*NEW MOON* in AQUARIUS comes bearing the gift of expanded consciousness and long term visioning that takes into consideration our extended community and our planet Earth.
An Aquarian paradigm is rising across our planet, made up of people like you and me who stand for love, inclusion and integrity and who believe we have a duty and responsibility to be caretakers of Mother Earth and defenders of our human rights on behalf of all people, all races, all genders and all faiths.
This is our birthright and our call to freedom and the big picture is that we are awakening and coming together in unprecedented numbers to use our voices and wield our power to defend and protect our rights and our beautiful planet against governmental violations and big business exploitation.
There is much work ahead of us and as we continue to integrate and heal the deep pangs of division that we all feel, we can find solace in the Aquarian vision that holds us together as one planetary family and unites us across space and time.  
Let’s keep our prayers flowing and take good care of ourselves so we can stay strong and bring our best. 
Here are the MYSTIC MAMMA Astral Insights from our beloved featured astrologers. First from the always insightful LEAH WHITEHORSE from her LUA Astrology:
“At the New Moon in Aquarius, there’s a drive towards planting seeds for the future…”
“…but in order for there to be a new start, it’s first necessary to negotiate the discomfort of a Venus-Saturn square in this chart.
“The New Moon makes no major aspects to other planets but sits around the midpoint of Venus and Saturn’s square, semi-square to both…
“Venus in Pisces meeting Saturn in Sagittarius is rather like asking Venus to step aside of her cosy cottage into the dark, snowy woods wearing only her fluffy pajamas. Out there in reality, it’s cold and grim and we can’t fantasize away facts.
“You might be feeling poor of spirit, financially poor or lonely and unappreciated – but still the work has to be done.
“Saturn as the old ruler of Aquarius suggests we need a structural approach to change which can sometimes feel boring and difficult – but no more difficult than letting things stay the same because you’ve given up hope for something better.
“Meanwhile, modern Aquarius ruler Uranus is still opposing Jupiter and squaring Pluto so the urge to develop and reform are powerful.
“The New Moon’s semi-square to shamanic Chiron indicates that there’s a need to start investigating alternatives. Aquarius loves to go off the beaten track. It experiments with possibilities.
“Yes, there may be some fears of being rejected for being different but this is one of those times to let your freak flag fly.
“Often when things don’t feel good in our lives, we want to change everything at once but all these semi-squares suggest that small adaptations and modifications may be the key to get the ball rolling.
“Most importantly, it may be a shift of perspective more than anything else that makes you interpret your experience differently, which in turn opens up alternative solutions.
“The New Moon is conjunct asteroid Isis. Isis encourages us to bring together scattered parts of our lives into a unified whole. She’s a no nonsense, ‘get it together’ asteroid. Isis didn’t baulk at the challenge of recovering the missing pieces of her husband Osiris so neither should we feel that we have an impossible task ahead of us. Piece by piece is the way forward.
“Another underlying theme in this New Moon is about how we deal with loneliness and being alone.
“Aquarius likes its space but with Venus square to Saturn, some may feel unsupported by loved ones, especially if you are looking to go in a significant new direction. Others don’t always understand, appreciate or even accept our perspective or the need for a fresh start.
“Sometimes, you have to be prepared to go it alone and support yourself through the process. Hold you own hand. Be your own friend.
“Loneliness and being alone are two very different things. Mars on the anaretic last degree of Pisces may feel like he’s drowning but the ingress into home sign Aries shortly after the New Moon occurs offers courage to forge ahead and follow that independent path…”
“There’s an inherent toughness to this chart and whilst it’s uncomfortable, we all have a chance to embrace our own unique talents, views and ideas in order to open up fresh vistas for the year ahead.
“Cold winds are blowing but it’s just what you need to spur you on. Freedom is sometimes hard won.”
© Copyright 2017 ~LEAH WHITEHORSE All Rights Reserved
CHAD WOODWARD from his Kosmic Mind:
“While this New Moon occurs in Aquarius, and you may certainly be feeling those Aquarian winds of change blowing toward you, the highly prominent cluster of planets in Pisces still carries a lot of weight at the moment…”
