“Woman is the creator of the human race. She is the first Guru, the first guide and mentor of humanity.
“Think of the tremendous forces, either positive or negative, that one human being can unleash upon the world. Each of us has a far-reaching effect on others, whether we are aware of it or not.
“The responsibility of a mother, when it comes to influencing inspiring her children, cannot be underestimated. There is much truth in the saying that there is a strong woman behind every successful man.
“Wherever you see you happy, peaceful individuals; where ever you see children endowed with noble qualities and good disposition; wherever you see men who have immense strength when faced with failure and adverse situation; wherever you see people who possess a great measure of understanding, sympathy, love, and compassion toward the suffering, and who give of themselves to others  you will usually find a great mother who has inspired them to become what they are.
“Mothers are the ones who are most able to sow the seeds of love, universal kinship, and patience in the minds of human beings.
“There is a special bond between a mother and a child. The mother’s inner qualities are transmitted to the child even through her breast milk. 
“The mother understands the heart of the child; she pours her love into the child, teaches him or her the positive lessons of life, and corrects the child’s mistakes.
“If you walk through a field of soft, green grass a few times, you will easily make a path. The good thoughts and positive values we cultivate in our children will stay with them forever…
“…A woman who has awakened her innate motherhood brings heaven to earth wherever she is. Only women can create a peaceful, happy world. And so it is that the one who rocks the cradle of the babe is the one who holds up the lamp, shedding light on the world….”
~Sri Mata Amritanadamayi Devi from The Awakening Of Universal Motherhood: Geneva Speech