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*NEW MOON* in Aries begins a brand new cycle and heralds the beginning of the astrological year with the Sun having moved into Aries on the Equinox!
Aries is the fire starter within each of us who creates fire by friction, and blows forth the flame that sparks the beginning of something wild, elemental, essential and new.
That spark of creation is a gift we can all catalyze, but we must learn to use our fire wisely, and handle it with respect and reverence. Conducted in the right way, it can be a force for great transformation and creative ingenuity.
There’s a wildness that wants to be expressed, a flame within each of us that needs to be kindled. With conscious love, patience and careful tending to our inner fire, we can allow it to burn bright!
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured guiding lights. First from astrologer ELAINE KALANTARIAN from her Blue Moon Astrology:
“New Moon falls in Aries, a sign ruled by passionate Mars and associated with this very same quest to bravely develop ourselves as true individuals — to answer the call of our own singular, unique nature and its deeper desires.
“In the course of our demanding lives, in the necessary compromises and challenges of our intimate and work relationships, we too often neglect this, yet it is an important responsibility we have to ourselves.
“This Aries concept of personal integrity — wholeness — is a critical theme right now with the New Moon conjoined Venus, just past her own ‘New’ phase marked by the conjunction to the Sun only yesterday…”
“This particular New Moon, coinciding with the midpoint of Venus’s reevaluation retrograde project on all matters of the heart, and preceding a Venus-ruled Libra Full Moon, the cosmic task over this next lunar month is to pay close attention to key relationship challenges and insights that come up.
“Where do you most need to ‘shore up’ the self? strengthen your fortresses, and face where you have perhaps sacrificed too much autonomy and personal integrity in the quest for peace and harmony, love and partnership?
“And conversely, where you are being too selfish and inconsiderate, not flexible enough, not available and supportive enough for the people you love? Aries and Libra are polar signs, and they challenge us to find a healthier balance in this crucial give-and-take dance. What direction does this Aries-Libra fulcrum point need to shift in your life?
“Astrologer Isabel Hickey wrote, ‘From the universal standpoint, Aries is the first impulse of the life force into activity, the descent of the Divine Spark into manifestation. Wherever Aries is placed in your horoscope is where you, as Spirit, begin to operate.’…We all have the courage to face the dragons that rear up in our lives.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ELAINE KALANTARIAN  All Rights Reserved
From LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“The only major aspect to this Aries New Moon is a conjunction to retrograde Venus…
“Venus is all about ‘I love you’ but in Aries it’s about ‘I love me!’
“Instead of striking out and starting new projects or relationships, this New Moon suggests we need to go within and bravely learn to love ourselves first and foremost. Self love is integral to the path ahead.
“As we reappraise our relationships and how we spend our time and energy, there is also a necessary reassessment of our core values too.
“A stronger awareness of what matters to us most helps us to define our goals more clearly, giving them extra fire.”
“Aries energy is heightened as we have five planets in this sign and Mars, ruler of this lunation, is strongly supported by a wide trine to Pluto. Trines however, whilst generally considered positive, can sometimes spin out of control, especially under this heady atmosphere.
“It’s helpful then that we also have a…cautious hand on the reins, restraining any tenancy to use a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
“Instead, Saturn guides Mars to use his natural force wisely for dynamic change. We too can use our power creatively during this lunation.
“Just be sure to check any urge towards impulsiveness which stems from frustration.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE  All Rights Reserved
From astrologer SIMONE BUTLER from
“Think about the last few weeks (Venus turned retrograde in early March; it goes direct mid-April).
“Has your frustration with someone or something gotten so extreme that you’ve been having dark – even devious – thoughts? Have you lashed out in anger, or been the recipient of heated words?
“If so, it’s the handiwork of Venus in Aries – who’s not that comfortable in Mars’ impulsive sign, and can sometimes react blindly when feeling restrained.
“Yet the Aries energy is also invigorating – and it’s everywhere now.
“The Sun leaped into Aries at the March 20 Equinox to join changeable Mercury, who’s getting set to march with revolutionary Uranus in Aries within hours of the New Moon…”
“And, retrograde Venus joins hands with the Sun and Moon, reawakening feisty, sexy parts of us that may have been dormant for years.
How you use this energy is up to you – it could be just the kick you need to move forward, or might lead to a setback. Use it consciously.
“Patience will be at a premium, and hasty words can provoke others – even to violence in extreme situations.
Channel your fighting spirit in wise, heartfelt ways.
“Stand up for yourself (and others) to help break old patterns of bondage.”
© Copyright 2017 ~SIMONE BUTLER  All Rights Reserved


From ROBERT WILKINSON from his Aquarius Papers:
“…this New Moon will show us that it’s okay to be cheerful even when overburdened by things that all must be taken care of at the same time…”
“Do what needs to be done quickly and efficiently, and let the ghosts of the past flow down the time stream. Forgive much, let go of much, give away all you no longer need.
“Because of our reflections and rewinds up to now during this Venus retrograde, we’re already reprogramming our subconscious minds regarding how old relationships liberated us, or freed us from responsibilities we no longer needed.
“Slow down, listen to the inner voice, be receptive to spiritual impressions streaming in like a warm wind, and see how old betrayals and old opportunities that were not opportunities redirected you to learn to act in your best interests.
“The new day has dawned; it’s time to enjoy your life playing the role you were born to play, and join with others so all may overcome some form of ‘coldness’ or ‘barrenness’ or ‘deprivation.’
“See the Light of who you ARE beneath and beyond ego opinions and assumptions, whether your own or another’s.
“Aries teaches us that we do not need permission to embrace an authentic self-expression with enthusiasm.
“Aries is naturally itself, and cannot be any other way than it IS.”
© Copyright 2017 ~ROBERT WILKINSON All Rights Reserved
*NEW MOON* Blessings!

:::  N E W   M O O N :::

March 27th 2017 7:57 pm PST

March 28th 2017 2:57 am GMT

March 28th 1:57 pm AEDT

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