (in dreams, epiphanies). Mercury in Pisces runs currents that tune us in to the mystical ways we’re always communicating — to each other and the pulse of life. Be alert to serendipity!”
“Pisces is a sign of extremes, taking us to ecstatic mystical highs, or nightmarish lows. It’s a very impressionable time for all of us, with psychic boundaries thin and wispy. In these days of the New Moon and beyond, be wise about what you’re exposed to. Listen to music that uplifts your soul, or choose movies/shows that enchant or inspire. It makes a huge difference…”
 “In closing, it’s a New Moon for daring to be as profound, compassionate, idealistic, etc, as you really are. A trine to Saturn (Libra) from Sun-Moon-Neptune is an invitation to find an alternative path, by giving form to your dreams. And to find release from karmic relationships, through forgiveness, and seeing from the other person’s view. The form and attitude of forgiveness takes place in the dark, within your own psyche.”
“If you’re discouraged or even distressed by the seeming uptick of chaos, find a refuge at the New Moon. Ask for healing energies to wash and purify you in your sleep. If those around you are stressed or demoralized, resolve to live with greater heart, purpose and joy…”
“To do all you can to stay faithful, in this super challenging time for us all. To be forgiving of yourself and others. To be clear about your boundaries. To speak what you know, and act on subtle intuition. To allow the healing to happen.”

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From astrologer Simone Butler from Mooncircles.com: 
One way or another, we all struggle to fill our aching voids. A grande margarita or pint of dulce de leche ice cream helps blot out the emptiness of your job. A wild weekend with a stranger gets you past your loneliness—for a while. For some, addiction may be as simple as filling the emptiness by watching TV or talking on the phone.”
“All addictions stem from the same root: feeling separate. Making the connection to our inner Source through prayer, meditation or spending time in nature reminds us that we are one with all that is.”
“The Source is symbolized by Pisces and its ruler, Neptune. Connected to all things magical and mystical, but also delusional and destructive, Neptune is amplified since recently returning to its home sign of Pisces for the first time in 150 years…”
“Success at navigating Neptune’s waters depends on your willingness to trust the Great Unknown. This may not be easy, even for water signs who are accustomed to going with the flow. Heady air signs, practical earth signs and action-oriented fire signs may be challenged as well. We will all need to learn how to be more compassionate toward self and others, and pay attention to our intuition.  If you feel like you’re floating in the void, unclear of your direction, ask for dreams and hunches to guide you. Don’t allow your fears to spin out of control.”
“Because the New Moon in Pisces conjuncts Chiron, the Wounded Healer, opportunities exist for healing core wounds. But the New Moon also sextiles expansive Jupiter in sensual Taurus, providing a much-needed anchor to Mother Earth and the body. Preparing the soil for your spring garden or going for a hike will help to ground you.”

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And lastly an inspired Pisces New Moon message from Dana Gerhart from Mooncircles.com:
Pisces says that life’s too short and there’s important non-work to do. “Each day listen to your desires and follow them exclusively. That’s the wisdom of flow.” I’m suspicious: “How would anything get done?” His eyes grow wide and mirthful, as if to say “You’ll see when you finally try it!” I’d like to, for when I spend time with Pisces, my worries exhaust into a peaceful sigh, like petals releasing from a tired rose. At night Pisces tells me to sit in a dark room with a single candle for at least two hours. If I stay there long enough, I don’t know who I am anymore. Yet my heart grows as big as the world.
“Let your heart likewise expand this cycle. Let your imagination run free. Business can take care of itself. The cherry trees are in bloom. You might be yearning for a little poetry or the delicious escape of a movie marathon. You may get lost in the sound of a symphony or the gentle touch of silk. Can you let yourself drift and dream? Soon enough the Equinox will be calling you to action. Next month brings the Warrior’s New Moon. Prepare now by first drawing closer to your soul…”
“Of course, no matter how dreamy we might like our lives to be, there’s always some unpleasantness. Sure as there are fairies making everything right, there are complainers making everything wrong. How do we respond? Pisces can inspire our most saintly self—or our most victimized. When you’re unconscious of its gifts, Pisces will make you whine: “Poor me!” or “Why me?” Remember that unhappy dinner last night? Maybe the sesame chicken was too dry. Maybe the salad dressing was bottled instead of fresh. Or maybe your dinner date never showed up. Pisces only wants you to understand that everything was just perfect.”

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