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*NEW MOON* in Capricorn is calling us to rise from within and move forward with our deepest Knowing.
We began the year coming to terms with what is no longer working and what needs to be let go of and now it’s time to move onward and trust in the unknown journey that awaits.  
The beauty is we can choose to learn from our past and use our experiences as the fertile soil that will one day shoot new sprouts. Just as the dandelion seeds are carried in the wind to new ground, so we are held in the great continuum of life as it unfolds.
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved interpreters of the planetary bodies. First from the wise PAT LILES from The Power Path.com:
“This first New Moon of the year in Capricorn is fertile ground for honoring, tracking and refining your intentions to move along a new path…
“Saturn in its own sign is like Saturn squared. Imagine you haven’t seen this revered master in nearly 30 years at this place in your chart.  He has returned…
“One of our major purposes now is learning to bring our spiritual legacy down into our physical, daily, middle world lives
“We’ve been to the underworld and know our shadow areas; we’ve been to the upper worlds and touched into Spirit, now our task is to bring that powerful knowledge into fruition in the physical world.
“Capricorn rules the bones, the foundation of the body, where our stability comes from and where we store our most ancient patterns.  
“Capricorn’s mission as guardian of the community is to preserve stability, to build on what has gone before, to protect and increase…
“Venus is within 1º of the Sun/Moon.  She is invisible now… ‘in the underworld’ traversing between her time as morning star moving to become the evening star…
“Nonetheless, her yearly presence in Capricorn is in the form of the Wise Woman, The Abuela, The Elder.  
“She takes the long view.  She guides us to ask, ‘what are the consequences of our actions, what do we aspire to as a community, how do we insure what we value persists and grows?’ 
“…Venus will change signs the day after New Moon moving into Aquarius just two days before the Sun also moves into Aquarius bringing some much needed air element into our planetary influences…
“Pallas Athena, Uranus and Eris, that powerful trio is challenging the Sun/Moon/Venus precipitating crisis in our relationships, in the way we conduct our business, in the rules we break, in our ideas of what is ethical behavior, in standing up to address disempowerment and hypocrisy. 
“Athena and Eris, feminine warrior goddesses, are guiding Uranus to shatter what has gone before. 
“This has been an ongoing influence for months…Pallas adds additional support for the disempowered, the artistic ones, the energetic healers, political strategists, and activists. 
“She issues the proclamation, ‘this will STOP NOW!’ and Uranus and Eris are there to back her up with radical shift and the chaos that change creates. 
“This radical energy is precisely squaring the New Moon and we shall see what it next precipitates culturally beyond the Hollywood Golden Globes display of solidarity.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved
 From SIMONE BUTLER from Mooncircles.com:
“I think we can all agree it’s high time that abusers in power get called out for their bad behavior and inequities get rectified. The question is, Why now?  
“What is it about the current climate that would support the rise of feminine concerns in such an organized, authoritative way?
“When words like ‘organized and authoritative’ apply, you can bet that Saturn is in the mix.
“And indeed, Capricorn’s ruling planet has been sitting pretty since it entered its own sign.. on Dec. 19 – followed closely that week by the Sun and Venus…
“Saturn possesses a certain gravitas… It adheres to the Biblical injunction that there is a time for every purpose under heaven.
“And with Venus (women) so strongly spotlighted in Saturn’s sign and joined by Saturn in Capricorn, our time is now.
“The upcoming Capricorn New Moon… features six planets in Saturn’s sign.
“The New Moon tightly conjoins Venus near the end of Capricorn, calling us to claim our authority and craft whatever decisions or boundaries may be required to protect and support life.
“…Jupiter in Scorpio sextiles Pluto in Capricorn, aiding the transformation of whatever is outmoded, within or without…
“Saturn is more closely aligned with the body than the mind (which can easily get ahead of itself). 
“So, time’s up on being guided solely by the mind. We must begin listening to the body and heeding its wisdom.
“The New Moon also squares rebellious, incendiary Uranus in Aries – newly direct and itching for action.
“Chaotic events and unexpected changes may require us to let go of preconceived notions and be open to unique, collaborative ways of doing things. 
“But that’s exactly how our true genius gets called forth… So, celebrate your differences!
“The world is calling for the contributions, small or large, that only you can bring.”
© Copyright 2017 ~SIMONE BUTLER All Rights Reserved


From PAM YOUNGHANS from her North Point Astrology:
“Another significant week lies before us, starting on Monday with a Jupiter-Pluto sextile…The result is a deepening and acceleration of the process of transmutation — a process that begins with revelations of what has been hidden.
“Once truth is revealed, and we accept the reality that has been stripped of its facade, we are motivated to rethink our priorities and to start to purge our systems of excesses and corruption.
“On a personal level, this Jupiter-Pluto aspect can be a catalyst for empowerment, inspiring us to embrace our passions and pursue a life of deeper meaning…
“But with Uranus in Aries closely square the New Moon, our goals cannot be echoes of the past, or merely revamped versions of previously-held ambitions.
“Instead, Uranus challenges us to rebel against old definitions of who we are and to reimagine what we are capable of.
“This imperative is increased due to Uranus’ alignment with dwarf planet Eris and asteroid Pallas Athene — both of which were named for strong, independent, creative, intelligent feminine goddesses.
“These influences dare us to walk the road less traveled, and to set goals that reflect our unique and very individualized perspective.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAM YOUNGHANS All Rights Reserved