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NEW MOON is here in Libra bringing in a sweet vibe of *love* and beauty to inspire us in our creative pursuits and to bring into alignment the relationships in our lives. As the Moon is about to begin a new cycle, she’s pausing in her sacred space of receptivity and full potentiality. This is an opportune time to tune in to our heart’s deepest truth and vision. Take the time to dream up the possibilities….
Here is the astrological NEW MOON report  from the most insightful interpreters of the planetary movements. First from the always spot on Dipali Desai and her Celestial Space Astrology Blog:
“There is an electric humming in the air as we prepare for the New Moon in Libra at 22 degrees on October 15th, 2012. The New Moon in Libra represents a time of experiencing grace and harmony both within and in relationships with others, including all of life.”
“The key theme would be ‘relationship’ and this covers the span of human, animal, Earth, and all of the Cosmos. From my perspective the new moon has a focus ‘purely’ Libra tone as Jupiter (expansion) in Gemini in a wide aspect to the New Moon in Libra, which symbolically amplifies the vibration.”
“We may want to talk, socialize, converse and share ideas with others. Encounters with others has the potential to be full of grace and beauty… It is possible to feel more social now or at least feeling the urge and taking steps to mingle with life and others instead of being in solitude.”
“The symbolism of Libra invites us to express ourselves authentically when being around others.  Through interactions, we get to know more about ourselves and heal.”
“We may be drawn to the finer things in life, art, beauty, healing, cook a great meal and invite friends or family over, going to lunch, being out in Nature or anything or anyone that lifts us into higher vibrations of love and peace. It is very possible to shy away from anything that is in discord or high drama in favor of peacefulness and harmony.”
“Love is in the air. Allow yourself to feel it. Love is another theme that happens to be highlighted now. We may want to experience more love and romance now. Perhaps if you are single you will set a new intention to meet a quality partner. If you want a new business partner, you can set the intention for that too.”
“With the New Moon in Libra, we tend to want to do something loving for others. This can be healthy when you seek to enhance another person’s joy but not at the cost of your own.Expressing from a healthy balance is when you consider your needs equal to the other person’s.  Whether you are single, married, dating or divorced or anything in between, you have the opportunity to demonstrate love for yourself by nurturing your relationship with Soul and the Divine…”
“Overall the vibe of the New Moon in Libra has the potential to expand the feeling of love and harmony. After the recent months of tension and intensity this New Moon in Libra is a welcome relief. Allow yourself to be infused with grace, joy and harmony. Love is everywhere. It is up to you to feel it.”
© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved
 From astrologer Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology:
 “This New Moon in Libra heralds a time of new beginnings in our partnerships, a time like the full Moon when we discover ourselves through our relationships with others. When we actually see how others react to us and adjust ourselves according to what we both want to create in the moment, we dance our relationships.   We create a rhythm and a flow between our Self and another Self, and how well we navigate the steps will determine the quality and duration of that particular relationship. “
“…We are given cosmic help this New Moon by having Libra’s ruling planet, Venus, in the sign of Virgo.  Venus in Virgo fosters a real sense of who we are and what we value.  Virgo helps Venus ‘belong to herself’ and it is the sign of the Virgin who is fruitful.”
“You know, Venus/Aphrodite is the goddess of Love, Peace, Beauty and Wisdom.  She is also whole in herself, containing both the masculine and feminine energies of life.  She initiates Psyche, our soul, to help us grow into the person we are meant to be.  Venus rules the Heart chakra, connecting us to who and what we love.  She helps us find our purpose and live our destiny.”
“Our patriarchal culture has turned love into romance, but there is a major fallacy in the myth of Romantic Love.  Romantic love says that there is only one person I can really love, and if I can’t have him/her, than I would rather die.  This is the kind of love we find when we ‘fall in love’ – it is an unconscious love that is in major part a projection of our inner masculine or feminine side.  When we discover that we own those very qualities, we often ‘fall out of love’. “
“Aphrodite’s love is different.  It is specific as well as general, for Aphrodite/Venus’ love also comes in many shapes and sizes, can be expressed in many ways and is open to many people, each a unique love and connection. Aphrodite’s love can teach us about ourselves if we aren’t afraid to follow the connections we make with others.”
