Scoop on the cosmic energy we are feeling right now…
Simone Butler:
“Is it wrong to pursue happiness while others are suffering? … One of the best ways to make yourself happy is to make other people happy; one of the best ways to make other people happy is to be happy yourself.”
Rubin’s insight rings true for all of us, as six planets align in individualistic Aries at the April 3 New Moon (7:32 a.m. PDT).
Aries is all about pleasing yourself — as long as you’re not harming anyone else. By making yourself happy, you emit positive vibes that inspire and uplift others.
Yet with the New Moon opposing serious Saturn, and Mercury newly in retrograde motion (March 30 to April 23), we could face obstacles to following our bliss. Saturn cautions us to heed warning signs, curtail rashness and stay within the letter of the law.
Also, a conjunction of impatient Mars with erratic Uranus at the New Moon could spark frustration, impatience or accidents. Take care to not drive too quickly, force issues or make assumptions…
What you envision, you create — just make sure it’s what you want. Neptune’s shift into Pisces combined with radical Uranus’ recent entry into Aries stimulates change so rapid we can barely keep up. World events that shake our foundation are making way for a healthier life lived closer to nature. Yet with threats like radiation wafting over the ocean, it could be challenging to stay centered and in the flow.
Aries urges us to be in the moment, to maintain the optimism of a small child. At this New Moon, do what makes you happy. If in doubt, think about what you enjoyed at the age of ten. Play a card game, do an art project or take your bike for a spin. (Just be sure to remember your helmet!) Or, just relax and let yourself be pleased by little things–your pet’s antics, an early blossom in the garden, a friend’s call. Being who you are is your ticket to happiness now.”
© 2011 Simone Butler All rights reserved
And more from the wonderful Dipali Desai from her  Celestial Space Astrology Blog
“It is best to see ourselves in a new way or a new light. Something new is indeed emerging and is ready to be born. Motivate yourself instead of becoming an unruly crazed prisoner of your own doing.
Aries represents is a Cardinal sign and fire element. This represents the potential of being: confident, courageous, bold and assertive. It also suggests, taking charge of creating long-lasting happiness in life rather than remaining in victim-hood.
The New Moon (Sun and Moon) in Aries will ‘conjunct’ or team up with Jupiter in Aries. Certainly this symbolizes an ‘amplified’ fiery energy to make a change, take command or shift our actions in alignment with our philosophy or Dharma (higher purpose). For some this will amplify emotions and reactions – quick to anger or flare up. Remember to be patient, use wisdom and breathe.
Choose wisely, where and when to act:
It is very likely that many will feel this strong restlessness and urge to act. Just don’t be overly impulsive or strong-willed that you end up being an obstacle to yourself.
Being flexible to unexpected crisis, change or someone challenging you in some way is very possible now. Passions run high. Or out of the blue foolish behaviors are possible
Other Planetary Aspects Happening:
Six planets will be in Aries. Oh boy is right. All having a purpose to help us aim to understand “Self or the I AM” in relation to Others or the World. Fire element symbolism the urgency to act, move, initiate and make things happen.
Even though Mercury is retrograde in Aries at the time of this New Moon in Aries, the energy thrusts forward with gusto. It may be a mixed bag between few delays and hyper restlessness.
It is best to be mindful of what you say and how you say it so there are no misunderstandings or arguments. Not to mention not so far off in the distance, Pluto in Capricorn shifts into “retrograde phase” on April 8th.
Prepare yourself now for the ultimate mover or shaker and transforming energy to tickle, coax and push you to move! Of course breakthroughs are possible in the aftermath of such a huge Energy wave surge.
With Mars/Uranus aspect, we must remind ourselves to channel the energy into healthy constructive outlets. If this energy builds up inside with no outlet, it can explode, a person can become enraged, violent or act irrationally.
We may be seeing symbolic or literal “eruptions, explosions or an onset of more riots.” Mars/Uranus in Aries symbolism at its potential leads a person to greater freedom, with wisdom, love and compassion.
One must take be brave and courageous to break out of out-dated patterns, habits or situations. It can be done with assertiveness or aggression. Ego-battles are possible. Is it your fight to fight or battle to win? Or have you already learned the lesson and can keep walking forward?
People could feel really agitated or aggravated quickly now. Accidents could occur. Be extremely cautious while driving and take your time while traveling. It is best not to be in super-rush mode now. Do not provoke or prick with your words situations or people who are on edge right now. You may get an adverse reaction and could possibly create more problems than solutions.”

Copyright 2011, Dipali Desai All Rights Reserved.