This has been a major time of transformation, we have come face to face with our fears and discovered a greater depth than we thought possible. As we begin this season of Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere), we are grateful for the shoots of personal power that are rising forth from the darkness. What has been dormant within, is now pushing toward the light to come into physical expression! We must continue cultivate and water our gardens with our attention and loving care.
So with this NEW MOON in Aries, we kick off the astrological new year and enter into the energy of fire that propels us to grow and activate. Here are some wonderful insights from the best readers and interpreters of the astral movements, to guide us so that we might flow with the unfolding energies…
First from Simone Butler from
 “Mercury/Uranus in fiery Aries coincides with the most intense solar flares we’ve seen in six years. Expect to see more such activity through April as the cycle continues. When the Sun’s magnetic storms release super-hot gases that rocket to Earth, they disrupt our magnetic grid. These solar flares shake up our lives, help us break through old patterns and take risks—but they can also make us feel jittery, irritated or exhausted. If you’ve been unusually emotional or anxious lately, or your brain feels like it’s short-circuiting, breathe deeply and relax. This too, shall pass. Mercury and Mars in retrograde through early April help us uncover old patterns and release them. Allow yourself to grieve, get angry or sleep more than usual. As old feelings get cleared, you can move forward on a more authentic path.”

© 2012 Simone Butler All rights reserved

From the insightful Robert Wilkinson and his Aquarius Papers:
“This Spring stay alert to growth opportunities by taking note of inner changes that are like ‘new metals forming deep in the Earth’ of your being. It will be a revolutionary time, where many will glimpse new dimensions of selfhood that mobilize their creativity or genius. A time to overcome fear while still getting the protection we need, many will heal through saying goodbye to old people, places, and ways of living…”
“Be practical, do your homework, research, rehearsals, and renewals in perspective, and do whatever tasks you must do to prove you can initiate your own movement, demonstrating something you’ve been training for since 2008. Use the power of synthesis to see a larger, wider dimension to your life, and stay focused as you say goodbye to many things in what promises to be a very weird, obsessive, compulsive, non-rational time in history…”
“The next few weeks will continue to bring us rewards to the degree we’ve let go of obsolete things in our life, and we should continue to demonstrate deep compassion and/or understanding, allowing ourselves to be attracted to people and situations that show us our Spiritual group work. There are great rewards and protections to be found in getting clear about the garden we want to cultivate, letting go of old views and understandings, and seeing why we’re making decisions about the past we’re leaving behind…”

© Copyright 2012 Robert Wilkinson

From from the always spot-on Dipali Desai and her wonderful Celestial Space Astrology blog:
“The New Moon in Aries is a buzz with invigorating energy as it is ‘conjunct’ transiting Uranus in Aries. An electric buzz may be felt both in the air and within the body. We may even receive brilliant ideas or spontaneous flashes of intuition to take action.”
“There is also a powerful stellium of planetary energies lining up in Aries; Sun/Moon, Mercury Retrograde, Uranus in Aries. They all have a singular focus ‘to activate.’ We may feel an incredible driven (Aries) urge to experience freedom (Uranus) to be who we want to be. To heck with conforming or fitting in! We may unexpectedly bump into or hear from people from our past. Or deal with issues that are coming up yet again so we can gain mastery. Be prepared for anything and everything since Uranus in Aries is involved with this lunar phase. Since New Moon represents ‘new beginnings’ you can be assertive and bold to ‘act’ upon your Intention.”
“Keep in mind that the New Moon in Aries, Mercury retrograde and Uranus in Aries makes a wide ‘square’ or tension generating aspect to transiting Pluto in Capricorn. A strong push to make things strictly business. It’s time to use this influx of energy to ‘plant seeds’ instead of burying your head in the sand in denial or repressing things. Either things will get volatile and explosive or we can be assertive, take charge and feel empowered to transform the issue or situation long before it goes – boom!  Either way the tension will make us sit up and take notice and it can be a very positive experience. We may be in the mood to set a few healthy guidelines and parameters down in both personal and business relationships to set things in motion. Integrity a must have now since we there is a tone of “no-nonsense” energy happening here.”
“I would normally suggest to launch or initiate new projects or plans yet this time since we are still under the symbolic influence of the Mercury and Mars retrogrades – go ahead and start things but be ready and flexible to adapt, change or encounter some delays. It’s like driving at high-speed with one foot on the brake. It is wise to have a  back up option or plan ready in the wings. Surely we can start little things, take action to line things up so when the energies are in congruent support – we act with precision and confidence.”
“If you need to speak up, clear up, change things up …something or some situation perhaps under the zest of this powerful New Moon in Aries, you have the courage to do so. Yet, be cautious about what you say (Mercury Retrograde) as you don’t want to have regrets and be meticulous about what the plan is (Mars Retrograde) so you don’t over-exhaust or stress yourself out with worry. The Grand Earth Trine MarsRx/Jupiter and Pluto is still happening and supportive now to keep our toes and feet upon the Earth. Helping us to stand by our values and build solid things instead of being wishy-washy or super hyper.”