“With this New Moon, you may feel a surge of rebelliousness and inspiration within yourself. The wave of civil unrest, creative explosion, and the innovation of the established order will continue through to the latter half of 2018.
“At the moment, check in with your inner radical, heretic, and outlaw…This lunation is a moment of innovation and a reactivation of willpower–a thrust of much needed momentum after a lengthy period of gestation and existential hibernation.
“A separating square of Venus conjunct Chiron to Saturn, can help you make some adjustments in your relationships. You might find that certain ideological differences can be dealt with through a change in perspective.
“Resolutions are likely to emerge as the New Moon develops, giving you a greater ability to deal with flaws or perceived deformities in other people. 
“Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius, and so this square speaks to the inner tension that equally accompanies the sense of expansion, liberation, and creative birth inherent within this current New Moon.
“It invites you to resist the temptation to fix problems perceived in other people and to focus more on how to shift your own life which will help generate healing and growth in your partnerships.”
© Copyright 2017 ~CHAD WOODWARD All Rights Reserved
From PAT LILES from The Power
“Uranus is the ruling planet here. Uranus is involved in the dominant aspect of our current times ~ the Uranus/Pluto square.
“This game-changing, evolutionary configuration is not news, you can feel it in your gut that life just is not what it once was, and it’s not quite clear where it’s headed….”
“At this time, Uranus in Aries is not only still within a square aspect with Pluto, but also Jupiter in Libra is opposing Uranus (from Nov. last year until fall 2017). Well, this T-square formation is causing a lot of stress, polarization, strong fanaticism, and expansion of the revolutionary, rebellious spirit that Uranus is so known for.
“The Women’s March in every state in the USA, every continent (including Antarctica), and so many countries is the perfect expression of this powerful aspect ~ humanitarian, inclusive, transformative, based in relationship, full of jovial camaraderie and a magnificent show of power – all the best Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter have to offer.
“It’s apparent the grassroots populous has been awakened to their part in this drama of breaking down old, corrupt structures (Pluto in Capricorn).
“There is an auspicious amount of creative energy in the New Moon chart.
“It comes in the form of the Sun and Moon in Aquarius having only one aspect and that is a quintile (72º) to powerfully situated Uranus.
“Quintiles naturally divide the 360º zodiac into 5’s – the creative artistic number, the number of Venus, the pentagram, the dodecahedron.
“Quintiles represent creative resolution and one’s individual talents and exceptional abilities expressed out into the world.
Thinking and creating out of the box and in the portal where anything is possible. The quintile is an aspect that the sensitive person aligned with more subtle forces can make creative use of.
“The Sun-Moon are giving us a taste of working with a form of subtlety or higher frequency in this New Moon cycle. In addition, Mars is in quintile aspect to Pluto-also a part of the T-square so the divine masculine is weighing in on the direction that transformation is manifesting, perhaps learning how to work creatively with the power of the feminine as it is in the sign of Pisces; Mars is also traveling closely with Venus in late Pisces for just a few hours before he changes signs to Aries-his personal favorite, a sign he rules-fiery, potent and interested in action!
“And then there’s Juno quintile Pallas Athena that provides lessons in balancing the masculine and feminine within ourselves as well as finding the right balance between our creative expression and our relationships.
“Pallas Athena and Juno also provide support for productive creative partnerships of all kinds.
“Where there are trampled parts of self within you due to relationship experiences, disempowerment experiences, these have an opportunity to surface, be heard (by you), and be energetically healed with these two powerful goddess archetypes working creatively together. Apply as needed.
“Keep this in mind as the New Moon in Aquarius initiates a new cycle, Chinese New Year begins, Mars enters Aries and Mercury fully leaves its shadow period after the recent retrograde all at the same time, it’s full steam ahead!
“Not a single planet is retrograde until February 5; these are fortunate move ahead’ times that occur for a few weeks here and there every year. So, you have just been handed a rocket pack for the upcoming week.”
© Copyright 2017 ~PAT LILES All Rights Reserved

:::  N E W   M O O N :::

January 27th 2017 4:07 pm PST

January 28th 2017 12:07 am GMT

January 28th 11:07 am AEDT


*NEW MOON* Blessings t0 all~~~


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