Coastal Brake
The New Moon is here again bringing us the chance to start anew and begin a new cycle of unfoldment. New Moons are the best times to plant your seeds of intentions for what you want to bring in. This New Moon is in Libra the archetypal energy of Balance, harmony and relationships and so the focus will be on the relationships in our lives.
From what the great astrological mappers are saying this particular New Moon is not going to be as harmonious as usual though. There are other astrological aspects occurring which are more challenging and so take note to what they have to say so you can sail these waters with a better understanding of what we will be experiencing internally as well as externally. 
First some hopeful insights from the wonderful Robert Wilkinson from his blog Aquarius Papers:
“Over the next 4 weeks, the New Moon in Libra indicates we need to unite with other members of our Soul group, conscious fellowship, and/or those who share our Heart Fire. Expect culminations and radical shifts in direction as you find self confidence, discipline, and deep insights…
“This period involves learning techniques of balancing perspectives in how to act, and whether we should be acting a certain way or not. Here we take a new look at our attainable ideals, and find new views of opportunities to fulfill them. While Libra is known for trying to find harmony and balance in situations, due to the Cardinal T-square this Lunation probably will be more dynamic and even frictional than harmonious…”
“When confronted with the need to deal with something or someone in a firm but fair manner, reference Saturn in Libra and the lessons of balance, justice, proportion, and moderation in judgment you’ve been learning. Naturally, the usual Saturn keywords will be crucial to effective behavior – patience, discipline, organization, patience, maturity, wisdom, patience, authority, responsibility, and of course, patience…”
“We’ve had opportunities to retire from old dramas to free energy to reconstruct elements of our life that bring us joy. Now is the time to see how we’ve been instructed in a form of kindness, or must demonstrate kindness as we explain something to others in our world…”
“Be generous of Spirit, show care, and the rewards will be great. Be a good steward, and build so that the good works will endure well into the future. This month we get new views on how we can naturally pour out our gifts in a form of service, and express compassionate understanding. Through the projects we accept that truly help others, we can lose all sense of separateness.”
“This time should be fairly productive, even if there is a lot of tension and separations from illusions. Keep your eye on how you’re being a pioneer in some “art of human existence,” and don’t let others illusions distract you from your conception of the positive potentials you glimpse.”
“There are tons of gifts to come forth, both personal and interactive. Open to specialized possibilities to demonstrate your unique qualities and perspectives, and learn to admire the differences rather than get into angry confrontations.”
“…in the current time, a sense of order, discipline, self-reliance, and a pioneering attitude are the antidotes for any heaviness, resistance, or sense of being bogged down by lesser things even as greater things beckon.”
“…we’re all in a very weird dreamscape and will be for years to come due to Neptune occupying ‘the Cusp of the Age.’ Now we can apply our new strengths and understanding freed from the ghosts of the past, and by riding the waves of intense (but curiously steady) pulses of spiritual energies shaping our minds, we can find techniques where our efforts will lead us to forms of good fortune.”
© Copyright 2011 Robert Wilkinson
The lowdown from Ravenesque Tarot:
“This Libra New Moon packs a lot of Air into an already tension filled Cardinal space. With no Water or Mutability of note in this chart, it is going to be difficult to devise just who is the best chief amongst a very rowdy bunch of control freaks. With Mercury in conjunction to the New Moon, and Pluto at the apex of a t-square between the New Moon and Uranus, themes are going to be emotionally volatile.”
“… it will put a certain level of strain on even the most contented of relations. Saturn’s continued opposition to Black Moon Lilith and present trine to the South Node, is a determined powerhouse of forcing you to go over, and over where you have been treated less than fairly. The biggest problem with this New Moon is the fact that perception is everything and with so much Cardinal emphasis, it is going to be near to impossible to change an opinion, even if it is blatantly wrong.”
“…be mature, to learn from your past mistakes and to listen to your higher instincts. It will be easy to ignore this wise voice of warning, that attempts to hold you back from emotional confrontation – especially when you have been wronged, and your temper is ignited. But listen to it you must, in order to bring about the fairness and balance that you seek, without building further moments of regret.”