© Copyright 2012 Dipali Desai. All Rights Reserved

From the insightful Cathy Lynn Pagano and her Wisdom of Astrology :
“Just as Aries starts the astrological year, the energy of Aries is all about new beginnings and a new sense of identity. Aries’ energy is like the Sun’s light in Spring: energizing, exciting, driven, self-confident, enthusiastic…Aries are the explorers, the pioneers, the scouts, and the leaders of the zodiac.   And this year, Aries carries a primal spark of lightning, because the Aries New Moon on Thursday joins with Uranus to bring us an awakened sense of ourselves, as if we’ve been hit by a lightning bolt….”
“The Sabian symbol for Mercury retrograde at 1* Aries is: A woman just risen from the sea.   A seal is embracing her.   This symbolizes a new birth, the emergence of new forms and the potential for greater consciousness.   Life is opening up for us if we look at it from a cosmic perspective.   What new life wants to be born within you?   Listen to your dreams for an answer…”
“The Sabian symbol for Uranus at 5* Aries is:   A triangle with wings.   This symbolizes the possibility of transcending our old self and bringing in a new dimension of being.   The triangle is an ancient symbol of the divine Feminine principle, since the Goddess was the original trinity — Maiden, Mother and Crone.   It also describes the vulva as the source of birth.   It’s time to give wing to the Divine Feminine within you.   Listen to your creative imagination — let it take wing within you.”
“Mars, the ruler of Aries, is still retrograding in Virgo.   This could help us focus our energy on the details of what we want to accomplish this year.   We have to hone our warrior energy and embody the sacred Masculine, not the patriarchal masculine.   A sacred warrior defends the Truth and serves the whole.   It’s time to be bold and take a stand….”
“I know I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating. Please pay attention to your dreams this week!   The Aries New Moon opposes the Super Galactic Center at 3* Libra, opening us to our cosmic instructions.   The Sabian symbol for 3* Libra is:   The dawn of a new day reveals everything changed.    The heavens are with us.   We just have to believe it…”

© Copyright 2012 Cathy Lynn Pagano. All Rights Reserved

Lastly from Astro-Numerologist Tania Gabrielle:
“This is a very special moment in human history. Yes, you can be in crisis, and many people are – however, you can absolutely TRUST that you will get through this time and feel good about the changes you have and will experience. You will look back and realize your life has shifted exactly the way it needed to in order for you be in a better, more fulfilling and happy place…”
“Our whole paradigm is changing. There is a buzz of excitement everywhere. Keep embracing the unexpected. Don’t resist the changes. Yes, things may seem disruptive, but your soul is invigorating with passion and the thrill of a new life is unfolding rapidly right now.”
“Uranus is the planet of genius and brilliance. Joined together with Mercury, the Sun and the New Moon ushers in a time of GREAT discoveries. Our ability to use our mind (Mercury) and heart (Moon) to create (Sun) spectacular breakthroughs (Uranus) is unparalleled.”
“In the first degrees if Aries these planets are focused on Activating New Beginnings through Major Change. Flashes of intuition, brilliant insights, major decisions are available to us. Uranus at 4 degrees in Aries means that our new-found freedom will lay a strong foundation for the future. With this planetary alignment you don’t need to worry about being bold and assertive.”
“Keep in mind, since this four-planet conjunction is forming a wide “square” to Pluto (which becomes exact between Pluto and Uranus in June), you won’t be able to ignore issues as you did in the past. You have to address what comes up now head-on in order to clear the air.”

© Copyright 2012 Tania Gabrielle. All Rights Reserved

Wishing you a powerful New Moon! Plant your seeds and *activate* as you ground into your truth, beauty and power!