“Not everyone is meant to be our mate; some lovers are all fire and passion and burn out quickly, some lovers are safe and comfortable as friends, and a few have the special quality of being perfect matches for each other.  It’s up to us to discern who is really available for partnership and who is there for a different kind of relationship.”
“Within the new parameters of the Uranus/Pluto square, Venus in Virgo can help us know ourselves on a heart level – and accept ourselves.  In Virgo, we can reclaim ourselves in this new cycle, understand where we stand in terms of the new relationship models being explored and weave our new sense of identity into all our relationships.  Venus in Virgo offers us Self-ownership, which is important when we enter into a relationship.”
“…Supporting this New Moon is a beautiful water trine: Ceres in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune/Chiron in Pisces.  Let yourself be cradled in the oceanic waters, let go and float.”
“Ceres, the Mother Goddess, is in Cancer, sign of the Mother, offering us a quiet womb-like space to figure out what we need.  Saturn in Scorpio can give us the discipline to hang in there with others until we get to the root issue.  Neptune and Chiron in Pisces can send us healing images that inspire us to act in kind, compassionate ways, even when we have to stand up for ourselves.”
“The Sabian symbol for the Sun and Moon at 23* Libra is: Chanticleer’s voice heralds sunrise.   The cock who gives voice to what is coming but has not yet fully manifested is a wonderful symbol of those conscious individuals who are responding to the essential truths of life and cosmic order.”
“Sunrise is a renewal of the day, and this image evokes the joy people feel when they intuit the renewal that is about to happen.  While cosmic law is cyclical, there is always a new creation that is happening.”
“This new Moon heralds a new day for all of us. What can we do to make this new day more beautiful, harmonious and just? That’s the task that Libra poses for us.”
© Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano. All Rights Reserved
From astrologer Kelly Rosano:
“The Libra New Moon on Oct 15 is plump, juicy and ripe with delicious possibilities. It is in harmonious energy flow with generous Jupiter in Gemini. We can broaden our circle of friends, associates and clients. Personal and business relationships can develop, grow and flourish into mutually beneficial lasting alliances.”
“New Moons initiate our twelve thirty-day cycles. Father Sun and Mother Moon couple and seed our fresh starts, new ambitions and projects.”
“We can use this positive energy to accomplish something good and useful for Self, others and our work. The enthusiasm, optimism and buoyancy can empower us to project positive energy into our environment.  This will help us achieve what we want.”
“…This could be our best New Moon in 2012. Yet, we want to be cautiously optimistic for two reasons. One, we are at the beginning of the New Moon cycle. We can’t see down the road. We are at the starting point.  Two, Jupiter is retrograde and people can over promise, over commit and over extend themselves. It is very easy to scatter ourselves in the Libra Jupiter high octane optimistic energy. Things can be too good to be true.”
“However, serious Saturn is making a grand trine (triple opportunities and success) with spiritual Neptune and asteroid Ceres the Goddess of nurturance and feminine strength. Saturn is reassuring us that we can make our dreams real.”
“It may not happen overnight or in the way we “see it” today. Success with Saturn always exacts a price. For instance, the world will be your oyster. The drawback is that you may be eating alone while working late planning your endeavors…”
“This is a brilliant Libra New Moon. We can enjoy increased optimism and flashes of genius with Mars in harmonious energy flow with innovative Uranus.  We can expect the unexpected. Mars and Uranus in positive aspect will generate both excitement and personal growth. We can break free from our inhibitions, at least for the next 30-day cycle. “
“We can use this energy to escape from our routine. By introducing fresh elements into our life that make us feel alive and free. You may be liberated from many of the duties and obligations that have prevented you from doing what you want. Mars, Uranus and the New Moon can enhance our self discovery.  Life could be exciting and interesting when taking chances or trying something new.”
“We are at a new starting point. The past is fading away. Male and female roles are evolving. We are birthing the new human being, the empowered being.  We are awakening. Our beliefs are changing. Control is an illusion. We are not controlling anyone or anything.”
“In truth, all of life is relationships. We are in relationship with Creator, our environment, each other, our work and life. In this way, we can more easily notice and appreciate the synchronicities that are nudging us along our life path destiny. We become more conscious of the invisible Helping Hand, and we better understand our place within — and value to — the larger Cosmos. You are a precious human being. You are loved.”
 © Copyright 2012  Kelly Rosano. All Rights Reserved
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