“This is an intensity packed New Moon. Whilst it is essential that you defend your rights and your boundaries, it is equally important to be in control of your own outbursts and emotional communications. Granted, Libra is intentionally a pacifist, however, under so much strain from the Uranus and Pluto square, there is the high possibility of cracking under the pressure.”
“There is positive energy here for permanent healing and closure to truly draining relationship connections, if you choose to rise above the aggressive need to prove your own self-righteousness.”
“Venus is an energy of attraction and ruling the New Moon, you must pay heed to your own vibration and be your own example. Remember, also, that whilst social acceptance is most pleasing, you must ask yourself just how far will you go to have your individuality, and intentions validated by others.”
Content © Ravenesque Tarot
More insight on this from Diane Lang and her blog Libra Seeking Balance:
“Usually the New Moon in Libra is a time to celebrate beauty and harmony but not this time around with Uranus in Aries sitting in opposition and Pluto in Capricorn squaring it. Contentiousness, discord and flat out polarization are far more likely.”
“The catch is Pluto in Capricorn opening the door to insisting on the expectation of a certain outcome. We could end up in bitter disagreements with each party unable to see any point of view but their own. Eventually Pluto will show his true colors by obliterating the basis for ALL those positions if people don’t back down and demonstrate their willingness to compromise. Might not be a bad idea to take a long look at your positions before jumping in with both feet.”
“There is a waxing square between Mars in fiery Leo and Jupiter in patient, earthy Taurus. It brings to mind the expression “locking horns”, suggesting differences in opinion will not get resolved until these two planets are out of orb. [The exact square is 2 October.] Leo and Taurus are fixed signs and neither are all that good at backing down once they’ve made up their minds. Yeah, one more factor adding to the polarized atmosphere. **sigh**”
“This is a good time to remember it is up to us as individuals to choose how we respond to these celestial influences. We can consciously behave with kindness and patience instead of feeling the need to aggressively defend our positions. Not a bad idea, if I do say so myself!”
Some uplifting words for Librans and those looking for love from the lovely Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology blog:
“If you are a Libra, this New Moon is full of beauty and new beginnings in many ways. The energies feel alive and pumped with excitement. You will have to glance at your Natal Chart to see which area of life is highlighted. All AIR Signs; Libra, Aquarius, Gemini will feel or sense this social energy lifting them up symbolically to the clouds. Other signs such as the FIRE signs will feel complimented and EARTH and WATER may be less than excited yet still may enjoy the joy of the New Moon in Libra…”
“If you are single, this would be a great New Moon energy to set your intention for new love and partnership. Be really clear as to what type of qualities you are looking for in a mate and send the intention and prayer into the Universe. Then detach and make choices and actions in alignment with your new Intention. If you are with someone already, it is a good energy to solidify or strengthen the bond. Create time to be with one another and communicate the needs and wants within the relationship. With Mercury in Libra, there is strong potential of balance of listening and speaking.”
© Copyright 2001 – 2010 – Dipali Desai and www.
Lastly from Simone Butler:
“Falling four days after the Fall Equinox, a time of balancing the darkness and light which begins a new phase in relationships, this New Moon highlights the approaching square between incendiary Uranus and Pluto. This may spark a crisis in consciousness, as it kicks off a phase of liberation and social justice not seen since the mid-Sixties, when those planets were conjunct, and prior to that in the early 1930s, when they were square.”
“On the Sept. 23  Equinox, we entered the Sixth Night of the Mayan Calendar—a time to journey within to attune to instinctual knowledge and cultivate our connection to divine love. Due to this shift as well as the Libra New Moon, October is a month to open our hearts, speak up for what’s right, initiate creative projects, entertain radical new perspectives and cooperate with others to achieve a higher goal. It’s also a stellar time for aligning with kindred spirits and soulmates.”

© 2011 Simone Butler  All rights reserved